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I want to know? Team EDWARD OR Team JACOB?


  • Anna Bearden

    Hellooooooo………..TEAM JACOB???? Who wants to be with someone all cold and hard. Yuck!!!! Hot blooded is the only way to go. Plus, Taylor Lautner is cuter 🙂 (I seriously sound like I am 15…..maybe 13 ) Love it!

  • Cathy

    Jacob all the way!

  • Cheryl_hiccups

    When I read the books, I was team Edward all the way!

    Watching the movies, however, I find myself wishing (begging?) that Bella would chose Jacob.

    Reasons: I really dislike the choice of actors cast as Bella (hate!) and Edward (meh. I know, I know, someone needs to revoke my subscription to Tiger Beat.) Kristen Stewart went to the Shannon Doherty school of acting — just look really cranky ALL the time. Also, everytime she tries to show an emotion, she juts out her chin and bites her lip. Every. Time. So annoying.

    The chemistry between Bella and Edward on screen is just so-so. It’s like they are trying so hard to be intense that they completely lost sight of loving each other. But watching Bella interact with Jacob on screen feels much more real. The only thing that gives me pause is that Jacob-of-the-movie deserves much better than Kristen Stewart’s Bella.

    All that said, I already have my ticket to a midnight showing of eclipse. 😀 The second movie was much better than the first and here’s hoping the third gets even better.

    • Cathy

      Dang Cheryl – I was just about to gift you a subscription to Tiger Beat! Ha ha!

      TOTALLY agree about Kristen Stewart! If there was an award for best blank stare – she’d get it!

    • Brittany

      I agree with everything said here 100%! Well put. However I am trying real hard not to be excited because I feel like such a dork.

    • Tyree

      so I have to agree BOOKS totally all Edward!!!!!! Movie–well lets just say I really don’t like the movie at all. Jacob is the only decent actor (as far a main characters go), but still wouldn’t say team Jacob cause Bella should be with Edward even if yuck-bad acting and bad directing. So I will agree with the “Team Emmett” comment from below.

  • Brandi

    Ummmmm have you seen Jacob!? 🙂 I’m 100% team Jacob! Although my husband is always quick to remind me how old he actually is! 🙂

    • Cathy

      That is so true! One of my sisters was totally having the hots for him, until she realized she has a SON THE SAME AGE! Puts things into perspective. Ha ha! OK, why am I wasting time on this. I’ve got work to do!

      • Mel

        Hahahaha!! Glad I’m not the only ‘dirty’ old woman around here… how can you be crushing on someone half your age? Ahhh!!! But still…. Jacob. No question.

        • Julie

          Yeah, well, the sad truth is I kind of crushed on Harry Potter for a while, but I totally waited until he turned 18 to admit it.

          I guess I’d go Team Jacob, although I think he deserves better than Bella gives him (and certainly better than Kristen Stewart). I like a lot of the characters better in the book though (Edward and Jasper, definitely) so I was more Team Edward in the books. And I really didn’t like Jacob in the first movie, but he was better (and better looking) in the second one. I’m not sure if it was the shorter hair or, um, maybe the abs? Haha.

  • Cnew02

    Team Edward!! I loved Jacob, until book 3 or 4. He kept saying things to hurt Bella or Edward. I know he was stricking out b/c he was in pain himself, but it really made me dislike him. Edward was just perfectly perfect throughout. Every thing he did was out of love for Bella, even when it hurt him desperatly to do it. Swoon!!

  • Sophie

    Wow. Am I the only person who has never seen the Twilight movies or read the books?

    • Cathy

      Yes Sophie. You are.

      • monica

        Sophie you better go rent the first two and then you can come with us to Eclipse on the 30th! Although if you read the books they are MUCH better than the movies!

    • Cheryl_hiccups

      I keep trying to trick my brother into reading the books. Because I think that would be funny. I’m playing up the “it’s sci-fi, fantasy and mythology all rolled into one” and “the books are much better than whatever you’ve heard about the movies” angles.

      Anyway. You’re not quite alone. 😀

    • Amanda

      Yep, most likely you are! My husband even got sucked in, though he’d never admit it!

      • Sophie

        Ok, I think I will go borrow the books from my teenage brother:) and read them so I can see what all this fuss is about. Then I will rent the movies from Netflix and watch them!!

        But I have to say, I dont see what all the hype about Robert Pattinson is about. I dont think he is that appealing in real life. Maybe the movie does something special for him???

