Milk and Cheese Coupons Are Back!!!

The Milk and Cheese coupons are back!

Although, I’m going to warn you… they aren’t as good as they used to be.  BUT they are better than nothing!

milk coupon


$.25/1 Milk Coupon any brand
$.25/2 lbs Cheese Coupon any brand

milk coupon and cheese coupon

These are direct links to the coupons, so if you have changed your zip code to your actual Idaho/Utah Zip, they’ll pull right up!

Milk and Cheese are my favorite coupons. I use them every time they are available. I print them twice from every computer in my house. I love that they work on any brand of milk or cheese.  And even though they are only down to $.25, if you double them, they’ll be worth $.50!  And when Albertsons does Round Ups, they’ll be worth even more!  🙂

Don’t see the coupons? Learn how to change the zip code on

 (Must be in ID or UT to use these, so  you will need to use your actual zip code to find them.)

Find more printable coupons!


  • geraldine kleber

    Wish we had some in Texas!!!!

  • Tina B

    Bummer that they cut the amount off by more than 50%. That’s inflation for you…how come my paycheck won’t go UP that much?!

  • Monica

    Are they even worth the ink? Maybe if you double them or round up.
    I enjoyed the savings this past year!

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      We’ve been discussing this on fb as well… I think it probably costs around $.02 to print on a sheet of paper. So yes, worth the ink… especially if you print two other higher valued coupons that you’ll use. 🙂

  • jenny

    I was happy to have them, but I knew they wouldn’t go on forever. In fact, it ‘s one of the rare coupons I consistently counted on being there every month. However, it did cross my mind why they were doing it in the first place: Everybody needs milk and cheese, and they aren’t brand specific? There was no launch of a new product called “milk” that they wanted to flood the market. Just a nice little encouragement to support the dairy industry, I guess.

  • johnny b coupon

    Yes, better than nothing, but from a $2 savings with a double on a 2 lb block of cheese to now 50 cents … oh HORRIBLE … and milk from $1.50 to 50 cents … it’s not worth using a doubler on this deal though .. but during roundup, yeah, that’s fine. My milk and cheese consumption just went down.

  • Sylvia Hix

    What is the zip code to use to get the milk and cheese coupons? Thanks!

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      They are only valid for Idaho and Utah, so if you live in one of those states, then use your zip code. If you don’t live in those states, then don’t print because your store will NOT be reimbursed.


    Bummer! I loved getting these coupons, now it’s barely worth printing…..*sigh*

  • heather

    I wont even bother with a 25 cent coupon…sorry guess more prints for you all:-)

  • vanessa pinello

    It is better than nothing…some stores double. Do these? I think we drink enough milk and eat enough cheese for our whole neighborhood, so they will be used.Anyway, THANK YOU!

  • Meridian Mama

    Sad day… These were my favorite coupons… 🙁

  • brooke

    Bummer that it’s SO low…. if it went to like .50 then I don’t think I would feel as disappointed. .25 is just making me sad ;(!

  • Julie

    I changed the zip code still cant find them???

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