Mega Swag Bucks Day! Plus EASY Ways to Make $300 a Year!

Today (and every Friday) is Mega Swag Bucks day!

What does that mean to you?  It means when you search, instead of getting small amounts of Swag Bucks (7, 9, 12) you have a MUCH higher chance of getting large amounts (20,  50, 100, 500)!  Now, it won’t happen for everyone  but the more you search the higher your chances of winning the big ones are!

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Do You Want To Easily Earn $300 in Amazon Gift Cards Every Year?

It’s easy!  Your monthly goal is 2250 Swag Bucks.  You can buy 5 (and only 5) of the Amazon $5 gift cards each month.  There are higher amounts you can buy, but the $5 ones are the best deal.  You are limited to 5 of any gift card purchase in any given month.

If you want to earn $400 a year (which would be (5) $5 cards, and (1) $100 card), your goal is 3217 a month.

Getting 2250 Swag Bucks!

  • Right on your Swag Bucks home page is a Daily Earning Check List.  If you do those three items every day, you’ll earn 4 Sb per day (120 per month, based on a 30 day month).
  • Next are the Trusted Surveys (Go to Earn, then Trusted surveys is at the bottom).  You can get disqualified from 5 surveys per day and earn 1 SB for each you attempt (after 5 you don’t earn the Disqualification SB anymore).  It doesn’t usually take very long to disqualify.  5 SB per day is 150 per month.
  • Search and win once per day.  The average win while performing a search is 9 SB (sometimes 7, sometimes 11, but average is 9).  9 SB per day is 270 per month.
  • Run the SBMTV app on your phone.  I usually run mine at night, while my phone is charging.  I can run it on my Kindle Fire too, if I’m using my phone.  Playing the videos is an easy way to earn 50 SB per day.  It will tell you when your Daily Reward Limit has been reached.  Comedy is fastest, because the clips are shortest.  All the jokes are clean (but some are VERY lame).  50 SB per day is 1500 per month.
  • Lately I have been finding these 3 SB videos in my email:

Click where is says click here, figure out who the ad is for (if there even is one, 75% of the time there isn’t an ad) then click on the ad to make sure it goes to the correct landing page (if it’s an ad for Nissan cars, you want to end up on the Nissan webpage).   Then come back to your Swag Bucks email page (it takes a grand total of about 1 minute to do the whole thing) click the one question survey (it’ll ask did the ad go to the right page, your options will be Yes, No, or There was no ad).   Tell them the correct answer, and get your 3 SB instantly.  3 SB per day is 90 per month.

  • Totals: 71 SB per day is 2130 per month.   So 120 more and you’re home FREE!
  • I either take (2) 60 point Daily Survey or take Trusted Surveys with a total value of 120 SB or more.

Now, I know what you are going to say…. What about coupons?  You can print coupons from Swag Bucks, and make 10 SB per coupon redeemed.  Yep you can.  BUT, printing coupons through our links is one of the ways this blog is able to stick around.  Every time you choose to print coupons from Fabulessly Frugal link, instead of someone else’s link, you support our site, and keep the deals coming.   The Swagbucks coupons and our link go to the SAME coupons.  We appreciate you supporting us!

Are you ready to have an easy $300 more in your pocket each year?  Amazon Gift Cards NEVER expire!

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  • MaryBeth

    I’ve been doing swagbucks for a long time now but just have to say this is probably one of the most clear, concise posts explaining how to make it work best I’ve ever read!

  • Lisap

    I’m new to Swagbucks. so now I know what I have to do. Hopefully Christmas will be alot nicer this year. Thanks a bunch

    • What I try to remember, is while doing all the stuff I listed above (which really should only take about 15 mintues from your day, plus the time your phone is busy) is that no one is going to give you $25 per month 🙂 I think of it as earning it, and since it’s pretty much the only “play” money we get, it’s important to me! I hope your Christmas is REALLY awesome!

  • CouponCrazy

    Since I have been actively swagging, since about January, I have redeemed for $170 in gift cards to CVS and Amazon! It has been pivotal in my CVS savings and the Amazon credit is being applied toward things for my wedding in September!! Can’t say enough great things! 🙂

  • Not that Mavis

    I love the tip about running the SBTV mobile app on the Kindle Fire…but I can’t find it in the app store. Where is it hiding? Even a simple search for “swagbucks” turns up nothing. Help! (And thanks in advance!)

    • I’m sorry i didn’t get back to you…
      Link to app file:

      Step-by-step instructions:
      1. Click on the little gear icon on in the upper right hand corner (to the left of the battery icon)
      2. Click on + More
      3. Scroll down to Device and click on it
      4. Scroll down to Allow Installation of Applications and switch to “on”
      5. Click on Web and go to Swagging 101 and click on the link to the apk file in my Dropbox public folder and allow install
      6. check your Fire notifications (upper left-hand corner where it says YourName’s Kindle Fire)

      I then immediately changed it back.

      • Jamie

        I’m considering getting a Kindle so I can earn even more swagbucks, but the link you provided for downloading the app to the kindle says error. So, I’m not sure where or how to download the app to the kindle fire. Do I have to have an adroid phone in order to put the app on the kindle?

      • Not That Mavis

        Becky – A delayed thanks for this! I got it installed and, uh, kind of forgot about it until today. Clicking on the app led me to a message that there was an upgrade available…in the Amazon app store! It’s free and fast to download and so easy to use – running it now, hello 50 daily SBs! Thank you again for this tip. I highly recommend it to anyone, even app novices like me. 🙂

  • tia

    the “daily video survey” should show up in your inbox at 9AM each day. it’s fast to do–but they expire, so try to get to it each day. if you download the toolbar, you can earn $1sb a day (if you open internet) and then you can run SBTV off to the side while you’re doing other tasks on the computer–just click on next vid–i have mine off to the side so i can just see the time and 2 vids–after 30 seconds or so–i just go back and forth between the 2 i can see–don’t have to watch all the vid.

    i heart SB! i work more than full time, so i get most of my swagging done on weekends and breaks, but also try to do the minimum late at night. i started in August of last year and have made over $200. it really made our christmas because we were not in a good $ spot at that time.

  • Jena Green

    Thank you for the post, Becky! I hope with that I will earn faster at Swagbucks, still haven’t got enough for a payment from them… Too much of a price and too little ways to earn…
    And I hope they will start sending out gas cards(instead of irrelevant sports stuff) – the one I got from Gifthulk sure was a helper 🙂

    Maybe you can do same review of GiftHulk, after reading your post I think I may be missing something, same way as at Swagbucks 🙂

  • Lorna

    Ive started this challenge! Im looking to have a half price Christmas!!

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