If You Teach a Man to Fish {PLUS An Update on Our Now FREE FREE FREE Couponing Workshop}

As most of you have noticed, we have not posted anything about our annual Pay it Forward Charity Yard Sale. While it breaks my heart to say it out loud (okay so technically I’m writing it, but I digress), we won’t be having it this year. There were a number of driving factors behind that decision and it SERIOUSLY hurts my heart that we won’t be holding it, but this year we decided to take a different approach to a charity fundraiser. That is how the Couponing Workshop was born.

The initial idea was to organize a huge educational couponing event. Check. Then we would charge $25 per person and donate 100% of the proceeds to a very deserving charity. Check. Then everyone would feel all warm and fuzzy. Hmmm. Didn’t happen.

We felt something was off. In our eagerness to donate as much money as possible to the City Light Women and Children’s Shelter we overlooked one key element. YOU. Our fabuless readers. YOU. Who have allowed us to carry on for years on this silly site of ours because you continue to offer us your unwavering support. YOU. Who quite possibly might be struggling just as much as any charity out there.

You see donating to charity is AMAZING. And that’s still part of the plan. But we strongly believe around these parts that if you give a man a fish, his belly will be full for a bit. But if you TEACH that man to fish, he will not only maintain a belly full of fish, but also feed those around him (and possibly teach others to fish too).

I get that I just butchered that old saying, but hopefully you get the point. We want you to come learn how to coupon (aka. fish) and then see how it changes your life. And we want to give you that opportunity for FREE.

No more $25 fee for the MEGA Rad Couponing Workshop. You don’t have to pay a dime.

You still need to register (we have to cap it) and you do have to bring a canned food item AND you do have to make us a promise:

You will either share your fish with others, or teach those around you to fish. And you have to promise. Or we won’t let you in for free. Got it?

Now about raising money. Here’s how we’re going to do that:

We are going to have the most amazing raffle!

So amazing in fact that you are going to want to buy raffle tickets-LOTS of raffle tickets.

  • You can win 1 of NINE prizes. (We’ll be telling you more about those prizes each night in our That’s A Wrap post.)
  • You can pre-buy raffle tickets for a steal of a deal! ($3/1,  $10/10 or $25/30!! What a steal!)
  • Raffle ticket prices will be higher during the workshop, so buy them early! ($4/1,  $10/5 or $25/15. See why you want to pre-buy them?!)
  • Can’t come or not local? You can still donate for a chance to win most of the prizes, including the fantastic prize you see below! Select prizes can only be won if present (shipping some of the great prizes would be a logistical nightmare!). So another great reason to be there!
  • Make sure you REGISTER for the event too!!  We need to know you’re coming!

Already register for the class and pay your $25? You have 2 options:

  1. Use your $25 as a credit and get 30 raffle tickets!
  2. Request a refund and we will get you your $25 back ASAP (we sent you an email… so check it!)!

And now for a glimpse of those AMAZING raffle prizes I told you about earlier….

Cherry Red KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixer anyone?

Seriously. It can be yours!


  • Stephanie

    WHOO YOOO!!!

  • Becky

    Wishing you were closer to Seattle. Would love to meet you all.

  • Julie E

    Yay! Free is wonderful! Happy to spend money on raffle tickets! Thanks!

  • Amber A

    Amazing idea ladies!

  • Awesome! May actually be able to come now! I think your thinking is spot on. Although I could justify $25 donated to charity more than I could just for myself.

  • Nevermind; that’s the same night as the Boise Kidsignment sale I already committed to. Will you do this again, perhaps?

  • Martha

    Are you still having vendors? I’m interested in having a booth for Shelf Reliance. Are there still booths available and are you still doing them?

  • Sherri

    You guys are amazing! I took your class in Twin. It was well worth the $15 I paid for it. I have saved much more than that since July. I am helping others learn how to coupon. I am passing on good deals. And I am hopefully getting more free stuff to donate to our church food bank. Would like to have a stockpile of personal care items there as well to give people.

    Can we buy tickets even if we aren’t local?

    • PnkFlamingo

      In the post it says that even if you aren’t local and can’t make the workshop you can still donate and enter to win some of the prizes. Select prizes are not going to be able to be shipped. Still a great cause though. 🙂

  • michele

    will you ever be out in the seattle, king county area? I am really new to this and would love to take a class. I have been saving so much the last few months and have been sharingwhat I leanr with everyone I know including the low income clients that I serve at work. I would actually like to teach a one day workshop to my clients about the basics of couponing.

  • Lisa

    Yeah! My faith is restored. I first saw the $25 fee and thought it was a bit outrageous for a 4 hour coupon class, that many offer for free to simply help other. But I hadn’t realized it was for charity. Of course it was! You ladies are the best in the coupon world. Lovin’ your idea.

  • Erika

    Thank you for doing this. City Light is a great organization, but the $25 was simply just outside of my budget.

  • Starr

    I have a bunch of makeup that was only used as makeup party sample stuff that I would love to donate to the ladies of City Light Home for Women and Children.

    Please contact me and let me know what I need to do to get this wonderful makeup to the ladies.

  • Amber Patterson

    🙁 coupon class full waiting list full.. I really hope you offer this class again…You guys are amazing and I thank you that you give opportunities like this. I want to be a better fisherman…..(fisherwoman 😉 Please let me know when you offer another class.

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