Is it Time to Change our Personal Stockpile Price Points?

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A few weeks ago I read an article on fox business about the cost of food increasing. In particular, they stated that the cost of cereal went up in 2010 (I don’t know about you, but I got a bunch of cheap cereal in 2010!).


So what do you think? Is it time we raise our personal stock up price point? It does seem that cereal sales in my area have slowed down. In fact, the big Albertsons Quaker sale isn’t quite as good this year as it was last year.

Will this make couponing harder because the deals will be few and far between?

Or will couponing become even more popular?

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  • Jennifer

    I’ve been really stuggling with couponing lately for this very reason. Its almost been 2 years since I started couponing. That first year there were deals galore!!! I had a HUGE stockpile (almost 100% from Albertsons). In the last 6-9 months, the sales have really started to dwindle and so has my stockpile. The sales aren’t as good, the coupons aren’t as good, and the amount of money I’ve had to spend on food has greatly increased.

    Maybe I need to go join the discussion. I’ve had to work harder to get my “deals”. Maybe I can get some more advice. 🙂

    • mavis

      I honestly think couponing/shopping has a lot to do with self control…This year our goal is to only spend $100 a month for all our food & toiletries… and so far so good. Thanks to this website last year I was able to stock up on a years supply of FREE Post Cereal… And now I have my 20 tubs of Oatmeal that I purchased for only $6… again… a years supply. I think part of the stockpile game is knowing when to invest in a deal and when not too… it’s tricky… but…my motto is… if it’s free… toss it in the cart… and somehow work it into you menu plans… learn to try new things… life is an adventure!

  • Jennifer

    oh and as far as cereal goes–I used to NEVER pay more than $1 for cereal, but now I’m happy to pay $1.50!

    • MH

      Me too, for certain kinds. I was sad when I went into Albertsons today and saw all of the left over Quaker Oat Squares. Sure, they were a better price last year and I wasn’t excited about paying $1.50 a box but I realize that prices are going up and if that is as good as the sale is going to get, then that is a good enough price for me. Free things are good but I also like getting things that my family will eat.

  • Alexis

    When I was at Albertsons during the quaker sale, the manager came on the announcer to promote it, saying that the cereal was 1.50 a box, and that “you’ll probably never see it that low again!” Whether this was from inside info or just to sell cereal that week I’m not sure, but it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve stocked up on cereal, we almost ran out last month! So I definitely think it’s worth considering changing perspective.

  • Katie

    I would have to agree that the number of sales and great deals has gone down drastically in the last year. I am getting low on cereal and Prego Sauce and have come to the conclusion I just might have to pay more. I live too far from town to chase deals constantly, and I don’t have time to do multiple transactions with doublers and kids in tow.

  • TeriJ

    I have noticed this too. We don’t eat a lot of cereal so that doesn’t get me as much. Butter OTOH is just not hitting the sale price I found last year. I got some last year for 1.25 a lb and this year have not seen it for below 1.60. We switched to margerine for most things and only use butter for special occasions.

  • Becky Ruths

    I would love an update on prices!! I know that some things simply aren’t on sale like they have been in years past (Clorox wipes anyone?). Some things you can still get cheap/free (I too got 20 containers of Oatmeal for $6!). I think that if you were to adjust it to deals we have gotten in the past year, that would be adjusting it enough 🙂

  • jane

    I have found good deals on different things these last few months. Almonds for free, etc. I still hit a good malt o meal sale for cereal. It was a $1.00 a bag but the bags were 42 oz not 12 oz boxes. I figured this was great so I purchased a bunch for the year. Check out other brands and you might just find the deals you used to!!!

  • Susan

    I started couponing a couple years ago during the great post sale where I made money after purchasing a few boxes so yes paying over $1 for cereal now seems like a lot. We eat according to sales and what is stockpiled – breakfasts have switched to homemade oatmeal fuit muffins (from fall baking sales), instant breakfast (last weeks sale), waffles when they are under .50 cents a box, cinnamon rolls (free in December) or sometimes they want just plain toast and butter. I have improved greatly on knowing when to hit grocery stores for meat markdowns and when it’s worth the travel for a sale on certain items (gas is getting more expensive). I have switched from getting anything I can for free to things we need, are healthy and good quality. I also think I’ve become more experienced on how much to stockpile and pricepoints for items. We spend $275 for groceries and household for a family of 5 and a dog and cat.

