Milk and Cheese Coupons RESET!

Looks like the milk and cheese coupons have reset! These are two of my all-time favorite coupons. Print them while you can!

Thanks for the heads up FruGAL Susan!

*Note: these can only be redeemed in UT and ID! Stores in other states WILL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR THESE COUPONS!


  • Christina

    The coupon last time said “and other accepted locations” Does this one as well? Because my Military Commissary took it no problem… Thank you :):)

  • Jennifer Anderson

    I am not seeing them as a reset? Is there a particula zip code to use for them agan? Thanks!

  • jennifer

    Yes, the milk says at participating retailers again! I am not sure if I used a specific zip, but mile one says, so maybe check there. Cheese says I love these too!

  • Melinda

    I can’t see them, any suggestions?

  • Linda

    I can’t see them either!! Help 🙂

  • I can still see them and they say that my print limit has been reached… maybe they are not reset for everyone!?

  • I’m in AZ, any idea if these will work here? I used ZIP 83709 to see them, thanks Amber!

  • Erin

    I was able to use mine last time at Walmart in Texas. They scanned no problem 🙂

    • Seriously?

      They won’t get reimbursed if not redeemed in Idaho or Utah… :(   It’s like stealing!

      Poor companies!  I hope not a lot of people are doing that!

  • tia

    wheeee! they both reset for me–just in time for doublers—good, since there wasn’t really much i was planning to use mine on this week (even with FEWER!)

  • Susan

    Sometimes someone will post here that a coupon has reset (any coupon, not necessarily the milk or cheese ones), but it won’t have reset for me.  However, a little while later it will, sometimes a day or two later.  So, be on the lookout for these little gems.  If they haven’t reset for you, hopefully they will soon.

    I’m the one who posted about the cheese reset, but my milk coupon hasn’t yet reset.  So I’ll be stalking for that one. 

    Yep, the fine print on the coupon says “valid in ID and UT and at participating retailers.”  So for everything in other states, I’d definately try it.  Maybe start with the most coupon-friendly store in your neck of the woods.

    Lia, have doublers this weekend been confirmed?  Since it’s only Tuesday, are they coming out tomorrow with the new ad?  Or is that too much to hope for.

  • heather

    Milk and cheese have both reset for me.  I use them in Oregon and every retailer I’ve taken them to has scanned them with no problem (Fred Meyer, Safeway, Albies)

    • Seriously?

      They won’t get reimbursed if not redeemed in Idaho or Utah… 🙁  It’s like stealing!

      Poor companies!  I hope not a lot of people are doing that!

  • Dolores Gardner

    I have the cheese reset, but not the milk.  Thanks for the heads up on checking in everyday!


  • Gin

    Cheese reset for me (YAY!) but not the milk. Bummer. Even worse that my family somehow went through EIGHT gallons last week! That’s more than double what they normally go through. I feel like if they keep that up we’re going to need a 2nd mortgage. LOL!

  • james

    it is only good in UT and ID  ……………….

  • Cheryl H

    Please don’t use these coupons if you don’t live in Utah or Idaho!  Stores won’t get reimbursed for them, then they won’t accept them from those of us who can use them.  I’m sorry they aren’t available in all areas but please don’t ruin it for the rest of us!!

  • Karma

    I think they reset a certain amount of days after you’ve printed them last.

    • Dolores Gardner

      I think you’re right.  Mine don’t expire until the 17th….we’ll see if that is when they show up!  I hope so! =)

  • aimee in meridian

    Milk coupon for SMITH’S at zip code 43420

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