Kid DVDs Under $5!

Many popular kid DVDs priced under $5.  These make great birthday gifts too!

amazon robots

Robots (Widescreen Edition) $4.99

  • Rodney, a young inventor who sets off for Robot City to work for Big Weld, the supreme inventor of the mechanical world. But upon his arrival, Rodney discovers that Big Weld has disappeared, and the slick, shiny Ratchet is phasing out the spare parts that lumpen robots need to function and replacing them with “upgrades”–expensive and glistening new exoskeletons.

Get Robots HERE


Rio $4.99

A classic tale of self-discovery, romance, and adventure, Rio is the story of Blu, a flightless macaw who was taken from the forests of Rio de Janeiro as a young bird and raised by a kind girl in a small Minnesota town. When an ornithologist comes to town and informs Blu’s now-grown owner Linda that Blu is the last male of his species, Blu and Linda return to Rio so that Blu can mate with a feisty female named Jewel. Thus begins an adventure in which Blu encounters everything from the complexities of courtship and love, to thugs involved in an exotic animal theft ring, strange new friendships

Get your copy of Rio HERE

Horton Hears a Who


 Horton Hears a Who (Single-Disc Edition) $4.99

Horton hears the faint cry for help from a tiny dust speck atop a small clover and doing his best to protect the inhabitants of that small civilization of Whoville despite the disbelief, disdain, and persecution of his fellow animals.

Get your copy of Horton Hears a Who HERE


flushed away

Flushed Away (Widescreen Edition) $4.99

Flushed Away is a rip-roaring nautical adventure with a twist: The heroes are a pair of rodents braving the sewers underneath London. Roddy (voiced by Hugh Jackman) is an upper-crust house-mouse who finds himself flushed into the subterranean sewers. Eager to return to his posh home, he enlists the help of a boat-captain rat named Rita (Kate Winslet), who has troubles of her own; namely the kingpin of the underworld, the Toad (Ian McKellen), and his henchmen including the French mercenary Le Frog (Jean Reno).

Get your copy of Flushed Away HERE

cloudy with a chance of meatballs

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (Single-Disc Edition) $4.99

Judi and Ron Barrett’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a much-loved, whimsical book about a tiny island where food falls from the sky like rain.

Order your copy of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs HERE


Coraline $4.99

Coraline is a teenager who has just moved to an old house in the middle of nowhere with her writer parents and she is bored, bored, bored.  When Coraline finds an old door hidden behind an armoire and papered over with wallpaper, she convinces her mother to unlock it, only to find a wall of bricks. When Coraline revisits the door later that night, the bricks magically disappear and she discovers a strange pathway to another world where everything is just what she wishes for. In stark contrast to the real world where Coraline’s parents just don’t have time for her, her “Other Mother” and “Other Father” in this alternate world are the perfect loving, attentive parents who anticipate her every need and desire.

Order your copy of Coraline HERE

The brave little toaster

 The Brave Little Toaster $4.99

Five electrical appliances suddenly feel dumped when their young master mysteriously disappears! The dejected toaster rounds up the vacuum cleaner, electric blanket, and bedside lamp and radio, and together, they set off for the big city in search of their beloved owner!

Order your copy of The Brave Little Toaster HERE


Ferngully – The Last Rainforest $4.99

All dogs go to heaven

All Dogs Go to Heaven $4.99



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  • Shawnna

    For anybody wondering if they should purchase any of these movies, RIO is a must have. I bought it on a whim for my kids and that was when it first came out like 2 years ago and they still watch it at least 1 time a week. It is the movie that stays in our dvd player in the car. My kids are 8 and under and absolutely love. I love it!! Best buy ever and I paid $15 for it!!

  • Adelyne

    Parents beware of the movie “Coraline”. It is so creepy and weird!! I watched it with my kids and couldn’t believe what I was watching and that it was for KIDS.

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