  • Holly

    I would love to have you post a list of your price points? I use to keep track but haven’t in a couple years. I am sure many other people could benefit from this to. TIA!

  • Sophie

    I’m still holding out for cereal! I shudder at paying more then .50 cents for a box, but we will see how the spring goes!

  • Rainy Simpson

    I am new to couponing so I have no idea. But I love this site, have only been with you three weeks and am saving money at every shopping trip now! Thank you!

    • Nancy

      I am fairly new to couponing also and am excited about all the savings I’m seeing. Maybe it’s better that we’re getting started now because we aren’t disappointed in the prices.

  • Shandiin

    If anyone is looking for a good deal on cereal I just got the big bags of malt o meal for $1.48. I got them at Winco and used the $2/2 from a couple of weeks ago. They were 2.48 so $1.48 after the coupon. This was at the Winco in Richland, Wa. All the kinds weren’t all on sale, but they had their brand of fruit loops, honey nut cheerios, cinnamon toast crunch, captain crunch.

  • Sheri

    I keep a price book (I hate it but I keep it) and have to say that I am amazed at how much prices have gone up in the last year across the board. I have done the math on the 25 top items that I buy and it seems like they have all gone up at least 10% and some of them in the 20-25% range. I agree with Jennifter on the cereal thing – other than the rockin’ Malt o Meal deal & Special K deals at Rite Aid a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t found any cereal deals that blow my skirt up (although I don’t have a Albertsons nearby).

  • Cindy

    It appears your discussion link is broken.

  • Heather

    I started couponing about 5 months ago. I have taken my monthly food / household items budget from about $750 per month for a family of 5 with a dog down to $400 per month (as of January). I am extremely happy with this savings, because I am still building a stockpile, so still spending a little more. It is my ultimate goal to get us down to $350 per month, which is less than half of what I was spending before. I cannot complain about the prices because no matter what, I’m still saving money that I didn’t before. I think it is most important to be as efficient as possible with couponing, so as to not waste fuel and time.
    I love your weekly coupon lists, and will be using them from now on instead of clipping all the inserts every week.

  • Linda Tashchuk

    Yes, everyone knows that food prices are on the rise . . . so, couponing will become even more important to frugal families. The cost of raw materials (wheat, sugar, rice) are going up.
    I hope Fab Frug will continue to bring us the best “Stacks”. I am on the site daily and tell all my friends about it! Thanks for all your great work!

  • Shannon

    I say keep your price points where they are. Then when you tell us a product is a deal worth stockpiling, we really know that it is!

  • danicia

    i think the link is broken to the blog? but i too agree it would be nice to see what you stock up price points are….

    also a q, those of you who say you got 20 boxes of oatmeal for $6, is that factoring in what you spent on coupons? cause i felt that after the amount i had to spend to purchase the coupons, it wasn’t worth it…..what are your thoughts?

  • RM

    not only are the stock up prices changing but I have noticed that a lot of items that I buy now are smaller.

  • Tina E.

    Uh…did I miss something? I thought the oatmeal sale was BETTER this year than last. Last year it was 40 cents/each, while this year was only 30 cents/each. To throw my 2 cents in, I don’t think now is the time to raise the stock-up prices.

  • Krystal

    I think that the great stock up prices like that amazing free post cereal deal last year at Albies will probably be few and far between but I still do not think $1 is a good stock up price on cereal. I think this economy will just make us work a little harder for our fabuless 😉 deals. I do not think that a drastic raise to stock up prices on foods in general is in order but we all probably will not be stocking up as often.

  • Julie

    Well, the prices of raw materials are going up, and whether you like it or not, food manufacturers and grocery stores have to run a profit. The more people take up couponing and buy a year’s supply of cereal only when it’s free or close to it, the less profit they make. I was kind of expecting this to happen as more people started couponing and shows like Extreme Couponing started showing up. Companies don’t put on these sales so that some family can have 40 years worth of free toilet paper in their garages, so when that happens, I’m pretty sure they’re going to scale back on the deals they’re offering. Or when people buy 30 cases of laundry detergent to resell in their own stores or wipe a Walgreens out of some body wash to turn around and sell it on eBay or start photocopying coupons or whatever. That cuts into their profits (and, in some cases, into control of their brands) deeply enough that they are going to have to cut some of the sales back.

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