Monica’s Wish List

I am a Board Gamer:







I love to play games and Ticket to Ride is one of my favorites. I would love the Ticket to Ride expansion pack to add more depth to the United States version of the game I already own. I would also like either Ticket to Ride Europe or Ticket to Ride Marklin the German version. Each version of the game adds different strategies and cover different part of the world. You can watch a video about my favorite game here.

I like to preserve my fruits:



Any one that has taken our coupon class knows that we recommend buying produce when the price is low and preserving it to last a while. I have this Nesco Dehydrator and I love it! I love to dry pears and make fruit rolls. I would love some new Dehydrator Racks to add to it and some more of these Fruit Roll Sheets.

Sometimes a girl needs a little bling:

Don’t you think this phone case is super fab? I actually already own it in pink and black, but some of the rhinstones are coming off so I will need to get a new one eventually so I decided to ask for this black and silver one. This Rhinestone Phone Case is only $5.03. What a steal! The one I own I paid $6 for in LA Fashion District after I negotiated down the price. I have seen these in the mall for as much as $20.

I can not decide:

 I still need a new frying pan! Anyone remember when I asked Mavis to find me one? Well I guess I never got around to following through on that. So I can not decide between Stainless Steel and Non-stick? What do you recommend?

Will this be worth the investment?


I would like to have a nicer camera. If you clicked on my link from the frying pan you can probably see why. 🙂 I hear the Canon is one of the best to have. How nice of one do I really need? I probably do not have will not take the time to learn all the ins and outs of the camera, so I need a quality camera for dummies. What do you recommend? Which Canon Camera do I ask Santa for? Or should I go for something else?

Do we really need this?

Family gift idea: I think it would be fun for my family to have a Kinect! I love the active way you can play video games on it. It gets everyone off the couch and moving around. But I am not sure I am ready for my children to be all about video games and I am not sure I am ready to regulate the time spent on video games. What has your experience been? Would you recommend a Kinect for Christmas?


  • Tracy

    As for frying pans it depends on what you will be cooking.
    I use my non stick pan only for eggs. I use my stainless one for everything else. I think if you want a good sear on meat and also to make pan sauces (by deglazing the pan) or gravy then stainless is the best way to go. In fact I recently replaced my wedding pans of 20 years with stainless and I am so glad I did.

  • Andrea L

    I highly recommend the Xbox Kinect! Not only do we have a blast with it (family game nights, dance parties, etc), I have managed to lose over 30 lbs with their fitness ‘games’.

    As far as the Canon camera, I don’t have anything to compare it to, but Christmas came a little early for me this year and I got the Canon EOS Rebel T3i about 30 days ago. This is my first SLR camera, but was able to use it right out of the box. I still haven’t read any of the manual (was planning on getting the ‘for Dummies’ book), but LOVE the pictures I have taken with it already!!! Especially love the number of pictures it takes per minute!

  • Nikki

    As for the fruit dehydrator, I have one and bought it at Bed Bath and Beyond. Believe it or not, they were the cheapest I could find, plus add in their 20% coupon or their $% off $15 coupon and it is an even better deal. Don’t forget that if those coupons expire, they still take them and yes I have used expired and they scan and take off appropriate amount, no problems. The 2 pack of racks were 12.99 regular price. I just bought myself some more racks for mine in September.

  • Linda

    The cannon camera is very easy to use. Takes wonderful pictures!!

  • Katelyn

    I think that the Kinect is a wonderful gift for kids especially during the cold winter months when its just a bit too cold to go outside. It gets them up off the couch and doing something resembling exercise.

  • coupon_mt

    You need to ask Santa for the Canon SX40 – it’s the perfect camera for someone who wants a bit more than a point and shoot but is not looking for a professional career as a photographer. It is rated high and I read quite a few reviews from professional photographers who prefer this camera for thier everyday pictures. The zoom is amazing! Go to costco or target and compare it side by side to the DSLR’s.

    I thought about going for the DSLR but I really don’t have the time to invest in learning how to really utilize all the different settings nor the desire to cart around and change out different lens. I figured it was overkill for what I was looking for and was thrilled to find the SX40!

  • Monica

    I would really recommend getting a stainless steel pan. Nonstick is just not worth the risk anymore!

  • Em Dorigo

    Ticket to Ride is one of my favorite all time games. I also enjoy a cut-throat game of Risk on occasion. My husband and I play Canasta and Cribbage too…they are fun if you haven’t tried them yet.

  • Lisa

    I recommend a hard annodized pan. Mine hasn’t had any problems with a non-stick surface coming off, and I find food doesn’t stick to it as much as my stainless steel pan. I bought mine at a restaurant supply store (I think it was a Dick’s Restaurant Supply in Bellevue). As I recall it cost less than similar pans at Macys, and it has lasted and lasted forever.

    Thanks for asking about the Kinect. I’ve been wondering about that too. On one hand I tend to think of video games as sucking up time, and I dread hearing my son whine for it, but on the other hand it really could help us all exercise more…

  • Hi Monica 🙂 So I have been in the photo industry and currently work for a family owned camera store for 10 years and I would recommend either a Canon or a Nikon. Both are built well, according to our repair shop, and are worth their cost. We are selling tons of both brands this season and just about all the intermediate models are really user friendly. Just a little note- I know cost has a lot to do with the purchase but FYI – when you buy local, like from us, we give free camera classes on how to use your camera and $50 worth of free photofinishing from our lab! And we love answering any and all questions any one has about a camera. Even when they buy it online………. 🙂

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