Pantry Problems-Solved!

The Can Organizer Solves Pantry Chaos!

The Can Organizer!

Every once in a while, (okay, about every six months when we go through and check for expired food) I think to myself that there has to be a better way.  Checking dates on every can in the pantry is ANNOYING. and it take forever.

Enter Can Organizer!  The simplicity of this is genius! You put cans in the top, and they come out the bottom, so you only have to check the FIRST expiration date! It’s awesome! You use the oldest cans first, and don’t have to worry about product rotation, because it does it for you!  So, not only are these TOTALLY reasonably priced, we have a coupon code (good until 10/24/2014)


So how does it work?

Can Organizer Shipped

You pick out which sizes work for you.  They are titled pretty simply, and they make it easy to understand which ones would work best for your space.

You can choose from:

  • Cupboard Organizer 4 Pack $11.96
  • Shelf Organizer 4 Pack $13.96
  • Pantry Organizer 4 Pack $15.96
  • Wide Organizer 4 Pack $19.96

After you have them picked out, they ship them to you, pretty fast, but also cost effectively (they aren’t always the same thing and while they come flat, they are huge (like taller than my couch).  Mine arrived in less than a week!

Then you build them.  I took mine over to my dads for a project, and he wanted to put them together without watching the instructional video.  Do yourself a favor.  Watch the video.  I had 12 of them put together in the time it took him to do 4 (I had the instructions, he didn’t).  The first one is the hardest, and then the rest are super easy, you just follow the same pattern!

After you build them, put them where you want them, and fill them up with cans.  This is probably going to take more cans than you have, especially if you get the pantry ones!  That’s okay!  Once you have the cans in them, enjoy.  When you unload groceries, put the new cans in the top and they’ll automatically rotate!

The Cupboard Organizer:

Can Organizer Cupboard

The Cupboard Organizer, is just that.  It’s for cupboard.  They are the perfect depth for your average everyday cupboard!  Do you have a “shelf” of lids like me?  Put a can organizer next to the lids and double the space!  All of a sudden, instead of a just a pile of lids, you have a place to put your cans, NEXT to your lids!  Plus, they are sturdy enough that you can stack stuff on top of them!

Approximate capacity per organizer: 6 pie fillings, 8 vegetables, 9 soups, or 18 tuna

Can Organizer Pantry

The Pantry Organizer is perfect for full sized pantry!  They hold a crazy amount of cans.  Like seriously.  We usually keep about 16-20 cans of veggies in the whole house!  We like rotating with different veggies 2 at a time (like 2 corn, 2 green beans, 2 peas, etc).  Then my 1 year old son gets to “help” with dinner by getting the cans out!  He loves it.  It also keeps the amount of cans he can get to contained… just in case he decides he wants to pull them all out :).

Approximate capacity per organizer: 13 pie fillings, 16 vegetables, 18 soups, or 39 tuna.

Can Organizer Countertop

The Wide Organizer: These also fit great into your pantry, or if like me, you don’t have a lot of shelf space, they look great on a counter top.   My 4 year is “earning” the opportunity to decorate them.  Once she finds 30 ways to be helpful without being asked (making her bed, helping fold laundry, or put away dishes) she gets to color them however she wants.  She’s super excited… we have stickers, markers, crayons, and paint! She gets to display her art project, and I found a creative way to encourage her to develop a helpful heart.

Approximate capacity per organizer: 8 #5 cans, 12 Juice or large cans.

The Shelf Organizer: fits garage and other shelves perfectly!  I found these perfect for my long term storage, but really hard to take a picture of (my garage has horrible lighting).  They are similar to the Pantry Organizer, and hold a LOT of cans!

Approximate capacity per organizer: 9 pie fillings, 11 vegetables, 12 soups, or 24 tuna.

How do you get them:

Go to and pick out which ones you would like!  Shipping on 1 set starts at $11.99.  Shipping for 4 of the wide organizers (there is an extra fee with them!) is only $16.47!  So even ordering 2 sets reduces shipping costs significantly!

Be sure to use code Fabulessly Frugal to save 15%!

This is a sponsored post. The Can Organizer sent me their product to review, but all opinions are my own!


  • Heidi

    Shipping alone starts at $12? Or is that the total price?

    • Becky

      Shipping is between $11-$17, for the scenarios I ran…
      So, if you buy 1 Cupboard set of 4 (the cheapest to ship and buy), it’s $22.16, or $5.54 per container.
      If you buy 4 Wide Organizer sets of 4 (the most expensive to ship and buy), it’s $84.35 or $5.27 per container.
      So, generally, they are about $5 or $6 per container.

  • Deb

    Dimensions (shipped and finished) would be great. I must say however, based on that pricing (shipping kills it) I can probably make them in wood/mdf for the same or less.

    • Becky

      The Cupboard Organizer Dimensions: Height:10 3/8″, Width:5″ (actual width for canned goods is 4″ 15/16), Depth:11″
      The Shelf Organizer Dimensions: Height:10 3/8″, Width:5″ (actual width for canned goods is 4″ 15/16), Depth:16″
      The Pantry Organizer Dimensions, Height:10 3/8″, Width:5″ (actual width for canned goods is 4″ 15/16), Depth: 22.5″
      The Wide Organizer Dimensions: Height:11 3/8″ Width: 7 5/8″ (actual width for canned goods is 7″) Depth: 16

    • Becky

      I’d LOVE the see the plan that lets you make these from wood/mdf for $5 each! That would be awesome!

  • Chris Broyer

    Discount promo code denied as out of date.

  • Chris Broyer

    Discount promo code denied as expired.

  • Susan

    Just wondering … didn’t your husband and father in law make you a nice big wood can rack that you had in your living room behind your couch? Do you still use that, plus these can organizers in your cupboards?

    I don’t stockpile very many cans (prefer fresh foods for price and health reasons) but I like how organizers keep cans from falling over.

    That said, Bed Bath and Beyond has some plastic can organizers that look decent. I don’t have any, but they had them out on display, and the look pretty sturdy. They have different sizes, plus they’re adjustable so you can use them for tuna cans in addition to larger cans. They’re like $10. Not sure how that compares to these taking into consideration how many can they hold.

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