Idaho Statesman Newspaper Deal

You need this deal if…

  • You’re tired of paying up to $2.00 at the news stand for your Sunday paper
  • You’re tired of buying your paper only to find some or all of the coupons are missing
  • You’re a savvy saver who likes to save money and knows how smart it is to buy multiple items when you can get them at rock bottom prices… you know that you need more than one copy of the Sunday paper in order to do this.
  • You like the feeling of running to your doorstep to find a stack of newspapers that hold your coupons (knowing you’ll save loads of money because of it!)


For the mere price of $3 per week, you will receive the daily paper, PLUS 3 EXTRA Sunday papers.

You’ll get FOUR SUNDAY PAPERS for only $3 per week!

This comes to $.75 per Sunday paper, and we’re not even factoring in the price of the daily paper!  You won’t find a Sunday paper ANYWHERE in town for that price!!

So here is the nitty gritty. In order to take advantage of this FAB DEAL, you have to prepay. You can get 52 weeks (yes, that’s a whole YEAR of 4 Sunday papers delivered to your door!) for the up front cost of $156.

Is this a PINK STAR DEAL that I want to LOCK IN as long as possible?!?!  YOU BET!  And you do realize that you will EASILY save that much money during your first month of serious couponing, RIGHT?!?!

Not ready to lock in a year, you can prepay for 26 weeks and only spend $78.00 OR only prepay for 13 weeks and spend $39.

Add additional papers to your subscription for .50 each!

7+3 deal $3.00/week   ($39.00 for 13 weeks, $78.00 for 26 weeks, $156.00  for 1 year!)
7+4 deal $3.50/week   ($45.50  for 13 weeks, $91.00  for 26 weeks, $182.00  for 1 year!)
7+5 deal $4.00/week   ($52.00  for 13 weeks, $104.00 for 26 weeks, $208.00 for 1 year!)



Q: I’m already a daily subscriber. Can I still get this deal?
A: YES! Just call 377-NEWS (6397) and tell them you want to upgrade to the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+3 deal! If you’re already getting the paper 7 days a week, you’ll just prepay for your extra Sunday papers and then you’ll start getting 3 extra Sunday papers. SWEET!

Q: Why would I want to get the daily paper as well?
A: First of all, because it’s part of the deal. Secondly, you’re going to want the daily so you get the Albertsons ad from the Wednesday paper. Third, sometimes there are other coupons (like for Fred Meyer) that come out on Thursday or Friday. Fourth, the man in your life certainly won’t complain about getting the sports section to read every day!

Q: What if I’m going to leave town?
A: You can just call the circulation department and put your paper on hold (although I’d still want to get my Sunday paper if I were you!). They’ll extend the length of your contract by however many days/weeks you put it on hold.

Q: What about the weeks when there will be NO inserts in the newspaper?
A: We’ll warn you so you can call and put your paper on hold for that Sunday. This usually only happens on holiday weekends. Again, your subscription will be extended!

Q: I’ve got a big family, can I get more than 4 Sunday papers delivered to my door?
A: YES! It will just cost you an extra $.50 for each additional Sunday paper you want.

Q: I can hardly wait, who do I call to get this FAB deal!?!!?
A: Just contact the circulation department at 377-NEWS (6397) and tell them you want the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 deal! Of course, when you tell them that FABULESSLY FRUGAL sent you, the Fab FruGALS get a small commission too. This is just one way to help support our site and keep us running!

So to recap:

Call The Idaho Statesman at 377-NEWS(6397) and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 NEWSPAPER DEAL and choose one of the following:

52 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 3 EXTRA Sunday papers for $156**
26 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 3 EXTRA Sunday papers for $78**
13 weeks of the daily paper, PLUS 3 EXTRA Sunday papers for $39**

**plus tax and a one time $3.00 activation fee per customer

Then wake up Sunday morning feeling like a 7 year old on Christmas morning all excited to open up your paper and find all the coupon inserts {and sometimes DOUBLES!!} your little heart desires!!

THIS IS HOW we are building our stockpile!

THIS IS HOW we are feeding our family for pennies on the dollar!!

THIS IS HOW we are making the most of the sales and promotions!

THIS IS HOW you can start doing the same thing we are!!

What are you waiting for???

Call The Idaho Statesman today (377-NEWS) and ask for the FABULESSLY FRUGAL 7+4 NEWSPAPER DEAL!!



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