Learn How The Blog Started: in The NY Times Magazine

We are blown away by the opportunity to be featured in the NY Times Magazine this weekend. Ya, the New York Times! How did we get so lucky?! The article is now available online for you to read and will be in the May 6th Sunday paper. We wanted to share it with you our readers if you would like a chance to get to know us a little better. The article is 5 pages online and spans 8 pages in the magazine. We would encourage you to read the whole article to get a true sense of the message the author was trying to portray. Feel free to leave comments on the online article and let people know how couponing has changed YOUR LIFE!

If you want to pick up a copy of the article you will find it inside the Sunday May 6th edition of the New York Times. You can get the New York Times at grocery stores and book stores. I have spotted it at my local WinCo and Barnes & Noble. In some cities it will be on newsstands this evening.


  • Kori

    Hey y’all…just wondered if the blog stared at the NY Times Magazine or starred in the NY Times Magazine.

    I’d be happy to proof read for you anytime. 🙂

  • TAMI


  • Amy Ball

    I LOVED your article! But I have to say I am in shock at the comments the readers wrote on the NY times blog about the article. It was hurtful and I had a BIG sister moment where I wanted to protect you all and say something. But, I closed the page and came back to this site to praise you all instead. THANK YOU for all the help and advise you ladies give to us readers. For the past year I have followed it and you have made couponing a blast and have helped my family save a ton. We can now afford yearly vacations and we are leaving for the Oregon Coast in less than a month! 🙂 I appreciate you Kathy and Monica.

    • Monica

      Thanks Amy. I had a hard time reading some of the comments too. Makes me sad that people are so narrow minded and do not get it. Really appreciate you words. It takes like 10 positive comments to help you get over one negative one. 🙂

    • JW

      I did say something but politely. I didn’t bite any heads off like I wanted. Those people just don’t understand the true gift couponing can be. It has saved my famliy thousands of dollars. I am beyond grateful for what I have learned here.

  • Candace Massari

    congrats ladies, you deserve it! Thank you for all that you do 🙂

  • Tricia Barnes

    You ladies did an amazing job Friday on the Today Show. Thank you for showing America that we are not the TLC couponers. You all do amazing work and make my life so much easier. Thank you again for your dedication and hard work.

  • Janet Masters

    I wouldn’t coupon if it wasn’t for your site. I am still trying to get the hang of it but it would be way to overwhelming if I didn’t have your input to guide me. I think it is wonderful you found a way to support your families by helping others. Thanks for all your hard work, it is appreciated!

  • Kathryn

    Way to go! Oh, and p.s. people are just bullies when it comes to commenting online–ignore them! They mock what they don’t understand or appreciate. 🙂 Thanks for all you do!

  • Autumn

    Bravo and congratulations to the the both of you! I am also LDS! I’ll be thinking of you in Relief Society tomorrow & just wanted to reiterate how amazing you are! You have really turned my household’s financial standings around this past year that I have been following the blog and couponing, it’s like a complete 180 ! And don’t let those negative comments affect you, you are wonderful and heaven sent in every single way. The Avila family will forever love you!

    • Monica

      Autumn – It means so much to hear how couponing has blessed your life. Kudos to you for having the courage to try it. We appreciate your love and support.

  • Judie M.

    Loved the article, and the fact that you both really opened up about your couponing journey. I was surprised about the negative tone of the comments on the NYT page. Just know that you are appreciated for all of the work that you do (and save us from doing). Thank you.

    • Monica

      Thanks you for your comment Judie. Unfortunately that negative people commenting on the article do not get it. I feel sad for them.

  • rowit

    “I was surprised about the negative tone of the comments on the NYT page”

    Me too! I wanted to tell them how rude they where and how they just didn’t get it. BUT you cant fix stupid. I hope they choke on the organic crap they spew.

    I think you girls are great and I send anyone that will listen to your site.

