Money Saving Tips: Clumping Brown Sugar?

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Is your brown sugar clumping?

If you put your brown sugar in the freezer, it will not clump over time?


What if your brown sugar is already hard and clumpy?  Don’t throw it away!

Just put it in the microwave for a about 10 seconds and watch as it gets perfectly soft for enough time so you can use it.

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  • Shelly

    Dangit I just threw mine away the other day cause it was as hard as a rock :o(

    • Tina B

      Shelly, you’ll never throw away brown sugar again for the rest of your life. Here’s how you can avoid doing that–use a damp, folded up paper towel in your brown sugar canister, some folks swear by a slice of bread. Hubby pickes up a little clay terracotta type thing that I soak in water for 5 minutes, then store in with my brown sugar that keeps it soft for a few months at a time before I need to recharge it again with another soaking. I think it only cost a few dollars at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and I bet you can find it in many kitchen supply places.

  • Sahara Tann

    I just take a zip lock bag and then take a paper towel and wet it. squeeze out most of the water. you don’t want it dry not do you want t to drip. Put the paper towel in the zip lock bag. Then but that in yuor bag or box etc f brown sugar, Do not seal the bag. You will NEVER ever have hard sugar again. It will stay soft and fresh for as long s it lasts for. Occasionally you may need to replace the baggy with the paper towel. or if the paper towel dries out and your sugar is hard just repeat the process. Viola soft sugar. Some people use n piece of apple as well. But I prefer the paper towel. Btw my mother is a retired professional pastry chef and I learned that trick from her. 🙂

  • Lise scovill

    I just put a the brown sugar (still in its pastic but leave a little opening in the bag) in a ziplock g long with. Piece of bread. Softens tat rock hard sugar within days

  • Karma

    A slice of bread in the canister has always kept mine soft.

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