More FREE Glasses and a FABULESS Deal on Contacts!

Do you remember a couple of weeks ago when Kearna told us about the FREE Prescription Glasses from

Well, it’s back!!!  Tomorrow, June 23rd at starting at 9 AM EDT!!


How Do You Get Yours?

  • Thursday, June 23rd at starting at 9 am EDT (8 AM CDT, 7 AM MDT, 6 AM PDT), they are giving away another 10,000 pair!
  • Go to Coastal Contact FB page and like them
  • Click on the link that says “Free Glasses USA”
  • You will see a coupon code that you can enter in on their website at checkout.
  • Go to Coastal and shop for your favorite frames ( I would do this early and pick out a couple, just in case).  Just be sure you pick  ones that don’t say “Coupons not applicable”
  • Make sure you have your current glasses prescription ready.
  • At the time of the sale, select your glasses, enter your presciption, and use the code at checkout, pay the shipping and handling and you’re done!
  • The amazing thing is… if you don’t totally love them, you can return them for a new free pair.  They even pay the shipping!  Love it!

What If You’re Blind As A Bat Like Becky?

Well, I called and asked.  Because  seriously, I can’t see anything if I don’t have my glasses on or contact in…

  • If you have a high Rx, the machine is not capable of inserting that into the lenses, so you must get them thinned.  This costs $90, and I’m not sure where it starts, but the woman I was taking to gasped when I told her what my RX was, and said yes, that was extremely high. 🙂
  • So, what now?  I was just ordering them to update my current glasses, which I wear only going from the bathroom to the bedroom, and then from the bedroom to the bathroom.  So, not worth the $90 to me, BUT…

Cheap Contacts!

My whole interest in Coastal Contacts started when I ripped my last remaining pair of contacts, and I was searching to find the best deal.  I wear Acuvue Oasys, mainly because I don’t have to take them out every night and stumble around while loosing all sense of depth perception.    However, I’m a Stay at Home Momma, trying to coupon my way out of having to go back to work.  So, the $33 a box price tag ($269.52 for the 8 boxes I need for a year, plus tax and shipping!) isn’t really something we want to do right now.  So, I Swagbuck-ed (sort of like “Googled”, but I got rewarded for it!) around for a while, trying to find the best deal.  And I found it with  I found them for $15.49  a box (after mail in rebate)!  WOOT!!  That’s HALF!!!  YIPPEE!!   That got me interested in looking for glasses, which lead me here, then to their facebook page, and saw this:

Yep, I’m going to make you go to their facebook page to get the code!

20% off?!  After already saving HALF!?  Sweet deal!! *You do have to be a first time customer 🙂

So, I paid$174.87, after saving $36.78 with the code, and upgrading to Overnight shipping from Fed-Ex, and I don’t have to go back to the eye doctor to pick them up!!  WOOT!!  Oh, and I get a $60 mail in rebate, bringing my total to $114.87!!!   You do have to pay handling and insurance ($12.87) and since I choose overnight shipping, $14.95, (so total of $27.82 in shipping) but if you aren’t in a hurry, and you spend over $38, you can use the code FREESHIP and get free shipping!!  WOOT!!  If that had been my case, I would have spent less than $100!!!!


And the best part?  If you want, you can do BOTH Deals!!

Click here to get started!

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  • Jessica

    Here’s a pretty silly question I’m sure, but how do I get the mail in rebate…

  • Rach

    I have a silly–kinda off subject question here. I saw that you said you searched with google (but through swagbucks). How in the heavens do you do that?? Sometimes I’d just much rather search with Google for things, cuz swagbucks mostly comes back with ads. I’d LOVE to hear your trick ;o) thanks!!

    • Rach

      PS. Thank you for this thorough explanation fo the deal. I am definitely in need of some contacts & glasses and always need a good deal on both! LOVE YOUR SITE!

      • Rachel

        Actually she just compared Swagbucks to Google — she didn’t actually use Google’s search engine through Swagbucks. That’d be a trick! 😀 I’ve learned to simply look past the first 4 or 5 options on Swagbucks, because those are the “sponsored” links and aren’t usually applicable. Once past those, though, Swagbucks does pretty well for me.

        • Becky

          I think my favorite “sponsored link:” ever was when I was searching for something totally off the wall… like Bing Bang walla walla or something, and it brought up Target 🙂 I laughed out loud!

    • Becky

      Sorry Rach-
      I commonly refer to searching as “googling” or something like, “ya, I googled it”… but swagbucked just sounds and looks weird, so I was trying to make it make since. No tricks… I get my search points, then move to Google 🙂 Sometimes, if I need it right now, I skip SB all together. I have never won SB closer together than 2 hours… I don’t think it’s possible (I could totally be wrong though). Hope that helps 🙂

      • Rach

        No worries, it was my fault for mis-reading it 😀 I totally call it googling when I tell people I looked something up online, but it’s swagbucks! Your site is awesome btw! Happy Friday!

  • Rach

    Oh my gosh, I just re-read that post too and it does just compare it for those who don’t know what google is…woopsy! Yes true, I try to avoid the “sponsored” links too. Thanks!!

  • TeriJ

    Becky, I also fall into the “blind as a bat, people gasp at my prescription” catagory. I can’t get overnight contacts though because of a combination of near sighted and astigmatism. I was never so glad as when my husbands job after retiring from the military actually came with vision benefits! Even with insurance my glasses cost about $200 and I have tried every cheap place I can.

    • Becky

      Have you thought about acuvue oasys for Astigmatism?
      I used them for a while, and it got rid of my astigmatism 🙂
      NOT saying that would happen for everybody, and mine was pretty slight, but, worth a try 🙂
      And they do sell them at Coastal contacts 🙂

  • Maria

    I just did this for contacts and glasses. FYI all -you can only use one coupon code per order. So unfortunaletly you can’t use the code for the free glasses and the coupon code for free shipping and the coupon code for 20% discount on contacts all in one order. I ended up calling them and they helped me place my order in multiple transactions to get the seperate deals and manually gave me credits for free shipping on each order. Handling is a percentage and no discount for that. The phone call-little long of a wait time, but super nice and easy to talk too! I highly recommend them!

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