New Lactaid Coupons

There are new Lactaid coupons on that are just perfect for those with lactose intolerance. I found these by clicking on “food” (page 6) and the rest were under “health care” (pages 1 and 2).

$1.00/1 Lactaid Milk Product

$1.00/1 Lactaid Lowfat Cottage Cheese

$1.00/1 Lactaid Supplement Product

$1.00/1 Lactaid Ice Cream

ps – need your advice:  I’m starting to wonder about my 2 year old who has a milk AND a soy allergy… need some alternatives.  Is lactaid something I would want to look into?  Or something else?  Anyone got advice?


  • Brooke

    I am also lactose intolerant and had problems with lactaid milk. If you look on the ingredient list is says lactase enzyme which is what is in the lactaid pills that you can take with a meal to help you digest lactose. My intolerance has gotten worse and worse. I would suggest going with one of the almond milks available on the market. Much tastier than both the rice and soy milk. (I also had a problem with soy milk.) Hope that helps!

  • Cheryl_hiccups

    Is it a milk allergy or lactose intolerance? Because a milk allergy would mean your 2 year old should avoid all milk products, but a lactose intolerance would mean your 2 year old just can’t digest lactose very well (or not at all.) Lactose intolerant persons might have more options.

    I agree with the almond milk suggestion. And would just add that you might find that for cooking things that you would want to be creamy, coconut milk is a nice option.

    • He isn’t lactose intolerant, but writing the post reminded me that I need a good alternative to milk/soy. Also, he is allergic to nuts. So it’s looking like Rice Milk is the best option? The allergy isn’t severe, but I just wonder if he’d feel better if I completely cut out the milk.

      • Cheryl_hiccups

        Ok, well then if he isn’t lactose intolerant, I wouldn’t suggest the Lactaid milk. It would still trigger the allergy.

        I second the idea of eliminating both from his diet for a few weeks. Especially when they are that young, it can help them get past the allergy from what I’ve read.

  • JJ A

    Sometimes, a break from the irritant helps. A 2-4 week break helped my cousin and then she was able to go back to eating milk/soy and not have a problem. Also, you will find that the reason that soy is an irritant is that for some reason the body thinks it IS milk. I have found that if you avoid/limit milk and soy in some areas (like milk on your cereal) then you will have less of a problem with other things (cheese). Good luck with the little one!

  • Alexis

    They sell coconut milk in the 1/2 gallon containers now but I have only seen it at a few stores, usually in the health food section. I think it might just be watered down coconut milk that you would buy in a can …. but it’s another option!

  • Kendra Hven

    My daughter was tested and it showed her having milk allergy. We give her lactose free milk and she does great (can have regular yougurt, cheese, etc)

  • sarina simpson

    rice milk might work

  • sarina simpson

    what zip did u use to see these…. they arent coming up under my zip

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