October 24 Coupon Inserts – Easy Coupon Organization

NEW! Coupon lists for Tacoma, Portland, San Diego, Sacramento, and Southern Utah!

We are so excited that we had several readers offer to help compile coupon lists for their areas so more of you can take advantage of our original “clipless coupon organization” system!  See below for all the new areas that have been added.  Don’t see your area and want to contribute?  Go here for more info!  If any of these lists work for your area, please leave a comment and let us know and we will update the post to reflect that information.  Thanks!

You can find the lists anytime in the navigation bar.

See the picture for an explanation!


This is how I organize my coupons!

  1. Just print up these lists (these links are for all the coupons found in the Sunday coupon inserts)
  2. Slide the sheets in a sheet protector with your coupon inserts.
  3. Don’t clip your coupons until you’re ready to use them, AND these lists make them very portable… take your binder of coupons to the store and don’t clip the coupon until you know you’re going to use it –  when the item in your cart!
  4. Each list has the date of the last expired coupon noted, so you can quickly see when it’s time to donate that insert!

Thank you to readers: Sophie, Angie, Hallie, Mandy, Heidi, and Tina for typing these lists up each week!

We will be adding to areas as we get more offers for help.  I have people from New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, and other areas of Oregon who have expressed interest as well!  As more lists come in, this will be updated!


Have coupons you want to swap or don’t need?

  • Go talk on our online BlogFrog Community
  • OR, donate expired and unused coupons to Coupons for the Community or Overseas Coupon Program!

Want more coupon organization ideas?  Read our Coupon Organization Series!

How do YOU organize YOUR coupons?


  • Mary G.

    Awesome site!! You can also do a cut & paste from SundayCouponPreview.com for a list of coupons – not always 100% the same for every region, but pretty close…. Thanks for all you do!!!

  • Kari

    Hi Ladies! I LOVE Your blog! I live in Oregon, but your info is still fantastic!
    I have a question about organization… I am a “creative” person NOT an organized person! I have been couponing for about 6 months and I CLIP every coupon. I have a baby so it takes DAYS to get clipped filed and organized.

    IS it possible to transfer over to the save the WHOLE insert style? like maybe start next week not clipping and as my current coupons expire just change over?

    I am a tad overwhelmed with the time I put into the whole deal of coupons.
    thanks so much
    (Are there lists for OREGON coupons?)

    • Mary G.

      Not sure if you are interested, but I am willing to share my method if you want 🙂

      I don’t clip my Qs either…instead I bought 3 different colored, large accordion folders (found them last week at Walmart for $3 each) and labeled them: Smart Source, Red Plum, and P&G. I just write the type of insert and date on the top left of the insert (ex: SS 8-22 or RP 8-22 or P&G 8-22) and file them chronologically in the correct folder.

      I also have a photo album (the type that you just slip the pics in from the side – NOT the type with the adhesive) that I use for my “loose Qs” – like the ones I have printed online, or clipped and then not used, blinkies, etc. I cut colored construction paper the same size as the pages of the photo album to use as dividers in the book with sections like: Baby Care, Household, Personal Care, Frozen, etc. You can be as vague or specific as you want with your catagories.

      Since stores like Target have their own printable Qs, I dedicated a slot in my P&G folder for Target Qs. I also dedicated a slot for Rebate forms and receipts so I know where they are when I am ready to fill out the forms and mail them in.

      When I make my shopping list, I write down in my shopping notebook:
      the item I want to buy, the quantity, the price, the man Qs, the store Qs.
      It sounds like a big hassel, but it TOTALLY saves me from forgetting to hand over a coupon or from buying something that isn’t on my list. Here is an example of how I would write down that I want to buy 6 packs of Charmin 24-roll toilet paper at Target for $4.99 with $1.50 Target Qs and $1.00 man Qs:
      6) Charmin 24 Roll @ 4.99
      $1.50/1 Target Q x 6
      $1.00/1 Man Q x 6
      (This is also VERY helpful when checking to make sure all of your coupons scanned correctly….ahhhemmm Target!!)
      I have regular white envelopes tucked into my notebook titled “Wags”, “Target”, “Walmart”, etc… so that when I have my Target shopping list done and my Qs pulled for that trip, I just tuck them into my envelope. That way all I need to bring into the store with me is my notebook and envelopes.

      I store everything in a reusable grocery tote along with a pair of scissors and a pen so all of my things are together in one spot.

      When I decided to use this method, it took me about 3 hours to put together. Since then it has been smooth sailing 🙂 We have 4 little ones and this system has worked for me, so I hope it works for you, too….

      Good Luck!!
      Mary G.

      • Cathy

        That’s great Mary! I’d love pictures and then, with your permission, I could do a post about it! I LOVE seeing the different ways people organize!

    • Cathy

      You bet! In fact, Monica does both… she cuts the ones she want to use and puts them in the baseball card holders and then files all the rest in her binder using this system.