        • Cheryl_hiccups

          No. Pattinson does no boat floating for me either. The movie doesn’t help.

          • Sophie

            Ok. WOW. Seriously WOW. I just got done listening to the first book on CD. After 10 minutes I was HOOKED. Of course I have not read the whole series yet, but how could you not want Bella and Edward’s love story to make it??!! I cant wait to watch the movie tomorrow now that I have read the first book!! I am going to read the second and then watch and then the third so I can see it in the theatre!! Cant believe I waited this long.

  • Kris

    Edward and Jacob are both fine, but I like the strong, buff, take no prisoners type…Anyone else for team Emmett? 🙂

    • Cheryl_hiccups

      Just so long as no one says team Jasper. Them’s fightin’ words.

      (Could he be a bigger dork than he is in the movies?!! Totally ruined the character. In fact, it’s a character assassination. Heh.)

  • Silvia

    Well the books are so good I just have to say that first!! As for which team I’m on…Team Jacob for the movies and Team Edward for the books………..yes I can have both LOL :o)!!!

  • Missy

    You aren’t the only one! At least there are two of us!

  • Ami

    UGH! what about TEAM NO ONE! sorry monica you know my feelings. 🙂

  • Amber

    Okay, the English major in me will weigh in first. These books are so ridiculous that I feel like such a dork admitting that I ATE THEM UP! They are definitely juvenile fiction, but perhaps all of us Twimoms needed a bit of an escape, regardless of the quality of writing.

    Now onto the most pressing issue of our time: Jacob or Edward? Tough one. In the book, where I can create any image of the characters my little brain desires, it’s Edward all the way. But the second movie changed all that. While I’m a sucker for a man who sings and therefore have a soft spot for Rob Pattinson, I thought the Bella/Jacob chemistry was so much more believable. And I do admit I turned creepy mom when I eagerly awaited Jacob’s shirtless scene.

    *And now I feel the need to mention I am a stable 30 year old mother, happily married to a hottie of my own for 9 years. I’m just sayin’.

    • Julie

      I know–the books are really poorly written in so many ways (so repetitive for one thing), and yet they’re captivating. I read them all a year ago after I had my second son, during the long, long hours nursing. It was such a great escape from being exhausted and more or less pinned to the sofa while he was feeding.

      My husband thinks my Twilight obsession is rather funny. On the other hand, his abs are not unlike Taylor Lautner’s (lucky me!), so I guess he doesn’t feel too threatened by it!

    • Carolee

      Love your thoughts, Amber!!

  • Cherise

    I love the books and the movies are fine. I will go at midnight and since Eclipse is my favorite book they better not have messed it up. And I just gotta say, of course the chemistry with Jacob in the second movie is HOT, it has to be to set us up for the 3rd.
    I agree Kristen Stewart leaves much to be desired. Hello, quit stuttering every time anything is emotionally intense. And she has the weirdest facial expressions ever. But I am glad they were made movies, even though all of the characters in my head were much hotter, with the exception of Taylor although another 3 or 4 inches of height wouldn’t have hurt.

    I am totally Team Switzerland, because in real life she would belong with Jacob but in the life of fantasy it has to be Edward.
    Thanks for letting me rant and use a ton of run-on sentances. 🙂

  • Monica

    Congratulations Sophie! You are now part of the club! I am glad you liked the first book. Just warning you the movie is a little lame. IMO.

    • Sophie

      Ok.I want a recast of about half the characters in the movie and a major remake. Could they maybe get a writer and director who actually read the book? Id heard it was kind of lame, but geez. Is New Moon any better? That is coming tomorrow.

      • Carolee

        New Moon is WAY better. Not low budget. Warmer colors. Sticks to the book so much more. Some people didn’t like it b/c, well, it’s Bella’s sad time. I mean, it is New Moon, after all. But come on, Sophie, don’t you think Emmett was cast perfectly? Alice is good, too.

        • Sophie

          That is good to hear, I should get finished listening to the book on CD tomorrow before I watch the movie. I will agree on Emmett and Alice, whoever cast him deserves a high five. I also like Esme. Some of Bella’s friends and such needed to be recast. And I wish they wouldn’t have made Edward wear pinkish red lipstick. It looked so weird against his white skin. It was so obvious, not a good makeup job!!!! I just felt like 3/4 of the book was left out of the movie!! Here’s to hoping Eclipse is good!!

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