Coupon Organization: Insert Lists for July 17, 2011 Coupons are up {16 Areas}!

The new 7/17 coupon insert lists are up and ready for you to print and organize!

Find them anytime if you hover over “Learn to be a fruGAL”, and then click on “Coupon Insert Lists“.  Need to clean out your binder? Here is a list of inserts you can pull as of 7/17.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Tired of clipping coupons every week? Just click on “read more” and we’ll share a little secret with you…

New to the NO CLIP coupon organization system?

  1. Just print up these lists (links are below and are for all the coupons found in the Sunday coupon inserts).
  2. Slide the sheets in a sheet protector with your coupon inserts.
  3. Don’t clip your coupons until you’re ready to use them. You’ll often see me clipping in the aisle!
  4. Each list has the date of the last expired coupon noted, so you can quickly see when it’s time to donate that insert!

We currently have lists for:

Lists will be up soon for Omaha, Sacramento and Utah!

Thanks to all of our wonderful contributors for making these lists possible!  Sophie, Heidi, Kayla, Amber, Tina, Suzy, Geraldine, Holly, Nikki, Jen, Carrie, Angela and Cassie!

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  • Patti

    Thank you for doing this every week. Huge help!

  • Nanci

    Thank you for a wonderful website! This is my first time trying this aspect of your site. I’m in the Tacoma area, and I only am finding the Red Plum insert list for 3/20. There was also a Smart Source insert for this date. Can you tell me where to find the corresponding list?

  • kimarie

    Thank you! I loved your site before, now I love it even more. The only thing, it says that Tacoma receive a GM insert; I got the TNT and did not receive that one. Oh, now that I think about it, I have heard rumors that not all of the TNT customers get the same coupons, wierd.

  • Angela

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for putting this up every week! It is such a life saver! I file by insert, but was frustrated because I felt like I didn’t know where my coupons were. Now I just print this out and file it along with the inserts and it makes it very easy to locate the exact coupon I want!! I now feel like I can take my binder along with me when shopping because it’s actually useful again!

  • Ann

    Thanks for the wonderful website. I make sure I always click and check out at least one of your sponsors/ads each time I’m on here because I so love what you do.
    I can’t wait until you guys include Phoenix,AZ and Fry’s 😉

  • Lani

    So I have a question, can you use a b1g1 and a $3 off coupon on the same transaction?

    • Shelley

      Yes…you should be able to use the $3 off on the first item, (the one you are buying) and the B!G! coupon on the free item.

  • Brittney

    It seems the 4/17/11 list doesnt have workinging links to access the pdf or excell.

  • Tanya

    Does anyone know where I can print a list for Los Angeles, California?

    • Tanya, if you’ like to type up the lists each week for your area, we’ll pay you in Groupon credit! We’ll give you a template to work from. If you’re interested, shot us an email at and put “Insert List Contributor” in the subject line. Plus you’ll find that you will really know what coupons are out there!

  • Iva

    I know you can’t possibly add lists for all areas, but do you know of any blogs that specialize in the SE region of the country? I subscribe to Southern Savers, but unless I’ve missed it, they don’t have lists for inserts.

    • Iva, if you’ like to type up the lists each week for your area, we’ll pay you in Groupon credit! We’ll give you a template to work from. If you’re interested, shot us an email at and put “Insert List Contributor” in the subject line. Plus you’ll find that you will really know what coupons are out there!

  • shell

    this is great…wish there was one for Wilmington, Nc!

  • I wish there was one for Phoenix!!! I’m new to this whole thing, and would LOVE someone here to show me the ropes and whatnot! 🙂 I’m totally addicted to this website, though, which is a BIG help!!!

    • Melissa

      I know how you feel. I am in Wisconsin. I can find TONS of sites like this amazing one for all kinds of states in the south, but I have YET to find one for somewhere around my area….It’s so disappointing, but its ok, I get enough of what I need to do it on my own using techniques like the ones on this amazing site. I am also- just a newbie, but this week I purchased $37 worth of merchandise at Walgreens and only spent $8! It was my FIRST trip to Walgreens using couponing methods….yay! Thanks FAB family!

    • All we need to start providing the list for that area is someone who will type them up! We pay in Groupon credit! We can give you a template that you can work from and you could type up the lists for the Phoenix area (or someone else!). 🙂

      Shoot us an email if you’re interested: and put “Insert List Contributor” in the subject line. Thanks!

