I’m Going to Trade My Kindle Fire For….


I need your help!  I’ve got a brand new Kindle Fire and I’ve got to trade it for something bigger and better (like they do here). I’ve got to trade up 3 times in the next 12 days (contest rules)!

Here are the current offers… VOTE for what you think I should trade up for!

  1. New Bike
  2. Used 3G iPhone AND a portable car DVD system
  3. $700 worth of Jewelry
  4. 10K Gold Cubic Zirconia Diamond Tennis Bracelet
  5. Wii in mint condition with:
    • 4 remotes and nunchuks and chargers
    • 2 charging stations
    • 2 Mario Kart wheels
    • The following games:  Sims Castaway, Guitar Hero World Tour (incl 2 guitars), Need for Speed pro Street, Transformers The Game, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, Mario Kart, wii Sports Plus, Tomb Raider Underworld, and Game Party 2.

 Tell me which one you think I should chose!

Or if you have something you think is better, leave a comment, tweet me here, or email me at BarterKingCathy@FabulesslyFrugal.com.

In case you’re wondering, I’m one of 5 contestants in the Social Barter Kings Challenge!


Barter Kings Premiers on A&E on Tuesday June 12st at 7:00 mountain time (9:00 pm Eastern/PST)


How This Works:

  • If you and I agree to trade,  you will be provided with a pre-paid label via email so you can ship the item at no cost to you!
  • Once the item is received, the bartered item will be shipped to you.
  • I’ll use your sweet digity item and barter it to get something bigger and better.
  • If my item is the highest value in the end, I win $1000.00 (which I’ll be donating to a fabulous cause)



  • kathy tremblay

    I’d be tempted to keep the Kindle since I’ve been wanting one, but the iphone and the dvd player are in demand!

  • Rebecca

    Personally I’d either keep the kindle or go for the Wii package – we’ve spent alot of family time in front of our Wii not to mention the amount of stuff you’d be getting is worth at least 3 times the kindle

    • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

      As part of the contest, I actually HAVE to trade 3 times. So I’m trying to figure out what my next item should be as I’ll be trading that as well. Thanks for the input. We love our Wii too!

  • Michele Barker

    I love my kindle. Wouldn’t trade it. But if I had to I would go for the iphone and the dvd player.

  • Megan K

    I agree… The iphone/DVD player has the most and widest trade appeal.

    Looking forward to seeing what people will offer you for the iphone/DVD pkg (or whichever you choose)

    How do they value the items when calculating who has the highest value at the end? Retail value? Current market value?

  • Cathy of Fabulessly Frugal

    I think it’s highest market value. Thanks for the input Megan!

    • Ang

      I’m with everyone else Cathy…. I think the iphone/DVD is going to be the thing that will be easiest to trade and I think it’s more in demand. If I had the chance to have any of the items above that’s what we would want. Good luck chickie!!

  • Melanie

    Trading for something electronic is probably the way to go. I vote for either the iphone or Wii, but I worry about the “Used” part of the phone. So Wii might be the best! 🙂

  • Jessica G

    I have a brand new with box Walkabye Terrani Urban Buggie Stroller I would trade you. It’s worth more than $500.00+ I have pictures I can send you if you want.

  • Kati

    Ipod and dvd players 🙂

  • lucky

    i wouldn’t trade it in for no fake jewelry.. cubic blah blah blah. it aint worth the paper they print it on………that’s my opinion. and who is the retailer of the jewelry. retail is usually a 50% markup on most things..
    so does that mean it is really only worth $350.00. and as far as any type of electrical device being used. if you think it is worth about a hundred dollars you might only be able to sell it for twenty dollars…..so think of what you paid for your new kindle verses (depending on what kind and size) a new bike. are you talking a bike for a 10 year old, mountain bike, tenspeed, or a racing bike……

  • Jolene

    Well considering for the trade-in value of the games alone, I would go for the Wii system and games

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