Lego Treehouse Adventures and Duplo Horse Trailer Review and Giveaway


There is a very distinctive sound to a Lego box. To my kids, it sounds like joy. When shaking boxes under the tree, they are always so excited to find a box that sounds like Lego bricks.

When LEGO said they would like to partner with us on a giveaway, I was really excited.  We’ve had these sets since August, and they are some of my all time favorites!


My little guy (and my 6 year old, to be totally honest) love playing with the Duplo Horse Trailer set. While it comes in a pink box, it’s a gender neutral set that is great for both boys and girls.


The horse, car, and trailer make for lots of fun.  They are perfect for a beginning set, because there is lots to do, or they are great to add to a collection and increase the fun!


We had one day where we tried to fit as many Duplo characters in the trailer as possible!  We got 4, including the horse, with it closed and about 10 with it open.  It’s a perfect size for fun! The haybale blocks/loading ramp are fun, and the set integrated nicely into our current rather large stash.  I love that they are easy for little hands, while being fun for older builders too!


The Treehouse Adventure Creator 3-in-1 set is awesome!  It’s the first Creator set we’ve owned that has a distinct quick build, medium build, and advanced build. My 6 year old was able to build the set quick build set all by herself with no help from the family.  She’s an advanced Lego user though, and has been playing with them for years. She loved that the minifigs included in the set are kids! She also really liked making the duck.


With a little help from my husband, my daughter was able to build this version of the Treehouse Adventure. She loved the “telephone” detail, and thought the chair was really cool.  In fact, she’s now convinced that she needs to have a chair for her room made out of Lego.  She’s probably built this version more than either of the other ones.



The advanced build is my personal favorite set.  It’s movable, and when you squish it together the bridge drops down and becomes a ladder!  She loves opening and closing the treehouse and  all of the accessories it comes with.  This one is a harder build, but my husband had lots of fun building it with our daughter. I recommend the Treehouse Adventure set for anyone who is looking for a creator set that’s good for girls or boys!    There is a lot to do and it’ll keep them playing, building and learning for hours!

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