Simple Budgeting for Novices - Take Control of Your Money
The other day my husband left me a voice mail when I was at the gym asking how I had spent $50 at a smoke shop. I was curious about the message for a number of reasons. A) He has never tracked our spending or even cared and B) He has no idea how to even log on to our online accounts, so I had no idea where he was getting his information and C) I don’t think I have ever set foot in a smoke shop?!

Come to find out that “smoke shop” was owned by the same people who owned the gas station next door where I had filled up my car (hence the $50 charge at a smoke shop!). My husband had received an instant message on his iPhone about an unexpected expense from!

We sat down and made a budget plan a few weeks ago after our furnace blew up and we spend a ridiculous amount of unbudgeted money to replace it. We created a budget on Then we set it up so that when we log on to our electronic gadgets (Smart Phones, iPads, etc.) we’ll be constantly up to date.   We get updates if we’ve gone over budget in an area, if we’ve been charged a fee or have an unidentified expense come through any of our accounts (credit cards, checking accounts, etc.). Plus, we have access to our entire budget at our fingertips.

We are LOVING and I’m especially impressed that my husband is actually taking notice of our finances and getting involved in the process.

This is also a great tool to track how you’re doing on your 2012 Grocery Budget Challenge any time you want!

If you’d like to see how awesome this FREE budgeting software is for yourself, sign up for today!


  • Susan

    You need to be careful about giving your all financial information to websites like
    Folks to dig deep into the safety of such online budgeting tools before giving out their personal information.

    • I’ve been a member for 2 years… I was nervous about joining until I researched and learned that it is created by Intuit… better known as Quickbooks and Quicken. I’ve never regretted joining and have had no problems at all. That’s my own opinion there. 😀

  • Helen in Meridian

    I have never been in a smoke shop but have wondered if they were a source of undiscovered coupons for food they sell.

  • Wendy

    Used for awhile now and love it. I researched it before joining and have no worries.

  • Jamie

    My husband is a banker and he loves Mint! He is very very careful about giving any of our personal information out. So the great thing about Mint is that although you can see all of your finances, you do not have access to them. It’s just a tool that compiles all the information.

  • Erica

    I waited a few years after hearing about mint and finding other people I know use it and see it mentioned and talked about online before starting my own account with them a few months ago. My husband and I love it and we couldnt agree more that its a wonderful tool for our finances and keeping up to date. It is one of the most secure sites out there!!!

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