Looking for a Part Time Income?

Many of you know that before this blog became a full time job for me, I ran a preschool from my home.

I know for many of you, things are tight…

If you’re like me, staying at home with your littles is important to you.  AND if you’re like me, every little bit of extra income helps!  That’s why having my own preschool was such a perfect solution! It wasn’t a daycare (because I knew I couldn’t handle other peoples children all. day. long.), and I could be with my kids at home, AND I could supplement our household income!

Is the thought of starting a preschool overwhelming?

That’s why I am so happy to tell you about a resource I certainly wish was available when I was starting my preschool 4 years ago!  Joy Anderson, an accomplished preschool teacher herself, has put together a FREE CD full of secrets about how to start your own preschool!  She practically holds your hand and takes you through the aspects of starting your own preschool (it’s like have your best friend holding your hand through the process!).

A few things she shares in her FREE CD:

  • How to structure your classes so you can earn $40 an hour teaching preschool
  • How to teach preschool with out a degree or experience
  • How to get $1000 to start a preschool
  • and more!

Wondering how in the heck you can get your hands on the FREE How to Start a Preschool CD?

Super duper easy… just go here and fill on the form on the right hand side to get the process going.  Did I mention that Joy is a Fabulessly Frugal reader?  I know her personally and think she’s pretty fab!  I love the story about how she got started…  it’s inspiring!

Now go get your FREE “Start a Preschool” CD!


  • Marcee

    This couldn’t have come at a better time! We are struggling now and need a little more income each month… and my 4 yr old son wants to go to preschool so bad like his cousins do, but it’s just to expensive. I can’t believe how perfect this is!! Thank you!!

  • I’m happy to clarify the FREE CD offer so you don’t get confused. 🙂

    To EVERYONE that wants one, we’ll send you a FREE CD that teaches you the 7 Secrets To Starting A Preschool In Your Home. (We only ask that you help us get it to you by paying the $4.95 s&h fee).

    In return, not only do you receive the FREE CD, but you also get:
    * Free instant audio of the CD so you can start listening to it instantly!

    * Free 14-day trial into our Teachers in Training membership program (that means you’ll get 2 free bonus training videos + a free month of curriculum!) If you don’t want the membership, simply email me at: joy at startapreschool dot com and we’ll cancel the trial. No questions asked! Or, if you enjoy the membership training materials and curriculum simply do nothing. Super easy!

    * Free ticket to our 1-hour webinar where we answer even more of your questions. 🙂

    Hope that helps answer a few of your questions and I’m excited to teach you how to start a preschool!


    • me and my gangs

      Thanks for clarification, THE COST PER MONTH ISNT UP THERE. However I don’t appreciate my comments being ERASED. people have a right to know what they are getting themselves into. I look at it as honesty. Would you appreciate one person buying it and then sharing all the information copies and all with everyone? No, well I like to know all the facts. Please do us a favour no tricks gimmics ect. Just black and white facts! I would rather pay straight up then get something for “FREE”. My question is: what happens after 6 months?

      • Thanks Nikki for writing about your experience with our program! Nikki started an awesome preschool in Meridian, ID!

        Me and My Gangs – You asked about the monthly membership program if people want to continue with it. It’s $37/mo. and you don’t have to stay the whole 6 months – you can stay a month or two or six, whatever you’d like. 🙂 All our students love the weekly training videos teaching them step by step how to start their own preschools, and they also love the monthly curriculum packages we send them. And what happens after 6 months? Well, after 6 months you would have received our entire course and all our curriculum. Do you have any other questions? It’d be fastest to reach me at joy [at] startapreschool [dot] com. 🙂

        Everyone can grab their free CD here:


  • Amanda

    What happens after the 60 days? do you get unlimited access? Forever?

  • Nikki

    I love Joys program! A few years ago she helped me start my own preschool and I am still running a successful business today. It has helped me bring in the extra income that I have needed.

  • Great question Amanda – yes, you do have access to the full course after 6 months – forever! 🙂

  • Gaby

    No offense, but as one with a masters in teaching and a teaching license, I would certainly NOT let someone uneducated in how to teach- teach my child! Why would someone think that watching a DVD would qualify them to teach when real teachers spend 4-8 years gettin degrees? If u want to home school your own kids that’s fine but you can open a valid school.

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