Make Money From Home: Part 1

Make money from home - a series of posts with a ton of ideas!

Raise Your Hand if You’d like to Make Money From Home!

Doesn’t everyone want to find a way to make money from home? Well, maybe almost everyone… I supposed there are some that love their job and thrive in their workplace. 🙂 But there are others who crave the flexibility that comes with earning and income while working from home. Or maybe you are a stay at home mom (like me) and would like to find a way to bring in a little extra cash (like me) to give some more cushion to the budget (well, actually, now I am the primary breadwinner in my home). Or maybe you work away from home and want to find a way to earn a part/full time income while working from home instead. OR maybe you’re just one of those people that wants the convenience of not messing with traffic, paying for fuel or childcare, and just want a little more freedom with your day to day life! In many ways, it’s a blessing and very convenient… but there are some downsides to it as well (more on that later).

What You Had to Say

Last week I posted on facebook asking for your feedback. I wanted to know how many of you currently work from home and how many are wanting to learn more about creating an income from home. As you can see below, 25% of respondents marked that they work from home and 67% want to learn more about different ways to bring in some extra cash while working from home…

Make money from home - a series of posts with a ton of ideas!

I loved hearing about what this 25% of our readers do while working from home, and I’ll be sharing that info with you during this series throughout the week. There are so many ways to make working from home work for you! I know several people that once had an office job, and because of technology, were able to work it out so they could do the same job while working in their home office instead! Others create their own business out of their home. Some find small odd things to do at home to create an income. Respondents say they work anywhere from 5-35+ hours a week from home.

Make money from home - a series of posts with a ton of ideas!

Tomorrow I will share with you how much income these people are averaging per month. I think the results will surprise you! Would you like to contribute to the series? There is still time! Just go to this form and fill it out… if I quote you in one of the blog posts, you’ll be entered to win an Amazon Gift Card! Here’s one comment I received from a Fabulessly Frugal reader:

Make money from home benefits

Jamie S from West Palm Beach, FL does freelance work for magazines as an editor and a writer. She works about 25-35 hours per week and makes a pretty decent income doing it!

Ideas for ways to generate an income while working from home:

So let’s launch right into some ideas! There are a TON of different things you can do, and I’ll be sharing several of them with you this week! Make sure you come back and see what we’re talking about… you might just find something that would work for you! Some you’ve heard about, and others you may not have.

Today I’m going to cover some very simple ways to generate some extra cash. You don’t need a private home office to do any of these things. In some cases you can do it right from your phone (see idea #1). You don’t need extra education or skills either. Although some of these ideas won’t make a HUGE impact on your budget (well, except I think #1 definitely has the potential), most of them will give you some extra perks for fun money. So be open minded as I share these simple ideas. They might not be the first thing you would consider when thinking about “working from home”… let me know what you think in the comments below!

Make money from home - a series of posts with a ton of ideas!

1. Divvee Social

Divvee Social is a NEW start up with a mission that every mom, dad, college student, and even grandparent will be able to bring in an extra $500/mo just by working on their phone for about 30-45 minutes per day (and quite frankly, from the research I’ve been doing, I think the earning potential is a LOT more than that). What’s the catch you ask? I’m not sure there is one, to be honest! Here’s what I do know… with Divvee, after you sign up you log on to the app on your phone and take surveys, watch some marketing videos, download some apps (which you can uninstall after you check them out) and share your opinion! Basically Divvee is creating a huge network of users, and then sharing all the affiliate commissions paid from advertisers, with the users! If you help them build their network by getting 3-10 friends to sign up (from what I’ve learned, it’s best to find 10 friends), you are rewarded based on what EVERYONE underneath you does (there is a video that explains this better than I currently am by the way). Just note that “EVERYONE under you” is more than the people just you invite. Due to FTC regulations, YOU aren’t paid for sharing YOUR opinion… but you are paid when those underneath you share their opinion and do the daily tasks. Make sense? Basically the compensation comes from ad agencies and app developers and instead of Divvee keeping it all, they share it with everyone who is participating in the Divvee network! Divvee is still in beta testing at the moment. But if you want to learn more about it (that 4 minute video that explains how it works) AND be one of the first to sign up as soon as enrollments open up again, go to and enter your name and email in the form! It looks cool to me and I’m excited about it! There are NO strings attached… this new Startup could make a HUGE difference in your wallet. This is one that I’m personally willing to stamp my seal of approval on… of course, it is a start up, and things can change… but I think it’s promising! Click HERE to learn more!

