Huge Savings on Printer Ink!

I go through a LOT of ink… printing coupons, printing everything for my freezer meals group, grocery lists, my work from home, pictures of my daughter, etc… A LOT of ink! So, I’m always in search of a good deal.

For my printer I need 5 ink cartridges. They cost $15.97 each at Walmart which is WAY better than where I have found them elsewhere. So I was THRILLED to find them a couple of months ago in a 5 pack at Costco for $55!! That is a savings of almost $25!!

THEN, yesterday while pursuing the Ebates shops, I noticed something called 123Inkjets. I clicked through to their store out of curiosity and (EASILY) found a 12 Pack (2 full sets of the 4 colors, and 4 blacks!!) for $68.99.

Start HERE.

To find your ink, click your printer make:
Then click on your printer model:
Don’t know what the make and model of your printer is? Open a blank document, hit control P, and where is says name is your make and Model… I have have Canon MP640.
But it gets better!! Using the coupon code FLWR123 got me 15% off that price and FREE shipping (because I bought their guaranteed brand, and because my total was higher than $55 after the discount). That dropped me down to $58.64!! That’s only $4 more than Costco! For more than 2x the ink!!! PLUS, No TAX!!

But WAIT! Ebates!! Their Discount is 16% right now (hurry, it changes all the time!), so there is another drop of $9.38 (the next check comes out May 15)!!

Meaning after all is said and done my total price was $49.26!! That’s LESS than Costco’s price for 5 and I got 12 cartridges!!

I Saved $142.38 on INK!!  Plus, I didn’t have to go try to find it (it’s always sold out, and usually takes me going to 2-3 stores).
Can I hear a WOOT WOOT?!


  • Leslie

    Last I looked Mr. Rebates (similar to Ebates) was giving a 20% discount at 123inks. =)

  • Jen

    BigCrumbs gives 22.4% cash back, as well!

  • Kelly

    I get my ink from they have my ink for 1/2 the price of 123inks. Right now they have 2 sets (2 black +2 color) for $15.95+free shipping. I am using an HP Photosmart 2575

  • Jen Lewis

    Have you ever tried the ink refilling that costco/WAGS does? It’s cheap if they do your printer!!!

    • Kelly

      I had one refilled at WAGS, they filled it and then said it didn’t pass one of the tests so they didn’t charge me. Then I printed coupons for over a month with it.

    • Amanda

      I get my cartridge refilled at Costco when they have the $2 off coupons. This makes it SUPER cheap. They only refill certain ones, but it is worth looking into! It lasts just as long and I’ve never had any problems with it.

  • richelle

    Has anyone used these? Is the ink quality good or is going to gum up my printer?

    • Becky FabFruGal

      Their Guarantee:
      7. One-Year Product Guarantee

      We will refund or replace your product for ONE FULL YEAR — Risk-Free, with the following restrictions:

      * In order to receive a replacement or refund on your product, any returned ink product must be returned at least 70% full.
      * If you have purchased a media product (CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW), all returns must be in unopened, undamaged – original packaging.

      As long as your product qualifies, we will refund or replace your product for ONE FULL YEAR. Just follow the Easy Return Directions.
      8. What does Risk-Free mean?

      Unlike many other Internet companies there are no hidden costs or hurdles to getting a refund:

      * We don’t make you keep the receipt to get a refund.
      * We have a one year return policy from the date of purchase.

      Because we want you to feel confident enough to plan ahead and stock up with several cartridges. You should never have to worry that if in 1, 2, or 6 months you open up a cartridge and it doesn’t work, that you are out your investment.

      [ Back to Top ]
      9. Easy Returns and Exchanges

      The following return policies and procedures have been established for all 123inkjets orders.

      QUESTIONS? CALL 888.465.7765

      All of our products are backed by a full one year 100% satisfaction guarantee. Problems happen from time to time and we want to assure you that the appropriate action will be taken to replace the cartridge with a properly working unit.

      Please call us at 888.465.7765 M-F 7am – 6pm PST or Saturday 8am – 4pm PST and a customer service representative will be able to set up a reshipment and return label for the problematic cartridges.

      Unopened cartridges, refill kits, or cartridge recycling mailers may be returned within 365 days of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price or a credit of the purchase price towards an exchange. Please keep in mind that shipping charges are not refundable.

      Refill Kits – Opened refill kits may be returned within 365 days of purchase for a replacement kit or a full refund of the purchase price. Please keep in mind that shipping charges are not refundable. If you are having difficulties with your cartridge after refilling, please visit our F.A.Q. page for troubleshooting tips or call us at 888.465.7765 as most problems can be fixed over the phone.

      Remanufactured Cartridges – If you are unsatisfied with your remanufactured cartridge or find it has a defect it may be returned within 365 days of purchase for a replacement cartridge or a full refund of the purchase price. Please keep in mind that shipping charges are not refundable. Contact us at 888.465.7765 M-F 7am-6pm and Saturdays 8am-4pm PST to set up a replacement or return.

      Laser Toner Cartridges – If you are not fully satisfied with your laser toner cartridge or find it is defective it may be returned within 365 days of purchase for a replacement cartridge or a full refund of the purchase price. Please keep in mind that shipping charges are not refundable. Contact us at 888.465.7765 M-F 7am-6pm and Saturdays 8am-4pm PST to set up a replacement or return.

