Lower Your Phone Bill!

We Love Our magic Jack!

I got sick of paying the phone company almost $30 a month/$360 a year for a land line! So I decided to try magic Jack.

It is so awesome!

You pay only $19.95 a YEAR! NO MONTHLY BILL!

What Do You Get?

  • Free Local Calling
  • Free Long Distance
  • Free Caller ID
  • Free Voicemail {that gets sent to your email}
  • Free Call Waiting
  • Free Directory Assistance

What I love…..

  • Getting my voicemail emailed to me so I can access it when I am out of town
  • Having a phone at home for when we leave the kids with a sitter
  • Paying practically nothing for phone service!
  • Having UNLIMITED Free Long Distance and caller ID.
  • If I were to travel out of the country I could take my magic Jack with me and call back to the US or Canada for FREE! (My sister and her husband sent one to her in-laws in South America and they can now call their kids in the states for FREE!)
  • 30-day Free trial you pay nothing until after 30-days of trying it out!

Things to consider….

  • It is a voice over IP service meaning that is runs through your internet connection. So you will want to have a good internet provider in order for the phone to work well.
  • VoIP service can sometimes be a little crackly. I first tried Vonage for VoIP and I am much happier with the voice quality on magic Jack. Voice quality is generally very good and totally worth the money I pay!
  • You will have to pay $39.95 for the first year which includes the price of the magic Jack device and your first year of service.

Lower your phone bill! No risk with the FREE TRAIL!


  • Sharleen

    Do you know if you can transfer a number from Vonage over to Magic Jack? I wasn’t sure if you did that or not when you switched. Thanks!

    • Monica

      When I signed up over a year ago they did not port numbers, but were saying they were getting it soon. I had already waited more than 6 months for them to have the capability to port my number and was tired of paying Vonage almost $30 a month so I just switched numbers. Annoying, but it got rid of the telemarketers. 🙂

      So I am not sure if they are offering the service now? Did a little poking around and it looks like they can add you to a list to be notified when they start porting numbers.

      They do however let you choose your phone number so you could make up something similar to the old number or super easy to remember.

      Good luck!

  • Jessica

    We tried this a couple years ago and could never get it to work right… Then the beginning of this year we decided to try it again because we are SO SICK of paying for a home phone and it works GREAT! We love it and just sent one overseas to family as well! An AMAZING tool for such a low price! Saves us so much $$$ highly recommend even to those who had a bad experience like we did- try it again!

    • Monica

      I heard mixed reviews when I signed up, but decided it was worth giving it a try with a free trial! Glad it worked for you on round 2!

  • kimberly

    I hate it. I have had it for about a year. When someone is on the internet then you can’t talk on the phone because it’s choppy. When you call some people you get an eco. We did it because it was cheap. So truely that is what you get cheap. We still have it because I can’t pay qwest $40 dollars any more for phone service. So I don’t recommend it to anyone unless your desperate and have no other choice.

  • We had magic jack for a year. It worked great up until the last 2 months or so when certain #’s starting with 753 or 752 or other randoms– they just wouldn’t work. We called several times to get it fixed, each time thinking it was getting fixed, but then a week later we’d have more problems, so we let it expire. But, it did work well the other 10 months we had it 🙂

  • Sherry

    Another choice is Skype.com through your computer. We canceled our house phone about a year ago. Mostly just use our cells but we wanted another way to call. Skype itself is free but we pay $3 a month for a phone number (thru Skype). Plus, we bought a $25 headset.

  • Kristy

    My sister has this and loves it. We tried it, but since we have Windows Vista it wasn’t compatible..maybe it’s better now.

  • jen shears

    just signed up for the trial…crossing fingers it works! We’ve had a VOIP for several years & it’s been fine, but this is WAY cheaper (and our service is WAY cheaper than a land line!) so thought we’d give it a try!

    • Monica

      Yay for saving money! I am sure you will like it! But even if you don’t that is the great thing about a free trial! Woot!

      • jen shears

        I got my magicjack & was trying to register it, but all of the local phone numbers are unavailable! It’s not a problem for us, since long distance is free, but for the people that still pay for long distance (are there any?) they’d be charged to call us. Anyone else run into this problem? I’m thinking about sending it back already…

        • monica

          I was able to get a local area code but the now my number comes up as a city from another part of my state. That is weird that they are out of area codes for your state. Bummer!