2. Swagbucks

Now, some people might not think that this could really make a difference to your income, but with a little time and effort (and a network), you can bring in a little extra. The plus of Swagbucks is that you can do a little something each day and earn gift cards for date night or amazon. It takes 22,000 SwagBucks to get a $25 Amazon gift card. So it’s not like you’ll be rolling in the dough, but it could maybe help alleviate some pressure on your Amazon spending or date nights! 🙂 I started using this website back in 2009 (I think!?!). In fact, I earned enough (thanks to referrals to be honest) to buy a 48″ TV on Amazon (that’s back when a 48″ LCD TV was over $800). So it’s worth it if you have people under you that sign up and do earn swagbucks as well. If not, then it might not be worth it. There are 3 different ways you can score SBs (or Swagbucks).  #1 – Surveys: they range in value between 1-1000 SB (1 SB = 1 cent). Swagbucks realizes you won’t qualify for all the surveys, so they pay you 1 SB after you have been disqualified from 5 surveys! Not many other places do that! They also are up front on where the survey information is going! You can know who it’s for and why they are making this survey! Second, (and easiest in my opinion) you can earn money by using the Swagbucks search engine. They will reward you Swagbucks for the time you spend using their search engine! The amount is random, so you could earn anywhere from 1-1000 SB each time you use it! Their search engine is powered by Yahoo and proven to be reliable and safe. And the third way (and most profitable IMO), is by referring people to the program! For each person you refer, you will receive 10% of all the SB they earn. That means if they do a 1000 SB survey, you got 100 SB just for signing them up! There are other ways to win smaller amounts of SBs as well and those are through cash back opportunities, playing certain online games, random SB point drawings, and more. Once you have racked up your points, you can use them for gift cards, prizes, or you can redeem your Swagbucks for actual dollars and send it to your PayPal account. TIP: It is best to wait until you have  a large amount of SB’s since the more you have, the more valuable each SB becomes. For example, it costs 500 SB for a $5 Starbucks giftcard, but only 2200 SB for a $25 Amazon gift card. To be honest though, from what I’ve learned about Divvee Social, I think my time would be better spent on that app… and I think it’s doing a LOT of the same things, but I can get paid cash every month and earn it at a much faster rate. Although I still think you might as well use Swagbucks as your search engine. That’s sooo easy!

3. VIP Voice

VIP Voice is super simple and super fun. It is a website where you can go and take short, little surveys. They have surveys of all kinds (foods, accessories, cleaning products, beauty products, technology and more!) The website will use this information and give them to different companies and brands so they will know exactly what the consumers are looking for. And the best part is, for each survey you take, you will receive points. BONUS: For the first survey you take, you receive 3x the points! Triple the points just for taking one survey!! You can then use the points in sweepstakes and auctions. Prices include anything from vacations, electronics, appliances, and more! This is an awesome way to spend a few minutes each week and you could end up getting high priced items for free!

4. EarningStation

This one is another survey based reward system! But this site has a few other options! Earning Station allows you to take surveys, play games, watch videos, try products, or even participate in online shopping to receive rewards. The best part is that you can choose to redeem your points for cash, Paypal payments, pre-paid gift cards, or even virtual gift cards. The choices are unlimited! Also, because this website offers more than just surveys, whenever surveys are not available, there are plenty of other things to do like play games or review videos etc. This website is a huge hit in my book just because it is low effort and the points can really add up. I even read a review that in just 6 months, participating a few times a week, you can earn over $200 dollars. Let’s say you spend 10 minutes a week doing this, that’s 40 minutes a month. 40 x 6= 240 minutes in the 6 months. Let’s divide that number by $200. You are getting paid $1.20 an hour just to spend some time on the internet (which you already do!) That $1.20 can add up REAL fast! Give it a try!

5. PineCone Research

PineCone Research is another survey opportunity! This one gives you opportunities to take short, 2-5 minute surveys and longer 15-20 surveys. They also offer opportunities to test products before they are even on the market. PineCone Research will pay you via check, PayPal, gift cards, or vouchers! You get to pick whatever you would like! One of the best parts about Pine Cone is that you can cash out as soon as you have $3. So you can keep building your points OR you could PayPal the minimum amount straight to yourself when you want it. PineCone is known for having great customer service and a great staff. Once again, this is a very simple way to earn a couple extra dollars each week that could add up to making a big difference in your monthly budget. And the best part is, they email the surveys right to your inbox so all you have to do is check your email!

