InnoTab 2 or LeapPad 2?

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 vs Vtech InnoTab 2

These tablet toys were HOT last year for the holidays and here they are again, but with improvements! I’m trying to decide which one to get for my 4-yr-old. After doing some research, I think I have made my decision…

Both Have:

  • 5 inch LCD touch screen and stylus
  • 2 MP camera and video
  • pre-loaded games and eReader
  • games and apps available for purchase
  • tilt motion sensor
  • built-in memory
  • simple clean user interface
  • good company reputation
  • boy or girl color choice
  • use 4 AA batteries, AC Adapters, or rechargeable batteries
  • volume control buttons

LeapPad 2 Features:

  • 4 GB built-in memory
  • faster load time
  • sharper sound quality
  • sunken buttons
  • slightly more user friendly
  • slightly brighter screen
  • two lenses for camera and video, front and back
  • MP3 player available for purchase
  • more educational games
  • 4 pre-loaded apps, 1 download
  • size: 1 inch x 5 inches x 7 inches

InnoTab 2 Features:

  • 2 GB built-in memory, but also SD card slot for expanded memory (makes it possible to watch movies!)
  • camera and video lense rotates and aims
  • fold out kickstand on the back (possibly flimsy though)
  • MP3 player
  • less expensive
  • InnoTab 2S: more expensive model, but has convenient WiFi connection for downloads
  • more pre-loaded apps, 2 downloads
  • size: 1 inch x 6 inches x 8 inches

Both toys are great and will be enjoyed by your child (best for ages 3-9)! The InnoTab 2 seems to beat the LeapPad 2 in terms of cost and the SD card slot for expanded memory. The InnoTab 2 price is very tempting! But the LeapPad 2 appears to be higher quality construction, has a faster load time, and more educational games. My personal choice? The LeapPad 2.


Which would you choose: LeapPad 2 or InnoTab 2?

Don’t wait too long to get your LeapPad 2 or InnoTab 2. These toys may be hard to find in stock as Christmas gets closer and it is not likely that they will be discounted any time soon either.

InnoTab 2 on $84.99 (use 30% off coupon code to get it for as low as $59.49 + tax!)
InnoTab 2 on Amazon: $79.00 $69.97 or $66.74, InnoTab 2S $99.99
InnoTab 2 on $79.00 $69.97  $64.98

LeapPad 2 on Amazon: $99.00
LeapPad 2 on $99.00 


  • Julie

    We are also going with the LeapPad 2. I love that the Innotab has additional SD space, though. The main reason we went with LeapPad is so that we can use the same cartridges and apps with our Explorer GS (younger kiddo). We’ve always been pleased with the quality of Leapfrog toys.
    Thanks so much for your review of the two items!

  • Kelli

    The LeapPad2 is the choice for us. We’ve had several LeapPad toys and they have always been great learning tools and very easy to manipulate and play with.

  • laci

    Are you able to watch videos on both? And what about downloading music?

    • Melanie

      From what I understand, you can mostly just use LeapFrog downloads and apps on the LeapPad. There is an app you can buy that lets you use it as an MP3 player though.
      The InnoTab has the MP3 player and you can load movies onto an SD card and load them onto the InnoTab that way. The SD card slot is the feature that almost sold me on the InnoTab. Wish the LeapPad had that!

  • Amber Maddux

    I bought my son the innotab and so we shall see 🙂 thankfully best buy has a great return policy if necessary!!!!!!

  • aimee

    what about the new MEEP??? how does that compare…
    The tablet from Android??

    • Melanie

      I actually just barely saw an ad about the Meep today. What are the odds? I haven’t looked into it in depth yet. But it looks like it has internet access (more like the adult tablets) and it is about $150. On amazon there are 17 customer reviews and it only gets 2.6 out of 5 stars. If I were to look into the Android tablets for kids, I think I would be considering the Nabi 2.

  • johnny b coupon

    And the Nabi 2?

    • Melanie

      If I had a bigger budget, I would definitely be considering the Nabi 2.

      • Lisa

        We have the Nabi 2 and we love it. Our whole family can use it as it has Mommy mode for me and a kids section that is safe and password protected. You can set it up so that it can use Android apps, then it has a lot of possibilities for learning games. Even though it is more expensive, it is just like a regular tablet, only geared and built more for handling by kids.

  • Melissa

    We went with the LeapPad 2. Hoping for great things. We were able to find a great website and store price AND utilize a regular store coupon for the item. Great way to get a great item and use a discount. Just an idea to share!

  • Kristen

    I’m also wondering about the Tous R Us tablet for kids–it’s different from the innova right?

