IronMan, LitiHolo, and Accentuate Gift Pack Review and Giveaway

IronMan, LitiHolo, and Accentuate Gift Pack Review and Giveaway

Give the unexpected!

There is that one person.  That quirky, wonderful person in your life who makes shopping for impossible.  Their awesome-sauce level is like a 15.  And because they are so fabulous, shopping for them can be tricky.  We have a solution to your problem!!

Iron Man War Machine Fine Art Print

Ironman War Machine!

This limited edition numbered print is amazing!  It’s detail and craftsmanship are simply exquisite.  When looking at the picture, please pay no attention to the plastic wrapping.  It’s such a nice piece of art I didn’t want to mess it up by taking it out of the protective wrapping until I got it in a frame! 😀

It even has a certificate of authenticity!

Iron Man War Machine Cert Of Authenticity
Accentuate Game

There is just something my family loves about being silly while together! Accentuate is a super fun game that really let’s the silliness out!  You pick a black card and a white card, and read the black card in the accent listed on the white card.  The goal is to have your team figure out which accent you are trying to using.  I figured out one awesome thing… I stink at accents!  But we had a TON of fun playing it, and thankfully, my friends aren’t much better at them than me!  We were rolling on the floor toward the end of the game!!Litiholo Hologram Kit Litiholo Hologram Kit – Make 3D Laser Holograms with “Instant Hologram” Film

The hologram kit is one that will make for a fun evening. It involves creativity, science and some patience too 🙂
We spent a few times messing with the hologram kit, before we found this youtube video to be very useful.

Once we got it all going it was fun to find different things around the house that we could do. They all turn out so differently and are very unique in their own way. I recommend this if you are looking to do something fun and different.

Giveaway Rules:

  • Start Date 12/7/2015
  • End Date 12/13/2015 at 11:59 pm MST Sunday!
  • Limit one entry per person, per method
  • The companies we work with are working REALLY hard to have giveaway fulfillment in time for Christmas… but if they don’t, we are in no way liable.
  • If you win, you have 48 hours to respond to the email claiming your prize, or we will have to pick another winner.
  • Giveaway includes: 1 Litiholo Hologram Kit, 1 Iron Man War Machine Fine Art, and 1 Accentuate Party Game with Film Quotes expansion pack!  Valued at over $200

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IronMan, LitiHolo, and Accentuate Gift Pack

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Disclosure: I received these items to facilitate this review. Thanks!