Melanie’s Wish List…

What I really want most, is to enjoy time with the healthy, happy family that I am so thankful for. We are also grateful to have reliable & wonderful jobs that we love. So blessed! We have our problems too, like everyone does. But it is important to be grateful, especially at this time of year.

“Let us relish life as we live it, find joy in the journey, and share our love with friends and family. One day each of us will run out of tomorrows.” Thomas S. Monson

Now for My Less Important Wishlist :)…

kitchenaid wheat grinder attachment

Grain Mill:  I already bought myself a KitchenAid Pro Stand Mixer earlier this year (Thank you, Kohl’s). So, I have been considering the KitchenAid grain mill attachment. But it would be nice to have something manual, so I can use it without electricity if necessary. I would probably want a big bucket of wheat with it too. 🙂 Any suggestions or recommendations for a quality grain mill?

I also love the idea of getting a portable generator. Maybe that will be something for my wish list next year.

lap desk with mouse pad

Laptop Lap Desk with Mouse Pad:  This laptop desk would be super handy for when I need to get on my laptop while I’m on the couch or traveling!

Lodge Logic Skillet

Cast Iron Skillet 12″:  Cast iron creates superior heat retention, heats evenly, and loves a campfire, unlike flimsier pans. The Lodge Logic Pre-Seasoned Skillet seems to be a good choice. Reasonable price and lots of good reviews!

jewelry tree standblack dress jewelry organizercoral tree jewelry holder
Jewelry Tree or Organizer:  I’ve been trying to be a bit more fashionable by adding accessories into my wardrobe lately. I’ve purchased some fun bracelets, earrings, a watch, and rings. I have a jewelry box, but it would be nice to be able to see everything better. A fun jewelry tree or organizer would be great!

And more things I want, but will have to wait a while longer for…

kindle hd fire water brickscanon rebel t3ihouse home

Canon Rebel T3i: I would have no idea how to use it, but one day I will get one and start learning!

Kindle Fire HD 8.9″: I’ll just have to hope that there is a Kindle Fire coupon code or deal for it next year too!

WaterBricks: I would love to start storing more water and these look like they would be ideal!

#1 wish for the new year: A nice, big HOUSE! Renting a town home has been great for the last few years, but we are sooo ready to move on. Hoping to be able to buy while the interest rates are still low!


  • Sophie

    You all have such good taste in gifts! While it does use electricity, I love my WonderMill Grain Mill. I have had it for almost a year and a half and am so glad I bought it! It is an investment, but if you bake a lot it is worth it. I considered the attachment for my KitchenAid, and read lots of reviews. It is supposedly a great attachment, but people warned that if you use it alot it can burn out your motor and your KitchenAid won’t last as long as it normally would. Good luck!

  • Linda

    I didn’t purchase the grain mill attachment to KitchenAid mixer because I wanted more control and less dust. I use an electric WonderMill Grain Mill that grinds and shoots flour into a separate canister without it getting into the air. it has adjustments for fine to course grind. It takes all dry grains except oily ones like flax seed.

    Bread Beckers and Lehman’s web sites sell a variety of grain mills.

    What I want is the Electrolux Assistant mixer that kneads dough. Everyone I know who has one makes bread for large families.

    I have a Kindle Fire HD 7″ that I really like. I can use laptops or my husband’s Apple iPad for larger screens. I like the smaller size Kindle Fire for reading, especially in bed. It has text adjustments so the screen is black and print is white so my husband can sleep.

    • Melanie

      Thanks for sharing! I’ll have to look into that Assistant mixer. And the 7″ Kindle Fire HD sounds like it probably is a good enough size, and it costs less too! I will have to go handle them in a store to decide if the bigger screen is really worth the cost difference or not.

  • Monica

    Great quote Melanie!

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