HURRY! Nielsen Consumer Panel is BACK: Give Your Opinion, Get FAB Prizes

HomeScan NCP

We’ve just been informed that Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel will have some new opening in select markets for the next 3 days! Have you been trying to get in? Here’s your chance.

What is Nielsen Home Scan? A National Consumer Panel where you as a member will be provided with a hand-held scanner. Every time you or members of your household shop, you’ll use the scanner to scan the barcodes on all of your purchases.

Then, once a week, you’ll send in your purchase information. It’s as easy as that!

What’s in it for you? You’ll earn gift points that are redeemable for name-brand merchandise, including electronics equipment, jewelry, household items, toys, and much more! Plus, you’ll be making your opinions count!

Head on over to sign up HERE. Let us know if you’re accepted!

*NOTE* Many FAB readers LOVE this program. That is why we continue to post about it. We have also heard from a few readers who have felt it was too much work. If you get accepted, keep us posted on how you like it & what you’re earning!


  • Ang

    says not available in my area…perhaps next time 🙂

  • Rene

    I wan’t immediately rejected. Answered about 2 pages of questions, said they’ll send me an e-mail next.

    Am I in?

  • Brenda

    Nope…They are not recruiting in my area. 🙂

  • Megan

    I was accepted and got my scanner and sent it back a couple weeks later without even using it. They want you to scan everything your household buys, e v e r y t h i n g. That includes the chocolate bar you got out of the vending machine at work (after you’ve eaten it, saved the wrapper, and brought it home with you), take out food, clothes, you name it. And answer a bunch of questions about it using the tiny keypad on the scanner (where you bought it, how much you paid, etc.) I don’t buy a lot but it still seemed daunting to me. And the prizes weren’t that fab. IMHO, not worth the time that it would take away from hubby and the kids.

  • Sue D.

    Just got accepted. I am curious though from anyone who has been accepted before, how much time they actually had to put into this program???


    • michelle G

      It does have a bit of a learning curve to it but once you figure it out, it really isn’t too bad. It will take awhile to earn the prizes though but I’m patient!

    • sue

      We have had our scanner for about 2 years and it gets old after a while having to scan everything! It also takes a lot of points to get anything decent, but it is fun scanner at first!

  • D'Anna

    I’m on my second week, seems to be pretty simple. Something I’m not sure of is how are the points determines? A flat amount or is it based upon the monetary amount you spent? Number of transactions? I was thinking after my 3 transactions totalling $24 @ Albie’s that if it went by monetary amount it would take me 10 years to get to 93K points for a KitchenAid mixer lol

    • Carrie

      Your points are based on how regularly you send your info in (every week, without missing any days), and by how long you are a member (goes up after like, 3 months or something, then 6 months, etc.) Also, if you take any of the surveys (they usually send you an e-mail if you have a survey to take), they give you points for that. How much you spend doesn’t factor in 🙂 There should be a breakdown of the points system in the material that came with the scanner. 🙂

  • Becky

    We totally got accepted and are getting sent the scanner!

  • Charity

    We got our email acceptance today. What kind of prizes are they talking about?

  • Celia K

    I got accepted a few years back, but it was right as my daughter was born so I sent it back as it seemed like too much work with everything else going on. Now when I think of how much each grocery shop brings in I don’t think I could handle scanning it all before I put it away in the cupboard.

  • Amy

    I am with Meghan on this. I am as busy as anyone but probably way lazier than most when it comes to this stuff. In six months with them I earned a plastic pizza cutter. I could not get into a regular routine of scanning every time I carried something in the house. They ultimately booted me for my inconsistency and what a relief it was to pack up their equipment. Not a program for the fly by the seat of your pants, get up and change your plans on a whim gal like me. Hated it. Would rather cut my arm off and a
    sew it to the carpet than do it again (which I am certain I need not worry about being asked to do).

  • Rachel

    I got my scanner a few days ago and after starting the setup and reading the information and then looking at the points program I packaged it right back up and sent it back. It is a L-O-T of information that you have to put in for every purchase. It would take a good chunk of time to enter that all in. I agree with the comments from Megan and D’Anna (above). The points system isn’t that great until you have been doing it for a couple years at least (the points you earn each month increase each year you have been with them) I calculated it out to see how long it would take me to earn an basic prize with a smaller amount of points. If I did it every week and received bonus points each month for doing it every week, it would take me about 8 months just to have enough points to get a generic pizza cutter. Thought this might help those who were debating on whether or not they wanted to try to get a scanner.

  • I did this for about 2 months and then sent the scanner back. I told them that if they came out with a scanner that could sync wirelessly I would be interested in possibly doing it again. Part of my problem was that our open network cable was upstairs, but I would put all my groceries or purchases away downstairs before I even thought to go get the scanner. There were also many times where I felt like I didn’t know if I was entering items in properly. I’m sure they thought that my math was way off a lot of times when I had RR or UP rewards calculated in but didn’t know how to account for them.

    I agree that it takes a lot of time and patience to earn a good reward.

  • Jo-Ann Brightman

    I was accepted and it seems to be working out

  • mrsbone

    I was accepted and received my scanner and am in the process of sending it back. The time it takes to scan your entire grocery purchase is way too much for the amount of points you earn. If you break it down hourly you could purchase the rewards items for far less. The program sounds far more fun than it is. If you are short on time this is not the program for you!

  • Nope, not recruiting in my area either.

  • D'Anna

    I still use it, it’s sort of a hassle at times when you have to key in the prices on items but I guess no more so than the surveys & commercial watching to earn SwagBucks. They have sent me a fancy bottle/jar opener and a reusable grocery bag lol

  • lena

    I’ve been doing this for about eight months. I have enough points to get a pizza cutter or some other small prize. It’s a lot of work and to be honest, I don’t remember to enter in every single purchase I make. i do what i remember and my two year old LOVES to do it with me. I probably would send the scanner back because it can be a hassle, but he enjoys doing it and it’s a great way for us to talk about the food we bought and are going to eat and such.

    I also lost my card with barcodes for things like gas and fresh produce. They probably think I’ve gotten rid of my car and no longer feed my child fresh fruit. Oops! I’ll go request a new one now….

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