New Store Match-Up Program

Drumroll Please… Introducing our New Store Match-Up Program!

matching coupons to sale items

We are so excited about our changes to our store match-ups!  We believe the changes will not only give our readers more of the stores they love, but will make it easier for you to find the best deals and have happy, successful shopping trips!  But we understand that the new system might be a little confusing at first.  I have tried to answer our most common question in this post.

Some Formatting Changes

We have teamed up with a HUGE group of bloggers to bring you amazing, complete lists to a TON of stores!  Not only do we have the 21 stores we blog about, but you also have access to a TON of other stores through the Favado App!

  • ★ Top Deals of the Week – Instead of pink and brown stars based on price, we now use yellow stars to mark the best deals.  These are chosen by the individual bloggers and represent the best deals at the store that week.  They are limited on the number of deals they can mark as “Top Deals” so be sure to check out the full match-ups!

    Did you LOVE our and ★ system?  We did!  And we still do! They will be in our shopping trip posts, and you can access the full list of over 411 items by subscribing to one of our many newsletters.

  • Deals with green backgrounds mean you receive a rebate or a price drop  – In the example below, the green background alerts you to the fact that you can get the Gatorade for $0.79 when you buy 8.  We hope this will help make it even easier for you to ensure that you get the very best deal!  It could also indicate that you’ll receive a register  reward, need to submit for a rebate, or do something else to receive money back.

Green Background (560x287)

More of Your Favorite Stores!

Store Logos

We think the best part of our new system is that we are now able to offer 21 of our most requested stores!  We hope you are enjoying the new stores we now offer!

We Now Offer Store Match-Ups For:

Different Types of Match-Ups

There are now 2 posts for each match-up for our stores to help save you time and make it easier to see the best deals!

Top Deals

Top Deals

  • The Best Deals at that store this week – The Top Deals Match-Ups only list a few (max of 10) of the best deals.  Many more stock up deals are listed on the All Deals Pages.
  • Easily view the top deals without having to sort through the whole match-ups.
  • Designed to save you time and make finding the best deals at the stores you love easier!
  • Top Deals posts do not have check boxes to make a printable list.  Don’t worry, you can still create your printable list through the page with all the deals on it!  You can easily find what you were looking for because it’ll have the same yellow star.
  • These posts change every week! The top 5 stores will be posted on the front page of the blog.  The rest will be talked about on our facebook page and will come out in the nightly newsletter. The great thing is they will always redirect you to the same page for the complete list of deal, so you can easily bookmark your favorite stores.  The page will never change!



All deals

All Deals

  • The Full Match-Ups for that store this week – The All Deals pages have the  Full Match-Ups that our reader are used to seeing.  In fact, it’s even more complete than before!
  • Check Boxes to make a Printable List – you can easily create the printable lists our readers love on the All Deals pages.
  • Multiple Tabs – At the top of the List, just below the key, you may see more than 1 tab.  Often this is because we are offering next week’s match-up before this week’s match-up has expired.  You just click on the match-up you want to see.  Make sure you are looking for the dates here, and not anywhere else on the page or post!
  • These pages NEVER change.  You can bookmark them and quickly pull up your favorite stores!

multiple tabs (560x432)


  • Don’t worry if you see an old date at the top of the lists. These All Deal pages are updated as soon as the list is shared with us… but the pages stay the same!   The date at the top of the page is that date that the page was first created (we are working on getting this date removed, because we know it’s causing a lot of confusion).  Until we get it fixed so the date doesn’t show up, please know: this does not mean the match-up is old.  The date of the match-up is found on the gray tab at the top of the match-up.
  • Be sure you are on the list you want to see.  Some stores offer weekly and monthly lists, and you’ll be able to see them both!

See all of our Store Deals Here
See the Northwest Stores Here
See all of the Match-Ups that are offered on the Favado App

Did we answer all of your questions?

If not please ask!  We love all of our readers and we want you to feel comfortable with our new system!


  • Lynde

    Is the 10 yellow star limit applicable to the Top Deals list only? I hope if there are more than 10 stock-up worthy items for a store that I could find it in All Deals.

    The loss of brown stars on the all deals really feels like a step backwards (as well as if yellow stars are limited to 10 even on All Deals). The reason I come to your blog is the time it saves me from determining what are good or stock-up worthy items. Obviously a good price to me may be different from you, but still it generally gives me a good idea. Now I will have to spend time sorting through the deals myself…time I simply don’t have. Please don’t think I haven’t noticed all the improvements you’ve worked on over the past years making this an excellent blog. I appreciate your openness to feedback, responsiveness, and the work you do!

    While we’re on the topic of improvements, here are some ideas on how you could make your blog really stand out above the rest. I apologize if this is the wrong forum for suggestions.

    – Allow the All Deals to be sorted or filtered so I can quickly identify the starred items without scrolling through the entire matchup. The Top Deals does help, but would obviously be much better if the brown stars made a comeback.

    – Let me create a shopping list of items I need in the near future. When any of the items on my list hits a star status, notify me. I realize this might be a more challenging enhancement that would require users to log in to manage their list. This would be my all-time favorite feature if you could make this happen – and very time saving!!!

    – Bring back store links on the main menu bar. Here’s an example of my frustrating scenario. Let’s say I want to look at Fred Meyer’s matchups. Currently it requires I go to Grocery Deals > Northwest Stores > Fred Meyer > Read More link on the Fred Meyer matchup. Now let’s say from here I want to go to the Safeway matchup. The menu bar at this point is back to the default, which would require me to start over going to Grocery Deals > Northwest Stores > Safeway. Alternatively, I could hit the Back button twice, then go to Northwest Stores > Safeway. If there was an “All Stores” type link that always remained on the main menu bar, I could navigate more quickly to the store I want to view.

