JAMBEREE #5: The One in Which They Substitute Things (And Announce a Winner…Finally)

Let’s get a few housekeeping items of business out of the way before we dive into the important things, ie. why it took us a good 2 minutes to realize a bottle of honey was almost entirely blocking the camera (and no, the honey company does not have an endorsement deal with us. Although come to think of it that might not be such a shabby idea {wheels turning}).

Seriously though, the business at hand is announcing the winner of the movie ticket giveaway we had back when Donna Summer was still alive (may the Queen of Disco RIP). I loved reading about your BFFs. I especially loved some of your “bonus” guesses. While the lobster reference Joey refers to is from Phoebe on Friends and essentially means someone who will be in your life forever, my favorite guess was someone who thought we’d been raised together on the beach & bonded over real lobsters. I feel it’s only fitting to take an immediate girls trip to the beach in honor of that comment!


Congrats to winner Diane!

I’ll email you with instructions on how to claim your prize! Enjoy taking your bestie to the movies!

Now onto our topic of the week:

Paleo Food Substitutions

Here are the pre-Paleo foods and their Paleo substitutions we use now, plus where we purchase them!

Enriched White Flour: We now cook with Almond flour or coconut flour. We purchase our almond four in bulk from a website called Honeyville. You can also find it on Amazon, Vitacost or in bulk at Rosauers or Fred Meyer.

Sugar: We now sweeten our meals and baked goods with honey, stevia or fruit (bananas and applesauce work as a great sweeteners!). You can get stevia for free using your Vitacost credit or on Amazon, and raw honey from Zaycon, at local Farmer’s Markets or on Amazon.

Chocolate Chips: The Paleo substitute can be expensive unless you know where to buy them! We get ours from Vitacost, but you can also find them on Amazon. I’d recommend not running out to the store to buy them, as I’ve seen them for over $6/bag! Yikes!

Vegetable Oil: We use olive oil and coconut oil like it’s going out of style now! There are constantly olive oil coupons and sales. In fact, I used some double coupons last week to get 2 large bottles of Filippo Berio olive oil for $3.25 a bottle!! You’ll find the best coconut oil prices on Vitacost or Amazon (see all the great ways to use coconut oil HERE!).

Salad Dressing: We now make a lot of our salad dressing from scratch using olive oil, vinegar, spices and occasionally some fruits!

Butter/Shortening/Crisco: Palm shortening is a great alternative to use when baking, or in place of coconut oil if the mild coconut taste bothers you (I don’t even notice it at all).

Pasta: Spaghetti squash is a delicious alternative to pasta. I talked about the easiest way I know to prepare it HERE. What I need to do is grow my own in our garden, because it’s not the cheapest produce item out there!

And there you have it folks. Old way of eating vs. new way of eating. Let me just tell you that if you’re thinking some of the substitutions above seem nuts and hard to integrate into your way of cooking, I hear ya! I felt the exact same way! But the transition is actually must easier that you might think. Trust me, if I can do it, you can too!

Until next time!




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