6. MySurvey

MySurvey is ranked as one of the best survey websites out there. They have a similar system as all the rest. You get on, take surveys, and rack up points. The first few surveys are 10 points each and after that, they could be all the way up to 1000 points each! Once you get 1,100 points (equal to $10), you may cash out! You can choose cash, entries into sweepstakes, or prizes as your compensation. MySurvey has been around the longest out of all the survey companies. They used to collect data by good ole snail mail, upgrades to using the telephone to survey, and now are using the internet. Researchers demand their data and your voice could definitely be heard if you partake in their surveys!

7. YouGov

YouGov is another survey based website, but this one is more politically focused. Although survey topics will vary, the majority of the topics will be about politics! So, if you are into politics, this is the survey option for you! This website is well functioning and super easy to navigate. All you have to do is take surveys which vary between minimum 5 minutes, maximum 20 minutes and receive points for their completion! You can cash out once you receive $25 worth of points. You can redeem your points with PayPal deposits, checks, gift cards, or even YouGov branded merchandise. You also have the opportunity to refer a friend and get up to 2000 points for it!! That way, you and your friends will all be gaining a little extra cash. For the little effort you put into it, the points will add up fast and you will get paid for spending a little extra time on your phone! So worth it!

8. Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the largest survey companies out there. They have millions of members from all over the world. Just like the others, you will be taking surveys to help companies and developers know what the consumers are looking for! This way, your voice will be heard when companies are making new and improved products. All you have to do is get on and take short 5-10 minute surveys or review apps to receive points. Each point is worth about 5 cents and you get and surveys can be anywhere over 10 points each. If you do 3-6 surveys a week, you can make around $20 a month! Think, that will pay for a trip to the movie for you and your husband!

9. Springboard America

Springboard America is a way to take surveys and avoid the point system every other websites has! You do surveys for direct cash! Each survey is between $.50 to $5 depending on the length of the survey. In order to cash out, you much accumulate $50 of rewards. You may choose how to cash out as well! You can pick direct bank transfer, amazon gift cards, visa gift cards, sweepstakes entries, and more! It all lies in your hands! They also have opportunities to test new and upcoming products before they hit the market AND you get paid for it!! Literally, this is an awesome deal and a great way to spend a few minutes of your time.

Why would taking surveys be considered working from home?

You might be asking yourself this question right now. And sure, it’s not super conventional… but if you set aside some time every day, the rewards will start to stack up. Even if it’s just gift cards, those GC’s can be used to buy stuff you need (or better yet, want!).


  1. Create a separate email account to use when signing up for all of these companies. ALTHOUGH, if you do this, you’ll still want to be plugged in to that email so you know about special offers and events. Often times you can earn a lot more from companies like these if you pay attention to offers and timing.
  2. Be honest. If you are honest on the surveys and such, you’ll get info that is more relevant to you. PLUS if you are getting compensated for giving an opinion, you should make it honest. 🙂 It’s just the right thing to do!
  3. Get it on the calendar. A little effort every day makes a difference, so block out a time in the morning or during the littles nap time to focus in and log on to sites and get er done!

Coming up next:

Tomorrow I will:

  • share how much our respondents are averaging a month from their efforts at earning money from home
  • share some of the disadvantages and struggles that those of us have while working from home (YES, believe it or not, there are some!)
  • share some ideas that will take a little money to get started, but are easily learned

Want to contribute?

I’d love to hear about YOUR work from home experience, OR maybe you have a friend that works from home. You can share that too! Just answer a few questions on this form, I’d love to hear about it AND the company that you are working for (if you are able to).

I’d love to hear what you think about these ideas I’ve shared so far.  Share your thoughts in the comments below!


  • Sophie

    This is a great series. We have been focusing in my house on maximizing my income and career growth in hopes of bringing my hubby home from work. The time spent with family, reduced stress and flexibility is so worth it! There will definitely be a transition period when it happens, but hope to be there by the end of this year. These articles are great info for him once he is home since he will want to do something (kids in preschool/school all day). Thank you.

    • Cathy

      Hi Sophie! Those are great goals… I glad that you’re finding this helpful! 🙂 Best of luck to you in making that transition! And thanks for commenting, it’s fun to see you here! 🙂

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