    – Only return current deals in the Deal Database. I’d even be happy with highlighting those that are still current vs expired.

    Thank you again for listening and all you do!

    • Megan

      I have to agree with Lynde. I really liked the red and brown stars because it saved me the time of comparing the deal to a price list.

      I really love your blog and appreciate all you do as well!

    • Heather

      Hi Lynde, thanks for your thoughtful feedback! First, don’t worry, there are a lot more than 10 yellow star deals on the All Deal Match-Ups, The Top Deal Match-Ups just list the 10 best. We know that our readers love the pink and brown stars. We love them too! That is why we will continue to use them in our shopping trip posts. Your other suggestions sound great and I wish they were possible right now! We will keep them in mind if we make changes in the future.

      • Lynde

        Hi Heather,

        Thanks for responding to my post. I appreciate you’ll use the pink and brown stars in your shopping trips, but please note that’s not going to help couponers know ALL the brown stars available. AND, it’s just another post to have to read. Don’t get me wrong, I love your shopping trip posts and try to read them all, but sometimes there just isn’t enough time and going to the All Deals for a ‘one stop shop’ to see the brown stars will truly be missed 🙁

    • Lynde. Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. I have a few things for you to consider…

      Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? If so, you should install the Favado app! It is the program we use to populate lists on our site. The cool thing about the app is that you CAN create a list of your favorite items and when those items come on sale, you will be notified! Here is more info on the app:

      As for the navigation bar.. there were a few reasons why we had to change that up.

      #1 – all the links we had on that navigation bar on the front page were contributing to making the site S L O W… it was just too much memory that had to be loaded every time someone visited the site.

      #2 – it was difficult to navigate when on a mobile device. More than 50% of our traffic is now mobile on a daily basis. We had to make our site more mobile friendly and that was one way to do that.

      One thing to consider doing is bookmarking the page URL’s for the stores you frequent the most. That way you won’t have to spend time going through nav bar. I will look into a resolution to the issue you’re having though. Thank you for explaining that to us. 🙂

      Oh, and one more thing about the app… if you sign up for the app, you can sync your app acct to our site when you’re creating your shopping list here on the site. You can also leave feedback about features you’d like to see (ie – sorting by star). AND the app has the feature where you can click “see more top deals” and it will show you 10 more (and 10 more and 10 more and so on…) 🙂

      Thanks again Lynde. Please continue to communicate with us as we work through these changes!

  • Jan

    I have used this website for all my couponing going on 4 years now. I love the gardening, recipes and the DIY tips! Not excited about the change as I have always depended on stock up price and good deal price. The top ten deals are good, but not nearly as helpful as the reason I chose this blog over other coupon blogs. Constructive criticism 🙂

    • Heather

      Jan we are so glad you have been with us for so long! Thanks you for sharing your feedback! We understand your concern about the change in our star system. We love the Pink and Brown stars too! We will use them in our shopping trip posts. Please give this new system a few weeks and see how it feels.

  • Missy

    I too miss the brown stars, and the old format…. I’m a long time follower as well. I know changes can be hard when you have become accustomed to something.
    However, we’ve seen a lot of changes over the past 5 years on your site. This most recent one feels like a step back in my mind.

    • Heather

      Missy, we do understand. We really hope you will find as you get to know the new system that the benefits outweigh the loss of the 2 stars.

  • Jess

    I was wondering what the difference is between the Big KMart and a regular KMart is? We have KMart here, but I am unsure whether they are the same thing or not.

  • Meridian Mama

    Joining others to say I miss the pink & brown star system… I was just reading the Fred Meyer match up post and almost missed Fuji apples at $0.88/lb…
    I do like how the list is divided into categories and then alphabetized, and I also like the improved “my list” feature better than the previous one. But not having the stars is a major bummer in my opinion.

    I also agree with Linde about 2 things:

    1) Not having the time to read the shopping trip posts to see the stars; I like to read through the weekly matchups and make my own list based on that rather than having to read what others are buying when I may not be interested in those items at all and items I may be interested in may not be featured.

    2) Having the list of stores on the front page of the blog – it used to be way more user friendly a while back when it took 1 click to find a particular store instead of 3.

    Still love your blog after all these years & visit weekly to see match ups, just not loving the latest changes…

  • Krystal

    I am finding that some of the links to see the whole list from this weeks gold stars go to last weeks deals. There is no other dates to click on and I have cleared my cache without resolving the problem.

    I am also struggling with determining if something is a stock up deal, a good deal, or an average price. I figure the gold stars are a stock up deal but beyond that I feel lost. And it feels like there are a lot less stock up deals.

    • Heather

      If you tried to clear your cache can you please try a different browser and let us know if that helps? We are trying to resolve this issue. As far as stock up deals, we understand that our readers miss the 2 different stars. We are still using those in our shopping trips.

  • kary

    I have been having the same issues. even more when I try to post it doesn’t show up. I do appreciate all the hard work, miss the old stars bu am trying to adjust to new system. Wish had business cards for you guys, can’t tell you how many people I send your way every time I shop!

  • Min

    I have to agree with the others comments. Yes, I can probably adapt to the changes but I really think the way you used to show things on your page was better. Yes I will give it a chance, but your changes don’t make you the standout site from all the others that you used to be.

  • Dawn

    I remember how confusing couponing was when I first started. If I had to figure out this site and how to coupon at the same time I think I would of given up.

  • Nora

    I hopped on here to see what the good deals of the week for Fred Meyer’s were and it took me 10 minutes and some head scratching to figure out where I needed to go to see the weekly deals & best prices. Love the site but dislike the new mapping and starring system, like everyone else it seems. Oy.

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