    • Melanie

      The Toys R Us Tabeo is different. It is one of the Android tablets for kids and priced closer to $150, like many of the other Android ones. I think one of the hottest Android tablets for kids is the Nabi 2, so I would compare it to that one to make a decision.

  • Wendi

    We have a leappad 1 and we have loved it the last year. The games so have a few movies that little sister (2 yrs) likes to watch and I have a game to help big sister (8 yrs) learn her multiplication, but as a whole it’s my 5 year olds and was the perfect gift and still is 10 months later.

  • Jennifer

    After not being able to get the Innotab last Christmas I bought the Innotab 2 when it was first available for my son and daughter, not sure how it compares to LeapPad but I got 25% or 30% off by signing up on which made it the way more affordable option. I also liked that you could add movies so we weren’t traveling with the a DVD player too, but I can’t figure out how to load the movies on. If anyone has or knows I sure would like the help. Thanks!

  • Jill

    Does anyone have a coupon code for 30% off at Kohls?

  • Michelle

    Some Targets have the Innotab2 marked down to $39. Mine had the pink ones marked down but they were out, so I was able to get the blue substitute. It is an unadvertised sale and not in all Targets, the first one I went to did not have them on sale at all.

    • Melanie

      Really? The InnoTab 2? That is a really good price! I wonder if they are doing that because the InnoTab 2S is coming out soon?

  • Bridget Griffin

    I saw the Innotab2 with a car charger at Sam’s Club for $79.99 last week. I really like the LeapPad2 though. Tough decisions.

  • megan Brady

    We just bought the leap pad 2 for our 3 year old and she loves it!
    Do you know if you can use the cartridges from the original leap pad
    in it? I feel like they don’t have a whole lot for 3 year olds. Thanks!

  • Kim

    Wonderful comments ladies but I still don’t know what to get? I saw a comparision between the Leap pad/Innotab 1’s so I was leaning towards the Innotab but now that the 2’s are out it seems like they’re very similar…Maybe this question will help my decision…which one is cheaper after the initail purchase for the games/apps?

    • Melanie

      InnoTab 2 is cheaper and I think the games and apps are comparable to each other. So, the cheapest option would be the InnoTab 2.

    • Dana H

      I am torn between the two- I thought only the Innotab had the tilt sensor but your review says that both do. Now the only thing holding me back is that the Innotab 2 comes with a wall adapter.

  • Ryan Alvarez

    I went with the Innotab 2! You cant beat having an SD slot for extended memory. Its perfect for downloading movies and shows and converting the files to AVI. for the innotab. The stock 2 gb isn’t much, but if you get a 32 or 64gb SD card you can fit a ton of movies, shows, and music thats been great for long car rides for my lil guy.

  • shaunda willey

    My 6 almost 7 year old daughter is begging for an “iPad” which of course I won’t spend the money on at that age. I’m looking for a decent substitute for her that will still get some use and have been looking at the Leappad 2, but worry she will not find it up to her age.

  • Pam Novark

    Who has the best prices on the Leap Pad games? (I missed the Target sale!)

  • Ryan

    Just ordered the Innotab2S bundle (includes the WiFi tablet, headphones, and case) for $99 with free shipping from Toys R Us. Not too bad of a deal considering it’s after Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

    As a nerd father…my opinion after looking at both in store, I was impressed with how much more open the Innotab was for sideloading your own content. Our kids love watching home movies of themselves, as well as movies and music in general. Having the ability to do this via an SD card won me over. I also like that the camera swivels. Granted it’s no full-fledged tablet…my 5 year old thinks it’s a kid iPad. We’ve had great experience with Vtech products in the past with the KidiZoom camera and the MobiGo…hopefully the Innotab2S works out well for us!

  • Jaris Lewis

    I choose the Innotab 2 over the leap pad 2 because leap pad will only let you download a game once. The Innotab 2 allows the games to be downloaded up to five times. I had a couple of friends that bought the Innotab 2 for their kids and we each bought different games so that we can share saving us a ton of money on games.

  • Kevin

    I recently purchased the leap pad 1 for $59 (haven’t opened it yet), but the Innotab 2 is on sale for $70 I believe. Anyone have suggestions on what I should do? I want to stay at this price range so the Leap pad 2 is out of the question. Those who have the leap pad, would you keep it or up grade to the innotab 2? Are the features really that much better? Or are the games/apps for the leap pad better? Any advice or recommendations are welcome. I’m wondering what Melanie would do in this instance?

    • Melanie

      Hmm. Good questions. I don’t have either (my LeapPad 2 is still unopened), so it would be great to get the opinion of someone with hands-on experience with both.

