My Albertsons Shopping Trip 87% SAVINGS!


Yesterday on my lunch break I got to sneak over to Albertsons to score some deals. 7 days of doubles is pretty awesome because I actually have time to share my deals. I told you about these deals in the Albertsons weekly match-ups post and this weeks Albertsons doubles post. Plus I discovered a few new instant savings deals!

Now this is my real shopping trip. I am not out to one up someone else or get everything that is free. I am getting things we like and use when they are at a stock up price! 🙂

The cool thing is you can do this too, even if you are new and do not have a coupon stash. I used almost all internet printable coupons and coupons from an Albertsons coupon booklet found in most stores!

I did have to do this in 5 transactions…. here … we … go….

Transaction 1


  • Ghirardelli Chocolate Bar $2.29
  • (2) Athenos Hummus $1.99 ($3.98)
  • Albertsons Peas $1
  • Albertsons Broccoli $1



TOTAL: $1.77

Transaction 2


  • Darigold Sour Cream $1.79
  • (2) Stouffer’s Frozen Entree $2 ($4)
  • Albertsons Peas $1
  • Albertsons Broccoli $1



TOTAL: $1.99 plus tax

Transaction 3


  • (3) Activia Yogurt $2.29 ($6.87)
  • Albertsons Peas $1
  • Albertsons Broccoli $1



TOTAL: $1.87 plus tax

I  did the first three transactions one after the other and then I took my groceries out to the car and did two more transactions……

Transaction 4


  • 2 Taco Bell Refried Beans $1 ($2)
  • Stouffer’s Frozen Entree $2
  • Athenos Hummus $1.99



TOTAL: .49

Transaction 5


  • (2) Wonka Sweetart Lollipops $2.39 ($4.78)
  • (2) Taco Bell Beans $1 ($2)



TOTAL: $1.28

Total Before coupons and sales: $59.71

– Preferred Card or (sale savings): $21.77

– Manufacturer Coupon savings: $13.65

– Store coupon and double savings: $16.65


SAVED: $52.07  87% SAVINGS!


  1. I combined my better than free like $1.99 Athenos with items that would not be free so that I would not drop below subtotal. If you drop below subtotal they have to adjust your coupon or you have to buy other items. Example: if you bought (3) $1.99 items and they gave you the full one dollar double value you would end up with a -.03 subtotal. Sometimes the checker will automatically adjust your double value which is totally fine, but this way there is one less step at checkout and you can get through the line more quickly.
  2. I did not double the veggie coupon because it is a store coupon and you can not combine two store coupons. (The double is also considered a store coupon)
  3. You can see that on my first trip and my second trip I for Athenos and Stouffer’s. Pretty silly to go hit those sections of the store two separate times. My reason for this is I was not sure how many doubles I would be allowed and I wanted to get the stuff I really wanted on the first trip and then on the second trip I would just fill in the rest.

We would love to see your shopping trip success! Upload your pictures and share your stories in our community!


  • How are you able to get so many double coupons?

  • tye

    cheap deodorant!
    The dove deal is buy $15 get a $5 dollar cat for next time.

    They have 2 packs of dove, degree for men or women deodorant for only $4.39.
    I bought 3 two packs of dove, deodorant= $13.17
    Bought 1 dove conditioner clearanced for= $3.67
    total= $16.84
    used (3) $2/1 from 1/30 rp for the deodorant
    used (1) $1/1 from 1/30rp for the conditioner and doubled this one

    Total was $8.84 plus a $5.00 cat
    That’s 7 items for only $1.24 each not factoring in the $5.00 cat

    Degree coupons are also in the 1/30 rp .75/1 then you can double them

  • Donna

    I really love seeing these… However, most of my local area stores if not all of them do not take coupons printed from the internet! It’s really frustrating!

  • mel

    I am LOVING these posts!!!

  • Hi, do you guys know of any blogs that specifically cover Denver/Colorado Albertson’s? I went to my Albertson’s last night all set to go and they weren’t doubling coupons or showing the same sale prices. I guess they are an LLC of Albertsons so they don’t follow the main chain.

  • mjssssss

    That is fine and well but here you can only get one copy of the ad with the doublers, and they watch you carefully for each transaction..unless you go to the line of self check out which to me is ridiculous cause they always make big mistakes, if you have a ton of hours to use maybe yes, but I just don’t do Alby’s anymore toooooo many people hoard the items for a one person household give me a break???????????????? leaving zip for others and who wants a raincheck, the albys is out in the sticks not convenient to any other place to I say shop at the closet store with doubles and watch the gas prices, they are edging up towards $4.00 yikes….

    • Monica

      Oh that is sad. I am sorry to hear things are so bad for you. 🙁

      • A

        As a famous comedian once said, “I don’t like Bed bath and beyond so I DONT GO THERE.. ” just dont go we dont need to hear you complain!

      • Susan

        I would agree that one should shop where it is convenient and where you can double coupons. Around here (SW Idaho), that would be Albertsons. It’s the only place that doubles coupons (unless you take your Albertsons doublers to Walmart, which I don’t do).

        Buy boy, my experience with Albertsons overall is a lot different than yours. The stores around here do stock well for promotions, vastly better than Walgreens or Rite Aid where the hot items go quick. And I find rain checks to be wonderful. Sometimes you do miss a great deal if there is a catalina going on, but for the most part you can avoid a lot of hassle by just getting a rain check and pick up the items later at a good price. Sometimes I even hope for a stock-out so I can order coupons online and get a rain check, and therefore not worry about the coupons arriving in time and being in a rush to buy the items before the sale ends.

        As “A” says, if it doesn’t work for you, don’t do it. For example, I don’t do Target deals. I like Target and shop there on occasion, but the Target stores around here aren’t convenient to me, and they’re not Super Targets, and I can’t ever seem to find the deals that get blogged about (here and elsewhere), So I quit trying a long time ago, and I stick to the stores that work for me for the bulk of my shopping. But I don’t slam the Target posts because I respect that other readers appreciate those posts and do get great deals at that store.

        Just a friendly suggestion — have you searched online for a blog that is owned by someone who frequents your local stores? That’s why Fabulessly Frugal is so great for me — the Fab Five (or is it six now with Mel?) put a lot of emphasis on the stores here in my community. Having this local resource is great, so I do hope that you’re able to find one. Not to say you should come here — that’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m just saying that a blog that focuses on the stores that are convenient for you and that you like more than Albertsons would be a lot more useful for you. In the meantime, just skip over the Albies posts if all they do is frustrate you.

        Good luck.

  • Thomas

    The five mile store used to be great at having more doubles at there checkouts,but lately it has been more challenging in doing more,I went the other day and was told one set of doublers per customer,plus they have two cashier’s that i dont like to deal with at that store,infact I will never use those two cashier’s.

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