  • Candice

    I can not believe what the readers on NYT website wrote! I felt like a previous lady who said she wanted to post something to stand up for you guys but instead closed it and came here. I can not thank you enough for your time you spend on this blog. I can feed my family with, some processed but would have bought because it was a favorite, foods and have the tp and soaps and toothpastes to end a fabulessly frugal day! Thank you for being great teachers and overall FABULESS!!! btw Beautiful family!

  • Kari

    Thanks for telling your story. Most of us start couponing because we are experiencing financial difficulties, but we don’t all have the courage to talk about our struggles in a national paper. 🙂 I know your story will help struggling families around the country.

    I think its funny the negative comments are always the same “coupons are only for processed food”. As if we have no choice over what food we buy for our families. I just got 10 bags of jolly ranchers for 9 cents each, but I promise that’s not what I’m feeding my family for dinner tonight. 🙂 Last year my pantry was empty and I knew I had to do something. I found your website and now my pantry is full, I added shelves in my laundry room (which are full), and my linen closet is full. A year ago I was struggling to feed my three almost teenagers, today I’m able to feed them and all their friends. You’ve made a difference in my family. Keep posting the great deals!

    • Monica

      Cathy is an amazingly courageous person. So happy to hear how couponing has blessed your life! Kudos to you for being so successful!

  • veronica

    just had to tell you girls how much you really are appreciated!! coupons changed my life! i’m a young mom who has to work for our house payment! with your help my husband and i have been able to be comfortable and stay off welfare and wick! when it came to babyfood and diapers you seriously saved my life! from the bottom of my heart i say thank you and appreciate you sharing your stories! thanks for all your time and knowledge!

    • Monica

      That is what it is all about! Staying self sufficient in hard economic times and empowering your self to take control of your grocery budget.

  • Lisa L

    It would be great to see you and Kathy on TLC to show America how to coupon ethically and strategically!!!

  • Sophie

    I was disappointed with the comments on the Times, but not surprised. People often make incorrect assumptions based on a limited amount of information. Unfortunately, those people don’t know that they are missing out! We have all learned that you can choose to (or not) buy something. I think one of the most important lessons I have learned is to be a conscious and strategic shopper regardless of what you are buying! You can apply those guidelines to all parts of your life. Thanks ladies for everything you do and the sacrifices your families make for you to blog!

    • Monica

      Love you Sophie! I can still remember when we met at the coupon class in Charter Pointe. Wonderful to see you as a contributor on our site for so many years!

  • Breanna

    You guys rock, we love you!

  • Jade

    Love your website. You ladies are awesome. Just adding some positive comments to counter those annoying comments written by people who have never read your blog. You are helping so many. Keep up the great work!

  • Jenni

    I haven’t clipped coupons since we moved from Idaho to Virginia almost a year ago. But, you have inspired me and now I am seriously thinking that I need to start again, since the cost of living is double out here and the dollar doesn’t seem to stretch as far even if you are making more money. It is amazing what you ladies are doing and how you are helping other families. Thank you for all you do!

  • Helen in Meridian

    I was so excited for you two that I hurried out and bought The New York Times at Albertsons. You’ll have to autograph my copy. I can’t believe they charge $6.00 for that Sunday paper. I get the two whole weeks of papers and 6 on Sunday for that price. I have noticed how UPTOWN your site has become in the last month, but never suspected New York Times and Today Show. Congratulations, I appreciate all you do.

    • Monica

      Helen- You are so funny. Autograph your copy. We should meet up at Albertsons sometime for a signing session! 🙂 I think WinCo had it cheaper. I need to go out a get a few more copies myself. Thanks for always being such a supportive and loyal FruGAL!

  • Marie

    Last week I was on vacation, and our local beach bookstore pulls out all the unsold New York Times’s Magazines and places them next to the free periodicals. My husband scooped up a few to read–so fortunate to find your piece. I included your link in my blog: http://thriftyandproudofit.blogspot.com/2012/05/realm-of-thrifty-sahm.html

    Thank you for all your hard work!

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