      For me, if the InnoTab 2 has a faster load time than the LeapPad 1, I would choose the InnoTab 2. It might be worth the extra $10 for the extra memory capacity of the InnoTab 2 as well.

      P.S. If you decide to go for the InnoTab 2, you might even be able to sell the LeapPad 1 for a profit right now. 😉

  • Kavi

    I just bought the innotab2s for both my kids, all because i read netflix was available on it. Now that i have it, i am having trouble finding it netflix. Anyhelp on that?

  • Brian Izzi

    I have a question with the innotab 2s. Is the lodge where you buy apps password protected so my little one can’t buy them

    • Melanie

      Here’s the info I found on the InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi connection: “VTech’s InnoTab® 2S secure Wi-Fi connection allows your child to safely look at Learning Lodge Navigator® apps without accessing the rest of the Internet. Your child can use the on-board Wish List Maker to add learning apps, games, e-books, videos and music to their wish list, which you can then view on your mobile phone, tablet or computer for purchase. Once purchased, your child can download them to their InnoTab® 2S via secure Wi-Fi. Even while traveling, the educational downloads are available while connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot.”

  • Laurie

    We got the leappad 1 and Innotab 2.

    Hate the leappad loud and freaking annoying. Some of their apps, is questionable in educational value. To me they look more like a game and lack real educational value. If you do plan to buy, get the ebook apps. They are they best value for you’re dollar. I do not like having to spend extra $$$$$ for a movie or mini cartoon app to play on it when I already have the movie/video in my dvd/blueray case. No sd card what the fudge. No possible way to add you’re own content. Forcing you to buy off their website. Do not buy the cartridges penguines of madagascar, it will drive you bonkers. The music is almost as loud as the narrator. The art studio app is junk. Very few colors to choose from. If you buy a wall connector it is very frimsy and will easily wiggle out making child upset. I have the Disney rapunsel cartrigeit has the story book. Bonus, but if you want to read the story on you’re own or put the pen over the words to hear each word it will not let you do so. It skimming right through ugh…. I got over 15 cartridges for this thing. Not to mention money I spent in apps.

    Innotab 2

    Got a camera and video that flips, my daughter loves this. The art studio in this one is the best. Man colors to choose from, stamps are way better stickers, even a toy frog that you put on the pages and he makes foot prints, a car that makes tire tracks and a ball that you tilt in any direction that makes a rainbow line you controlled where the ball rolls to.
    A calender, where you can put stickers on important days, example birthday cake or soccer ball, tent, people. You can even pute a note on important days. Example study for test on Monday 12 or hockey practice wendsday 19
    A calculator, if you’re kids love math or is obsessed with numbers
    Sd card slot adding room for memory. Bonus
    Add you’re own music free
    Add you’re own video free. I was like you friend how the fudge do you do that. Check out amersoft video converter ultimate. Cost 40 to 60 bucks. But totally worth every dime. I put movies on my ipad, playbook, ps3, and more with this thing. Yes even on my daughter Innotab, she has my little pony friendship is magic season 3 episode 4 and 5. Will need an sd card to put more of her favourite. Cartoons on it.
    Every cartrigeit you buy from Innotab comes with an ebook. You even have a choice to turn off music in background. Of course they have mini games. But I am quite please that they do their best to encourage the children into reading.
    The Innotab has 4 corners made of rubber, and I noticed while placing it down there were little rubber bumps on each corner. Causing the device to have a space area where it is kept up off the surface a little, will get less scratches. It also has a stand, and yes I did brake it off, crud. But later realized it can easily be re snapped back into place. Bonus for watching movies.

    Leapfrog tag pen and books. I got almost every one only missing 5 maybe less than that. They are totally worth it. I wish leapfrog gave parents who already purchased these books the free ebook version for their leappad. Instead of forcing parents to but the content over again. Or at least give them a discount, due to owning the original. However they are more geared towards making money not giving the parents a bargain.

    Canadian content is mega overiced. At least with the Innotab as they give you a discount, or have them on sale. No so much with the leapfrog.

    If you plan to buy the leapfrog 2 I suggest wait til they release one with more gig a 4 gig card can fill up pretty fast. Or one with an sd card slot

    For me innotab 2 was the best.

  • Terrisse Arete

    we got an innotab 2s (by accident hahaha meant to get the 2!) we got it for 40 USD. its awesome!!! only draw back seems to be catridge selection in store. huge online selection though

  • Brenda

    I have bought both tablets. Inntab for my grandson first and leappad for my granddaughter. Both are real nice but the leappad is better quality. My granddaughter is on hers all the time. My grandson gets bored on his and wants to play hers.

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