Organizing Printable Coupons

Organizing printable coupons can be different for everyone. It will likely depend on the way you organize your other coupons.

We have a few ideas for you…………………

Filing Method :
If you are doing the filing method where you don’t cut your inserts and you file them by date until you are ready to use them you may like to do the same with your printables.
Just dedicate a divider in your file to printable coupons and file them away for later.


Binder/Baseball Card Holder Method :
Simply cut and file the coupons according to category along with your other coupons.

But you are looking for the most FABULOUS way to organize right? Remember this awesome way that Amber and Cathy organize? The Combination Method!

We have come up with a way to organize those printables that fits right in with The Combination Method and could be combined with any of the organizing methods.

1. At the first of the month go to, SmartSource and RedPlum and print ALL of the coupons you think you might use. Remember some coupons reach a print limit after the first few days or weeks and are unavailable for print later when the item may be on a hot sale.

2. Make a list of coupons you printed from {}, {smartsource} and {RedPlum}.

3. File your coupons with the list in front in three clearview page pockets.

4. As you use the coupons cross them off of the list.



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  • Tara Balcom

    Thanks for all the help with organizing – but I’m still getting buried under printables….I saw the list you have for each coupon site…how do we know when the list is good for? I know the insert lists you have say “SS 3/21” but these don’t. And it seems like they’re adding new coupons all the time, how do we keep up? 🙂

  • Steve

    I don’t see your list of active printables from those sites? When I click on the links you show, it takes me to the coupon sites themselves. You seem to mention a master list by site which would help.

  • Justinn

    The prinable coupons that I havejust printed are not matching up with the printable coupon lists. I have a lot of coupons that are not on the list and the coupon prices are also inaccurate. Is there another place I can go to get the printable coupon lists? What am I doing wrong?

  • Denise

    I am looking for the lists for the active printables but can’t find them? I would love to organize using this method!

    Another question, why would I need to print coupons off of or as I am taking the paper. Are they different?

    Still new to this game. Thanks for being here for me!

  • stacyrn

    I would like to find a way to keep track of my coupons loaded onto my store cards. I printed out the list of the coupons that I loaded, but that seems like a lot of tiny print. Any suggestions?

  • Nancy

    I am trying to use the links you put up for SS, RP and to have a master list for November printing. Is this information available to me on your site even though I’m printing with Maine zip codes?

  • anne boggie

    I’m fairly new to couponing. I’m not sure if I totally understand your method. Does this require clipping coupons at the store?

    • Kearna

      If you know what coupons you are going to use before you go to the store then you clip them at home, otherwise you clip them in the store. Some people use a mix of both methods they clip the ones they know they will use and put them in baseball card holders and the rest they file away like you were reading.

  • Layci

    Hello there. I am kind of a “coupon virgin” and have just recently decided to get a little more serious about it. I’ve always felt a little overwhelmed, but after reading some of your posts here, I have a better understanding of the whole thing! I was happy to see that I saved nearly $20 at the grocery store yesterday with my small stack of coupons and now…I’m a little hooked! LOL! My biggest problem is the mess and organization. I really think I would like to try your “clip-less” method but I can not find where to get the list of coupons for the inserts that would be placed in the binder. Do you know where I could go about finding this list for the Amarillo, Texas area? Any help you can provide would be much appreciated!

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