  • Janell

    Has anyone used this magic jack with a fax machine?

  • KD

    Another good option: If you have a T-mobile cell phone, you can add a land line for $10/month. I’ve had mine for 2 1/2 years, and it works great.

  • April

    I don’t know if anyone has checked into this or not…

    Does 911 work with it? And can it function without power?

    • Monica

      Yes 911 works. I think it is required by law.

      It can work if the power goes out if you have it hooked up to a laptop or something that runs of battery.

      However if your phone needs power you are out of luck. The magic Jack simply plugs into your PC via a USB cable and does not require power to work.

    • Brendell

      It will work with your laptop but it depends on how you get your internet and power to your router. Router or hubs require power to operate

  • Diane Fallis

    I love my Magic Jack. I have had it for over a year now and have had no problems whatsoever. You do have to have your computer turned on all the time but I do anyway. Also, if you computer is scheduled for it regular maintenance you will have to unplug and replug the Magic Jack but that isn’t a problem. The only drawback is that if the power goes out you don’t have a phone. If you are elderly as I am that could be a problem. I live on a very fixed income so could not afford huge phone bills anymore. The voice is very clear as well. I am hard of hearing so I really needed to be sure of that. I haven’t figured out how to hook it to an answering machine through to get messages but that is because I am electronically challenged and just haven’t taken the time to figure it out. LOL

  • jen

    So do you have to have your phone by the computer or can it be somewhere else? We have two phones downstairs and two phones upstairs–can we still do that?

    • Monica

      It depends on the type of phone you have. We have the wireless type that work off of one phone being plugged in to a phone jack. So that is the only phone we need plugged into the magic Jack. If each of your phones needs its own Jack then you would need multiple devices.

    • Brendell

      you can also make sure that your phone interface out side is unplugged. Then plug a phone cable between the magic jack and the wall plug and use your existing house telephone wires to get it to different locations but I believe the better option is to use a multi handset phone system

  • Crystal

    Ok, so do you have to have a landline number in order to do this? Then with magicjack you get the free long distance and all that? So thats the advantage of it? Just trying to figure it out. We only have cell phones so I don’t think I can use it. Thanks!

    • Monica

      Magic Jack becomes the portal for a land line. Then you can change your cell phone plan and lower the minutes paying less on your cell phone bill and using free calling through magic jack at home. It may or may not work for you, but it has the potential to save you lots of money!

  • Wendy

    Sorry to be such a downer, but we have had our magic jack for over a year . We do not like it at all. We have bought several different phones to use with it and the reception is horrible. Once in a while I can hear someone on the phone, but for the most part the reception is very, very, very poor. We are getting rid of it as soon as our contract is up. It might be because we live in Kuna, but I really doubt it. We use our cell phones for everything because no one could hear us and vice versa.

    • Wendy

      Oh, and by the way we do have a great phone provider. We use Clear Wire.

      • Monica

        Bummer Wendy! I guess different people have different experiences. That is the nice thing about the 30-day free trial, if it doesn’t work for you just send it back, has it been less than a month! If yours is bad I would go ahead and sign up for something new after the first two months (That way you get your money’s worth out of the two months. You have already paid your $39.99 for the whole year. You are not going to get anymore monthly bills. Have you tried getting customer support from the company?
        I am not sure how much you have trouble shooted it. Maybe try different USB ports or a different phone. It seem like ours was more crackly in the begining and I had to play around with it. Good luck!

  • Dawn Denice in Beaverton

    We started with a land line, moved to Magic Jack and then switched to Ooma. We love it.

  • Donaca

    We used it also, my hubby is a computer IT guy, and the magic Jack didnt work for us. He said it was because we have an older computer running Vista on it, and the computer didn’t have enough resources to make it work. Lots of times other people couldnt hear us or we couldn’t hear them etc. It was awful

  • Brendell

    Another option for long distance calling and porting your phone number is google voice. You can set google voice up to call you home phone and cell phone at the same time. You keep the same phone number with you for life or you can change it

  • Janell

    I gave Magic Jack a try and it works great! The people at Radio Shack said as long as you have high speed internet and a newer computer it should always work just fine. My internet provider is Clearwire if that helps anyone.

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