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G’ Day Mate…

It’s been two weeks since our last round of Albertsons Double Coupons… How are you holding up?  It’s dry spells like these when having a good sized stockpile sure does come in handy. After all if every week was as coupon crazy as this one we’d never get a break from clipping coupons to do fun things like scope out garage sales and pick up awesome Brown Leather Hats like the one I’m wearing. 🙂

As you might have guessed… this was a slow week for Mavis.  Beside picking fresh strawberries, peas, raspberries and swiss chard from our garden I also picked up:

9 boxes of brownies, 1 gallon of milk (free w/catalina) 1 package of Twizzlers (I’m saving those for the upcoming Harry Potter movie) 1 (free) can of corn, 3 (free) doughnuts and 4 boxes of Nature Valley Granola Bars from Albertsons on the last day of the sale for $9.64    (I also earned $7 in catalina coupons thanks to the Nature Valley Granola Bars).

On July 4th I picked up whipping cream & Jello-pudding (for my strawberry cake) and a free 4 pack of tropical fruit (thanks to the Summer Sizzlin’ Sweepstakes) for $6.28

8 ears of corn for $2.00 at QFC

1 gallon of milk, 1 head of iceberg lettuce, 1 loaf of bread , 1 lemon, 2 banana’s (missing from the photo) and 1 large packet of green bean seeds for $2.53  (I used my $7 in catalina coupons from the Nature Valley Deal).

While my kids were at the dentist I popped over to P.F.Chang’s and picked up a FREE ORDER of lettuce wraps (and paid $2.75 for a strawberry lemonade).

I was able to order FREE Justin’s Peanut Butter from thanks to Swagbucks...
2 FREE Sharpies thanks to the $1.00 off  Target printable coupon.

My son paid .50 for a glass of lemonade and 1 Rice Krispie Treat from a concession stand at a neighborhood garage sale.

I paid $1.00 for 4 Otter Pops (and take a look at the awesome robes from Morocco I picked up at the garage sale for only $5!  I’m sure  you’re all terribly disappointed you didn’t get in on that deal!). 🙂  If you’re wondering why I look like I’m wearing football gear under my new favorite costume… It’s because I also picked up a really nice white down jacket for $7… which according to this photo I was still wearing at about 2 in the afternoon in 80 degree weather.   Geez… no wonder I thought .25 cents for Otter Pops was such a great deal… I was obviously suffering from the side effects of sun stroke!

So there you have it.

Total spent this week $24.70

Total spent year to date $687.47  Woot!

How did YOU do this week?  Did you stop by any garage sales?  Find any great bargains?

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  • Jaime

    Mavis, for you to spend the 100 or less a month, how many months do you think your stockpile would supply you?

    I sure do hope doubles are coming this next week! I had in-laws here this last week, they were ready to buy us some groceries to help us for them staying at our house, but with all of my stockpile, I didn’t have to go to the store!!! I am ready to do some couponing now that my life is back to normal!!

  • MamaLaLa

    Laughing out loud. Love your posts. I look forward to them every Monday. What are you going to do with the robes you purchased?

  • Keana

    OH my gosh please tell me you are using that robe as part of an elaborate and frugal Harry Potter get-up for the midnight premiere of Harry Potter this Thursday. Because….that would be AWESOME! We get a little crazy down here in Puyallup for opening night….lets just say my 6’8″ husband dresses up as Hagrid and has big blocks screwed into his boots to make him at least 7 feet tall, pair that with a very big fake beard and wig and matching Hagrid clothes and you’ve got almost the real thing!

  • How’d I miss my most the post about my favorite food item from P F Changs? Thanks for sharng it again with us!

  • nanette

    The hat makes you look like Indiana Jones!

  • Patti

    Love the hat!

    We had company and add’l family at our house the entire month of June. I managed to stay on budget, but seriously depleted the stockpile in certain areas (namely chips, cookies, paper towels, all and any frozen meat we had!!!!) I was set to go this week and pick up all kinds of deals………………..but thus far it’s a SLOW week, so I cleaned out coupon binder instead.

    I am really hoping for a great Alb’s ad on Wednesday and some doublers!!

  • Katie

    Mavis Please please tell me that you tip at least 15% on the before coupon total when you go to restaurants and use all your free coupons. People look to your blog to be frugal but if thousands of people go to restaurants and are as frugal as you and only get the freebie and then if they aren’t tipping either (you’ve never mentioned or accounted for ANY tipping in any of your restaurant visits that I have seen, wouldn’t that be part of the total of eating out?) Restaurants may severely limit their generous offers like this people are taking advantage of it and only going in for the freebie and nothing else . I’m pretty sure that restaurants put out promotions like this (free appetizers and desserts) in the hopes that you will come in and get a meal and drink as well so that they aren’t losing money just giving out free food to people who dont’ buy anything else. I know that almost all servers cringe when I bring out a coupon but I am also a very generous tipper on the before coupon total to make up for it. Wouldn’t tipping be a part of your restaurant total as well that you should post to be accurate and portray the whole picture of being frugal without taking advantage of companies and people? Of course it is great to be frugal, but don’t do it at a cost to others and take advantage of the perks that we are lucky enough to be offered as couponers. You may be trying to keep within your $100 budget by not tipping, but that poor server is assumed to have made 15% of the total of their balance at the end of shift and is required to split that assumed amount with the cooks, hostess, etc. Maybe you have never served before but ask any server how this works and you will see that when give less then 15% it is them who pays for it. Not to mention that they also have bills to pay as well and if you can’t afford to part with your money that bad than you should just stay home rather than ruin some servers day and have them be out money.

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