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I went to check my email yesterday and found that there was a comment on the blog. We love comments! We love to answer your questions and we love to hear what you are excited about. It makes us feel like our writing is appreciated. It is not like we get paid to do this. We are just excited about coupons and love to share it with others. Every one needs to save money in these hard economic times.
This is what the message read courtesy of

Anonymous in Illinois

“if you expect people to read this, i suggest you change the background color…. black text on brown wallpaper? what are you thinking?!? i guess it could be worse..yellow text on white…. good job!”

Wow I could not believe it. How rude. We are all moms who work in and out of the home and in our spare time we try to save people money and this is what you have to say about it.
I have been meaning to change the page b/c I was never quite satisfied with the new look, but I have been too busy posting deals for you.
This comment really bothered Cathy she set right to work re-doing the blog! It looks great Cathy.

So we do appreciate a little constructive criticism but please be kind.

So here are my coupon lessons learned. Remeber the Crazy Diaper Lady? Not to be confused with the Krazy Coupon Lady. Those girls are all really sweet and I am sure would not act like that.

Anyway after that whole experience I found myslef in a reversed role. A cart full of wipes and my friend coming to get them. A lady comes down the aisle looking for the diaper deal. The Easy-ups are gone I let her know that I had been buying the Underjams and planning to excahnge them after the sale and she could probably do the same. She then asked my if the wipe were part of the deal. I told her they were. Meanwhile my friend was on the phone telling me to get her every container they had on the shelf and that she would be there in a few minutes. I just stood there as the lady started to take the wipes off the shelf. I WAS supposed to be getting those for my friend. I just stood and watched her. I was not about to try to grab them. My friend could do with out the last few packages of wipes. She collected the last 4 off of the shelf and then we both realized that she would not have enough for the deal. You needed 6. So I took two out of my cart and handed them to her. Sorry Trish you could have had 6 more packs of wipes.
I felt bad b/c I had the last few packs of Easy ups in my cart that she had come there looking for, but I had already grabbed them for my friend. I didn’t want her to feel like I did the day I met up with the crazy diaper lady, so I tracked her down and gave her some wipes coupons to go with her purchase.

So I learned a lesson that day from the crazy diaper lady. Do not ever get so wrapped up in the deals that you forget to be good to other people. Thanks and sorry. I know that was a bad experience for both of us.

I have run into some checkers that have been rude or snide to me when couponing. I have found myslef making an extra effort to be kind and friendly to the checkers and other employees at the stores I shop at. Trying to make conversation or ask how I can make the transaction easier. It is hard for me to be more talkative, but it seems to work. I tell the annoyed teenage boy the he loves to scan my coupons and he wishes I was doing 5 more transactions just so we could hang out longer.

Coupon Rules to Live By

1. Never clear the shelf of an item, others may want some too.
2. Smile and be friendly to other shoppers and employees.
3. Try to make the coupon process easier for the checker.
4. Sweetly warn the people in line behind you that it may take a few extra minutes, and if they are in hurry they might want to pick the other line.

So for the lesson I learned from Annoymous in Illinois.

1. Constructive critisim is appreciated when it is given in kindness.
2. If you like something someone posts let them know. Instead of commenting when you are annoyed, be sure to comment when you enjoy.

Let’s all be a little kinder to one another.

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