  • Abbie

    Hi there, LOVE the insert lists. Thank you for putting them up. On the May 1st list there was a sheet called TARGET/PG supplement, I’d like to know where these coupons are located? Is it an insert on its own or is it on the RED PLUM or SMART SOURCE? Thanks!

    • Holly

      I think that those particular inserts only went out in certain areas. They were separate inserts, themselves. If you didn’t notice them, then they probably didn’t get distributed in your city. 🙁

  • nora

    I have a question and I hope this doesn’t confuse you as much as my jumbled brain is confused. I live in Vancouver, WA which is 5 or so minutes away from Portland, OR. I get two different papers on Sundays. One for Vancouver and one for Portland(The Columbian and Oregonian). Anyhoo, this weeks (5/8) SS coupons are the same but different. Some of them have the same coupons with others having different coupons. Is there a list for both? When I look for Washington I only see Seattle which is 3 hours away from us. When I print the Portland list, it’s incomplete for what I have. Confused yet?

    • It totally makes sense Nora! 🙂 Coupons vary by region, so it sounds like the lists we have don’t match your region exactly. You could download the excel file and then add the ones that are missing each week so you have a complete list maybe? OR, you can start typing up the lists for the Vancouver area if you’d like! Shoot us an email if this interests you (we can send you the Portland list each week if you want). fabulesslyfrugal at gmail dot com

    • Brenda

      I do the same thing! I have found that there isn’t that much of a difference. I print the Oregon lists and just add any extras that the Columbian has. I don’t use the Seattle lists because they seem to have even more differences. Personally, I think the coupons are better in the Oregonian which is why I buy both of them.

  • kimarie

    I have been getting both the Seattle times and the tacoma news tribune for a month or so. They have different coupons. I have been compiling a list and comparing them. There are usually a lot more coupons in the tnt because the st does not have any red plum.

  • michelle

    Please,please,please do one for the Atlanta area!!!!!! This site has helped me so much so far but I know I am still missing so much because I have coupons everywhere!AHHHH..Thank you

  • brianne

    So Im extremely new & amazed by coupons.. I think I understand how this works but is there any for around the Bakersfield ca area (that’s where I live) I think fresno CA might be in my region too.

  • Emmes

    I would love to know of someone in the Indianapolis area who offers this coupon help, if you know of anyone, please let me know!! Thanks!

    I’m new to couponing, but am finding out how EASY and AFFORDABLE coupons really are! I’d been doing it all wrong all these years! lol

  • Jill Chamberlin

    Does the Seattle area lists work for the Spokane area?

  • Michelle

    Was there a P&G insert in the Idaho Statesman this past Sunday? I didn’t see one in mine! 🙁

  • Stephanie


  • Jen

    Just a shy FYI, Cathy, I did the San Jose & San Fran inserts, but didn’t get a shout out in the thank you section… 🙂

  • Patti

    Been using your lists from the start (Boise). Love them and they are a HUGE help. Thank you!

  • Krista

    I just clicked on the Idaho list and it just says “6” with no complete link….can you fix it please? I love the lists!

  • Carri

    In the Idaho list I am not seeing anything for 6/5?

  • Which list will work for Spokane?

  • Heather

    Hey, I was wondering if you could add a tab for this at the top of your website or another easy place to refer back to as I don’t always have time to print it right when I see in the current feed. Then, I have to go back and scroll, and scroll till I find it. Is it somewhere else and I am just missing something? Thank you for doing this by the way it is way fab!!!!

  • Janelle

    Going to Alaska this week and places to search since we are renting an RV and will be needing food from the grocery stores over there?

  • Does anyone know what list works for the Spokane area? I would be willing to type it up if there is not one in place that works for this area. I love the idea, and it is soooo much easier for me to do it this way.

  • Missy

    I really enjoyed the class this weekend in Pocatello. Today I went around town buying cereal on sale. 🙂 12 boxes for about $16.00… not as good as some of you pro couponers but pretty stinking good for a beginner.

  • new lady

    I live in sandpoint idaho. What list do i use? all seem not to match up to my inserts. Any ideas????

    • Until we get a list writer that covers your area, you could just download the excel file of the Idaho list and tweek it to match yours. I’m guessing it’s fairly similar, right?

      If you look on the binding of your insert, it will list all the papers that carry those inserts. Let me know what they are and I’ll see if we have something similar.

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