Planting Seeds Indoors

Frugal ideas for Planting seeds Indoors!


Now that April is here it’s time to get those seed starts ready for planting! If the weather is unpredictable where you live starting seeds indoors is a great solution to keeping on track for harvests later on in the summer. I tried something new this year after doing some looking around on natural and frugal ways to get going on seeds starts. Here are two frugal and easy tips for starting your seeds indoors – get going this weekend so that your plants will be ready to put outside when the weather warms up!

Citrus Seed Planting

Don’t throw out that next orange or grapefruit peel when you’re done making juice – save it for planting new seed starts! To do this you can cut the fruit in half and use a juicer to get all of your fresh squeezed juice. Then allow to dry and plant your seed as directed. As the peel decomposes it will help to nourish the soil and it makes for an easy way to transplant the seed starts once it is warm enough to plant outside. Before planting I will scour the side of the orange to help in the process of decomposition, but if nothing else, make sure to cut out a hole in the bottom of the peel so that as you water the plant it won’t sit and get moldy.

Egg Shell Planting

Egg shells are an excellent source of calcium for your garden and can help to promote the growth of a seed start. So…start your seeds in an eggshell to give them a boost right from the start. To do this, crack open the egg at the top and wash out any remnants, then allow to air dry. Once the eggshell is dry lightly pack in soil, then plant the seeds according to seed packet instructions. Set the eggshells in a sunny location such as a kitchen counter or windowsill. Water as needed, and then as the weather permits plant outside. Poke a hole in the bottom to allow for drainage, but there’s no need to take the shell off. (You can also crack the eggshell if desired to speed up the decomposition process.

Another  frugal and earth-friendly way of starting your seeds early is by using an old egg carton (non-Styrofoam). Simply cut off the top, fill it to the brim with garden soil, and plant your seeds! Depending on the amount of starts that I am wanting, I may end up using an egg carton per seed category. Learn more about Planting Seeds Indoors!

Check out the plants recommended for planting in April.

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