{RESET} Haribo Coupon Means Gummi Candy/Bears for $.25/bag!

It looks like the $.30/1 Any Haribo Product printable coupon is resetting about once a week! The great thing about that is you can print it two times every week! I like stocking up on candy on the cheap & then throwing a bag in my purse when I take my kids to see a movie. I’d much rather spend $.25 on candy than $4 at the theater!!

$0.30 off 4 oz. or larger HARIBO product

At Albertsons:

Buy Haribo Gummi Bears $1.25
Round-up $.30/1 Any Haribo Product printable coupon
Final Price: $.25!

At Walgreens:

Buy Haribo Gummi Bears $.99
Use $.30/1 Any Haribo Product printable coupon
Final Price: $.69

At Winco:

Buy Haribo Gummi Bears $.98
Use $.30/1 Any Haribo Product printable coupon
Final Price: $.68

At Target:

Buy Haribo Gummi Bears $1.00
Use $.30/1 Any Haribo Product printable coupon
Final Price: $.70

At Walmart:

Buy Haribo Gummi Bears $1.08
Use $.30/1 Any Haribo Product printable coupon
Final Price: $.78

Find more coupons on coupons.com HERE!


  • clipperace

    The coupon is only for the 4oz or larger, so be careful. It’s not on ANY

  • Heather

    Also Fred Meyer has a few different types for $1 🙂

  • Susan

    Movie candy and snacks are outrageously expensive, yes. But theaters don’t allow outside food. Why would you endorse that on your blog and suggest that your readers should break the rules?

    • Amber

      Some theaters do allow outside food, but you’re right! Most do not. The particular theater we go to does bag checks. They never take away our candy even though they see it in there every time!

      • Susan

        Amber, thank you for the response. I didn’t realize any of the theaters in our area allow you to bring in outsite snacks. That’s great. Theater snacks are SO expensive.

    • Amy

      I might be missing something but I didn’t see where Amber suggested that we all take bring outside food into the theaters. Just because it’s what she does doesn’t mean that all readers should. Take it with a grain of salt, do you do everything exactly by the rules? I don’t think it’s possible for anyone to do all the time, it’s just unfortunate that when these lovely ladies who take a lot of time and effort to write this blog try to be honest about trivial things that shouldn’t matter they are heavily criticized and ridiculed. I get it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Thank God for that, but can’t we just be nice and if we don’t quite share the same opinion choose a less public way to question them.

      • Susan

        Amy, she didn’t explicitly state that everyone should do this, but it was implied just because of the nature of this site. Every post here is an endorsement of some sort, whether it’s a product or a practice.

        Asking a sincere question isn’t being unkind, nor was my comment a heavy criticism. The fabs can bear scrutiny — they’ve proved that repeatedly, and Amber did so again here.

        And yes, I do follow rules, not only because it’s the right thing to do but also because it’s the example I want to set for my child.

  • tanya tucker

    Because Cathy and her minions don’t practice what they preach. You have Becky leading the round-up matching brigade at Walmart while Cathy waves her finger and says no no no we don’t agree with that. Then you have Ang using more than the 4 coupons per shopping trip and speaking out of both sides of her mouth on what is and isn’t proper couponing etiquette. Stealing money from the movie theaters isn’t no thing to them either. This site is such c r a p. Run by a bunch of idiots who are just out to make money off the people that come here for valid, solid, ethical information. And if that’s what you’re coming to this site for, find another one.

    • Amber


      While we respect everyone’s right to an opinion, I’m going to fall back on the old saying, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.” It’s best to keep it simple so idiots like us can understand!

      But this particular idiot (and I’m going to use your term loosely, as I graduated from high school and college with honors) suspects the thousands of readers whom we have helped save money through the years might be thankful for “Cathy and her minions.”

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      One thing to keep in mind “tanya tucker” is that this site has ALWAYS been COMPLETELY FREE. Do we make money, even though the site is free? YES! And we state it right here: http://www.fabulesslyfrugal.com/disclosure. Not only has it been a blessing for me personally (survived my husbands job loss 3 years ago because of it… without going on food stamps, foreclosure, and bankruptcy), it’s also been a blessing for 14 other women who are able to contribute to their family income because of what they do here. Let’s not forget the thousands of other people who come to this FREE website every day to get the information they are looking for.

      Anyone that attends our class knows that we encourage people not to use doubles at Albertsons, and we share our reasoning why. We also state that we understand that people will chose to do what they will. In many cases, people try to shop Albertsons first and when they can’t find product, they go to Walmart. While I’ve never personally done that, I’m not going to be critical, hateful, or put down those that do. And if you’re referring to the Bounty coupon, it seems pretty clear to me that Ang only used four of those on each transaction and followed the rules of the coupon.

      And FYI, my “minions” are my teammates and my friends. I respect and am grateful for each one of them.

      To you “tanya tucker”, I ask you to take your negative energy elsewhere. It’s not wanted here.

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