InStep Robin 2-Seater Trailer

instep-robin-2-seater-trailer GIFT IDEAS FOR KIDS

Take the kids with you

This InStep Robin 2-Seater Trailer is on sale at Walmart today, save $20 when you purchase yours now. Clip this trailer to your bike and take the kids with you, they’ll be seated comfortably as you stroll around the park or neighborhood.


InStep Robin 2-Seater Trailer $79 (Reg. $99)

  • Unique folding frame allows trailer to fold laterally
  • Included bug screen with zipper entry/exit allows for easy loading
  • Roll-up weather shield ensures you’re always prepared for the elements
  • Padded seat with sewn in structure for improved passenger comfort
  • 16″ molded rims with pneumatic tires
  • Universal trailer coupler attaches to most bikes with ease

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