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Has this ever happened to you?

I mean really… how many times have you forgotten about the bag of potatoes sitting in the back of your pantry…

Well… worry no more… spring is here!

Simply dig a hole about 6″ deep and drop them in eyes (sprouts) up….

Cover with dirt…

I suggest having your kids to do this… it’s a widely known fact that kids LOVE dirt.


Then simply wait a few months…

And soon enough you’ll have a fresh batch of potatoes ready to harvest…

Okay… so maybe a handful of potatoes won’t grow into 80lbs of spuds…

But I bet you’ll be able to grow 5lbs…

How’s that for frugal?

The Williams-Sonoma Collection: Potato


  • I read recently that we shouldn’t use store bought potatoes if we want to grow them in our garden (something about eye-growth inhibitors), however I TESTIFY that it totally works. And, potato plants are so pretty!! You could even get away with planting them in your flower bed area! Talk about a FUN experiment to do with kids!!

    • emilee

      I have also hear that you should not grow potoatoes from the ones you buy at the market. You are more likely to get a disease in your crop. Potatoe seeds are grown or designed to be disease free for one generation. This is what a friend of mine told me and her dad is a potatoe farmer.

      • Felicia

        There are several sites that show you how to do it in an old garbage can. This keeps your garden healthy. I might actually try it this year!

        • mavis

          My kids have grown potatoes in a garbage can before… it’s pretty neat. However you do need to drill holes in the side of the container for air flow …

          As for not planting store bought potatoes… I do it every year. Technically “they” want you to buy certified seed potatoes every year… I do that too but I buy them so I can grow unusual varieties like blue potatoes and French fingerlings 🙂

  • Nik Davis

    I have to one up you. We went on vacation and FORGOT the bag of potatoes…let’s just say it was not a pretty picture when it finally dawned on us why all these flies were on our ceiling after we had been gone a week! Luckily my husband took care of the bag of potatoes and etc. included!!
    But..thanks for these tips!

  • Cally

    I had that happen a few months ago and had large sprouts. I ended up tossing them. However, I just had a sprout on an onion, and stuck the onion in a cup of water. It’s growing, I have no idea what it will do. I’ve always had a garden but no onions. I’m not sure if it will work, but it would be cool if I could grow even one onion! Has anyone ever done this with onions??

  • Tonia

    These are great tips for those who have a good size garden especially. I have never heard of growing them in a garbage can, that’s not a bad idea. My personal advice is for those on a stricter budget and/or have limited space I would stick to growing the types of produce that is usually more expensive to buy in the stores, such as tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries etc. Potatoes are usually pretty cheap to buy especially here in Idaho. If you have to limit what you can invest in when starting a garden, than potatoes would be the last thing I would bother with. Just my humble opinion. Otherwise I think its great advice. Plus you still have to find a place to store those potatoes, which I admit I have let go bad one too many times in my pantry! lol!

  • Carri Ames

    Another super saver!!! I don’t buy Garlic starts or seed, I go to the grocery store and for a few cents I buy a head of garlic. I take it home and separate the sections carefully leaving a small amount of root on the bottom of each one. Take them out to the garden and plant them like onions and I get as many heads as I need for less than a dollar!

  • Jaime

    Be careful, the potatoes are sprayed to prevent early sprouting, so they will last longer in your pantry. I have tried this, I got beautiful plants, and dug down and got about five little tiny, tiny potatoes. It is best to go to Double D or a place like that and get ‘seed’ potatoes, cut them up to where you have an ‘eye’ on each piece, dig, cover up and your good to go. I have learned twice that it is worth getting the fresh ‘seed’ potato from the garden store, that is my experience.

  • Shelley

    You don’t need a garbage can…just a garbage BAG..the black kind. Fill it with potting, cut your potato in four or five pieces and pland them ALL in the bag! You’ll get 4-5 plants that way, and oodles of potatoes….you won’t even need to dig the, just break the bottom of the bag (I put mine in a wheelbarrow at this point so I can re-use the potting soil) and voila! Clean perfect FREE potatoes!

  • Shelley

    BTW…you should already have lettuce, spinach, chard, turnips broccoli, and cabbage planted! These are COOL WEATHER plants, they grow just fine now and can withstand a bit of frost.

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