      You just need to remember that any coupon prior to September will be found in your baseball card section.

  • Helen in Meridian

    I noticed tonight that Fred Meyer has all their zip binders including the Case-It double binder for 50% off. There may be a weekend Fred Meyer coupon to make this an even better deal.

  • Michele

    For what it’s worth…I thought I’d say what method I am using. It doesn’t take much time at all and it has been working for me for about 7 months.

    I only get 2 or 3 sunday papers. Also, I spend about an hour on Sunday mornings strategizing & printing online coupons… planning meals for the week, what’s on sale, what can be doubled, what’s FREE etc. Additionally, I spend about 1/2 hr every day on this FAB website & printing online coupons.

    I have one big floppy briefcase sort of thing that just zips to open…and it has a pocket/pouch on the outside. Inside the pocket/pouch on the outside I keep my scissors, pen, Albies card, my grocery list, and my coupons matched with doubles I am going to use. I usually have a 2nd list of items I am “watching” to see if it’s on sale and would be a good deal to use doubles on.

    Inside the briefcase I keep the sunday paper inserts in order by SS, P&G, & RP by date….by labeling them on the top. ie: 8/29/10 RP. I only keep about 3-4 months worth. Then I keep a loose stack of online printed coupons. I’ve chosen to just keep a loose stack because it doesn’t take any effort…just print & toss in there. Also, I keep an envelope of loose peelies & other random coupons that need a home.

    I only print online coupons and save random peelies & such that I would genuinely use. Also, I have an iPhone, so I can access the Master Insert list if needed at the store in an emergency. Then I can pull my insert from my briefcase & clip right there in the isle.

    I work hard to be organized BEFORE even walking into the store, that way you can make good decisions on the fly if you see a hot deal, and don’t pick up unneccesary things.

    Hope that helps someone out there to see that they can come up with a method works best for them!!!

  • Kari

    I am curious about the insert lists… how will this work for Oregonians? The list says “Idaho” and I know you get different coupons. do you know a place i can get a listing of Oregon?

  • Rena

    I use a binder with baseball card inserts. All coupons get clipped and are organized according to the layout of my favorite grocery store. This way I know exactly where each coupon is. I know this is time consuming but I usually do my clipping and filing in my car while I am waiting in line to pick my son up from school.

    • rena

      another nice thing about doing your coupons this way is that when old coupons expire (and they do) ;( when you get your new ones you already have a place for them in your binder and you simply replace your expired ones with your new ones!

  • Rena

    oh I also like to pull all my coupons and have them ready with my list before I go shopping but it is very nice while going down the isles to have my other coupons ready just in case I find a great deal.

  • Kari

    I do the same Rena.

  • TeriJ

    I basically fell off the coupon wagon for awhile due to feeling down. I am now starting up and over again. I get leftover Sunday papers from my local gas station to use for our wood stoves in the winter and get lots of inserts that way. I am going thru them today though and so far in all of the Idaho Statesmans from this past Sunday all I am finding is Redplum. Did Smart Source not come in some areas?

    My method is the whole insert method which I find less overwhelming. I go thru all my favorite sites and the ads to find what I need to stock up on then make my list a gather my coupons. I am also going to start a price spreadsheet that shows the “regular” price for items so that I can tell if a “Sale” is truely a sale or not. I can also use this to keep and eye on what items will have a price point below a certain price point when I find a high value coupon.

  • Ross

    I’ve tried it and it did not work for me. I do the same as Rena and Kari.. a little more work, but I rather clip at home than go crazy at the store. I hate clipping coupons at the store.

    • Kari

      I tried to switch over to leaving my inserts whole (i have a 14 mo old and it seems to take me forever to finish clipping, filing, pulling etc…) I didn’t get any deals that week because I couldn’t “SEE” my coupons. I hadn’t seen them before I filed them so i had no idea what was in there, i hadn’t clipped or filed them so i wasn’t familiar with them. I live in Oregon and therefore don’t have t he SUPER DUPER DOUBLE THROW ME DOWN LISTS you have for Idaho… so, I am back to clipping and whining… ha ha
      but I got some doubling done today so i am a happy happy girl!

      • Kristy

        I switched a few months ago and have saved so much time. I tear each insert page by page..stack (i have 5 sets) pages together, staple where it’s best to cut without ripping coupons then print out this FAB list! If there is an insert that only has a few coupons that I would use then I cut those out and file in my baseball card holders, where things are sorted by type (dairy, frozen, etc.) This keeps my binder bursting at the seams. Good Luck..I’m always changing my binder organization..but this has been helping.

  • Lisa

    The Tacoma links pull up a list titled “Southern Utah”. Is this just a glitch? Glad to see the puget sound lists – hoping someone has time to do central puget sound, i.e. Seattle/Everett. Wish I had time…

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