      Compatible Cartridges – If you are unsatisfied with your compatible cartridge or find that it is defective it may be returned within 365 days of purchase for a replacement cartridge or a full refund of the purchase price. Please keep in mind that shipping charges are not refundable. Contact us at 888.465.7765 M-F 7am-6pm and Saturdays 8am-4pm PST to set up a replacement or return.

      Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – Cartridges Name brand cartridges (Apple, Canon, Compaq, Epson, Hewlett Packard, Lexmark) are covered by their respective manufacturer’s warranties. If you have a defective item, please contact the manufacturer to verify the manufacturers’ warranty. We do not accept returns of open OEM cartridges.

      Inkjet Cartridge Recycling Mailers (Ink Mail) – 123inkjets does not accept opened mailers or mailer recycled cartridges as return products. Cartridges recycled through the mailer service are NOT warranted by 123inkjets, but by the recycling company. Once redeemed, the warranty provided by the recycling company is the lone warranty provided on the cartridge. 123inkjets does not provide additional warranty. For more information on the warranty provided please review the insert included with your mailer box.

  • Katie

    Have you looked into getting a laser printer? The upfront cost is a little more, but the cost per page printed is less, especially since you’re printing a ton. In the long run it may save you, ink costs add up 😀

    • Kelly

      I have my printer set to print in grayscale using black ink only. Buying refills from and the cheap paper at Walmart It is costing me ~1¢ per page printed.

  • KD

    There’s a cheap ink refill place in the Overland/5-mile area–I can’t remember the name, but coupons periodically come out in mailers for them. With my printer (each is different) it costs under $10 to refill–I think it’s $7. I tried ordering ink online before (Not through this company. I’ve never tried them.) and it was awful! I had to clean the print cartridges almost every time I printed. I will just stick to refilling in the future.

  • Jameslyn

    WOOT WOOT!!!

  • Sonja

    I’ve ordered from 123inkjets 2 times in the past and have been very happy with them. The cartridges have all worked fine and you surely can’t beat the cost!

  • Natalie

    They don’t carry my ink cartridge HP deskjet 4100 🙁 Any ideas on cheap cartridges would be helpful 🙂

  • Justine

    I used to buy from 123inkjets until one order where 3 out of 4 cartridges all had leaked. Was a big mess. They did send me replacements, but I had to pay to ship the bad cartridges back (which also was a mess since I threw then away immedietly as they already made my hands black and leaked all over other stuff, I had to dig them out of the garbage or they would charge me for the replacements).
    Anyway, I have had a few good orders from them, but since this bad one, I’m afraid to order again. Was such a huge ordeal :/

    BTW, if you do order from them, go through they’ll give you points per $’s you spend, points can be redeemed for gift cards, and it’s free to set up an account, and yes, you can use BOTH Ebates and MyPoints!! (if you do it right).

  • Diane

    I ordered a couple of times from 123 and I had just about the same experience as Justine had with the leaking cartridges etc. The second time it happened it sprayed all over my printer and it was so bad I had to replace the printer. True, 123inkjets will replace the cartridge but they will not replace your printer. I don’t think it is worth it. I ordered the second order from them thinking that the first time might be just a fluke. Well, it wasn’t…so I finally gave up. I would just be aware if you order. It might seem like a great deal but is it worth the hassle of shipping back bad cartridges while waiting for others and maybe even having to replace your printer as I had to do. Plus, my printer was only a couple months old and working fine until then.

  • Nancy

    I’ver ordered with them in the past and had a good result. However, my teenage son ordered a remanufactured large cartridge for his HP and it stopped printing after a few copies….The prices were really good compared to local stores.

  • Christine

    Office Max will sell you a refilled printer cartridge (for certain printers), already made behind the register counter for $10.00. Just walk in, ask for the cartridge, give them your old cartridge (so they can recycle it), and walk out with a cartridge for $10.60 (that’s with the tax.).

  • Christine

    I’ve used Costco refill service unsuccessfully. First refill lasted only a few weeks. Second refill lasted only a few days.

  • Susan

    I dont’ know anything about this company in particular, but I’ve heard about too many negative experiences with re-manufactured ink cartridges to risk using them. I have a higher-end Epson printer that is great quality, and I’ll only use new, genuine Epson ink cartridges with it.

    If you’re in the market for a printer, Kodak brand has the least expensive ink out there, or at least they did the last time I comparison shopped. I’ve considered getting a Kodak printer just for coupons. The print quality isn’t as good, so I would continue to use the Epson for photos, but for coupons it would work just fine.

    My suggestion to reduce ink costs would be to only print coupons that you are highly likely to use. After tossing MANY unused coupons in the first few months I was couponing, I learned to not print so many! If I know I’ll use a coupon, I’ll print it, but if not, I let them go. A few times that I’ve wished I printed a coupon when it was available, but not often. Ink does cost money, and it’s not worth it to me to print a bunch of coupons that I may not use.

    For printing photos, I save a lot of money by waiting for specials at places like Shutterfly. I like to be able to print photos at home on occasion, but like ink, photo paper is expensive. It’s a lot less costly (and less hassle) to order prints, especially if I have more than just a few to print.

  • Becky FabFruGal

    My ink came today (I only ordered it 2 days ago! YAY for fast shipping!!!)… NONE of my ink cartridges were leaking, and I put one in (I was only out of black-but my printer is lame and won’t print anything if any of the cartridges are empty) and it spit out all my “saved” print jobs… they looked great!

  • Renee

    I have a twin pack of HP75 if anyone wants to buy it off me. I was supposed to get 78 but my child opened it before I could return it. It’s not been used.

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