Money Saving Tips: Bundle Up

Are you looking for some simple ideas to save money? We have simple solutions that you can easily apply to your lifestyle to save money!

Don’t touch that thermostat! Bundle up.




Statistics show that you can save 3% on your power bill for every degree you turn down your thermostat.  So try turning it down 3 degrees, will save you 9% or $13.50 a month on a $150 energy bill.

So put an a cute scarf, {here are some of my favorite scarves, oh and I like these new trendy plaid scarves too!} and a sweater and turn down the heat a little more. I personally believe that a scarf is your best fashion accessory in the winter time. They have duel purpose, fashion and warmth.


Get up… turn down your thermostat and start saving money now! 🙂

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  • Laura

    We turned down the temp on the hot water heater. Not only does it save money it’s safer for children too.

  • Dina

    I am curious what temp you keep your thermostat at!

  • Kacie

    Things I do to save on power/heat: 1. Unplug all appliances you are not actively using at the moment (toaster, blender, phone charger, etc) 2. Hang dry the majority of our laundry to avoid using the dryer. 3. When done using the oven, open the door so the heat fills the house (watch out if you have little ones!) 4. Lower thermostat, especially when you are away at work during the day.

    I actually noticed on my last power and gas bill that I have reduced my usage compared to this month last year by about $15 a month or so.

  • TeriJ

    We started heating with a wood stove this year. We live in an older house(built in 1974) that still has the original single pane windows and an older electric heater. Can you say huge electric bill even on budget pay? After the first two months I called Idaho Power and asked when they would re-evaluate my budget pay because we had a good size credit on our bill. The nice young man did it right then taking my monthly budget payment from $201 to $140. It had been last done in June.

    I have the heater set at 60 and it has only kicked on 3 times this year. The mild winter also helps.

    • Kacie

      Can you explain what you mean about re-evaluating the budget pay?

      • TeriJ

        Idaho Power usually reviews your budget pay once or twice a year(this is what the young man told me.) I called in to find out when I was due to be reviewed due to the credit that just kept growing. He said that if you call and ask they can do a review for you. He then asked if I wanted to and I said yes. I can use the money more than some credit that they are earning interest on.

  • Helen in Meridian

    I turn down the heat and wear cashmere sweaters, norwegian wool ski sweaters, and Costco wool socks around the house. We have 4 or 5 or 6 down comforters, found at the thrift stores, each different weights of down to keep us toasty at night . Oh, my cashmere and norwegian sweaters are all from the Goodwill, Savers, or Idaho Youth Ranch too.

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