Ode To Mavis

I like writing posts for this site. Some posts more than others, but all in all, I enjoy sharing deals and coupons and fab finds with you guys. But I’m going to be honest, I HATE that I have to write this post. I have started and stopped it more times than I can count. This post is hard because, well, breaking up is hard to do.

Like seriously hard. Like curl up in a ball and rock yourself in the corner hard. Like lock yourself in your bedroom while playing NKOTB’s “Please Don’t Go Girl” on repeat hard. Yep, that hard.

Mavis is gone and it makes us want to cry for so many reasons. First, because she’s simply amazing. Every last one of us at Fab Frug know her charismatic, silly, exceptional self cannot be replaced. And that is a hard realization to come to. We’re going to miss the heck out of her, and I personally am going to miss working along side a true friend (I’ll even let her Coupon Crack addiction slide!).

This breakup wasn’t messy. There were no curse words screamed or 3rd parties involved (perhaps I’ve been reading a little too much US Weekly for my own good). Mavis didn’t run off to join the circus or pack up and move to L.A. to be featured on an Extreme Couponing spin-off (although I think we can all agree that would be SO up her alley).

Behind the scenes here there is a lot more work that goes on than many know. Time consuming work that pulls us away from family, hobbies, etc. She had achieved her goals blogging for Fabulessly Frugal, and was ready to focus her time on other adventures, and if you know Mavis at all, you know her life is always an adventure!

Speaking of adventures, Mavis had so many while blogging for us. Here are some of our favorite Mavis moments:
She bartered…

She fluttered…She jigged…She explored…And she sang her way into our hearts.

From all of us at Fabulessly Frugal, we’re going to miss your spunk, your smiling face and your mad couponing skills. You’re irreplaceable Mavis and we’re going to miss the heck out of you!

Now for all you Mavis lovers mourning right along side us (it hurts doesn’t it!), we want to know why you adored Mavis. Leave us a comment telling her what you loved most about her and why she’ll be missed.

For now, we’ll sign off in true Mavis fashion:

Stay Frugal,

The Fab Frugal Team