November Featured F.A.B.

We launched this new feature over here at Fabulessly Frugal called, the  “Featured F.A.B.” (Finder of Awesome Bargains).  Each month we invite a reader who stands out to us… she is the one who helps others in comments, emails us great deals, and displays the coupon ethics we try to teach to all of our readers.  A big THANK YOU to Julee our October Featured F.A.B.! We enjoyed seeing your deals and appreciate your contributions!

Now I would like to introduce our November featured F.A.B. Amy! I can still remember the dazed look that Amy had on her face when she sat in the back of our very first coupon class! We are sure glad she didn’t give up with couponing! She has been such a great support to us!

Hello fellow FAB FRUGALS and GUYS!!!  I am so excited to be a guest poster this month!  I am Amy Conner, a 22 year old and mommy/stepmom to 5 kids.  Ages 7(girl), 4(boy), 2(boy), 1(girl), and 6(boy) months.  The two older ones are my step kids.


I go to Oliver Finley Academy of Cosmetology 40 hours a week, Tuesday through Saturday.  I have been married for almost 2 years  and my husband is currently attending cosmetology school as well.

Now to the important stuff! I have been couponing for 1 1/2 years now!  It’s crazy to think it has been such a short time ago I started.  I was in Cathy and Monica’s  first coupon class and I was so far beyond confused I didn’t even know where to begin.  I was very discouraged starting out and was about ready to quit after two months of trying and feeling like I wasn’t saving enough money to make it worth my time.  Then I tried one last trip and got $251 worth of groceries for like $54!  I felt so happy, nervous, overwhelmed, excited and proud of myself.  So I stuck with it and have gotten a ton of friends involved and it is second nature to me now.  Those butterflies you get when your checking out and your total is .18 cents is amazing!

I love saving my family money and being able to help others out by donating extra food or being able to make quality meals without breaking the bank.  I have had a lot of people tell me they have “tried” couponing and it just isn’t worth it to them or it is too hard.  All I say to them is it is completely worth it!  Just like anything else in life it takes a little practice and time.  It really is like another language.  Be patient and embrace the mistakes you might make and learn from them.   You can’t get every deal nor should you have too…you will truly be amazed at how it changes your life.  I am so THANKFUL for these FAB FIVE!!  I wouldn’t be saving money like I am without them.  I look forward to this month.  Any questions just ask!! 🙂

Amy is ready to start sharing her deals already, in fact she may even have a post up TODAY! We are excited to see what she brings this month! Welcome Amy!


  • Becky Ruths

    YAY!! Welcome to the Featured FAB Club!!! Can’t wait to see the deals you’ll be getting!

  • The Featured F.A.B.

    Thanks!!! I am way excited to share with everyone! 🙂

  • Helen in Meridian

    Amy, you have your hands so full. Being a mom of 5 and fulltime student at only 22, what a challlenge. I salute you. How many more months of school till you fill all your hours? I am sure you will find a lot of hot deals for Thanksgiving and Christmas food deals. Good luck with everything.

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