Huggies Diaper Deal at Kmart – DEAL IS NOW DEAD


Thanks to reader Sophie for bringing this to our attention!

Kmart has a coupon for $10 off of a $20 purchase here.

Buy 2 packages of Huggies Diapers for $9.99 ea
Buy a small filler item to bring the total over $20.00
Use 2 $3/1 Huggies coupons here
and the $10/$20 Kmart coupon here
Final Price: $1.99 per package!

It has also been reported that you will receive $3 in Kmart Rewards for buying 2 packages of diapers. I don’t have Kmart Rewards, so I can’t verify but if so, your final price is only $.49 each. Can we scream WOW?!

*thank you to some readers for updating us on the $3 reward. To get it, you must spend at least $20 on Huggies or other participating products from this week’s ad, and use your rewards card, it won’t work just from 2 packs of diapers*


  • Lilly

    On the Kmart coupon it says : "Cannot combine with any other coupon for the same item(s)" Does that mean I can't use my $3/1 huggies coupons at the same time? Just wondering

  • AJ

    If you buy a filler and have 3 items and 3 coupons, it should work. I'll let you know after I try it!

    If anyone finds out for sure, let us know!

  • Gwen

    The KMart coupon also says the purchase must be $20 or more (before taxes and after other discounts have been applied.) Do coupons count as a discount?

  • Audrey

    I just called and they said it will probably need to be a $20 purchase and coupons are above that! (just like Gwen stated). Still awesome deal and they said you can print as many as you want but you have to use them in separate shopping trips!

  • Julie

    Hmm, if the $20 is AFTER coupons, then you have to buy at least $26 (because the 2 Huggies Qs are $3/each). So, if you buy 2 Huggies for $19.98 and take $6 off that, it's $13.98. Then you add on whatever other items to get up to $20 and then take the $10 off, it's like getting the 2 packs of diapers for $6.99, or $3.49 each. Not bad, but not quite as exciting. I suspect, though, from reading the coupon, that they will take it before coupons. I think "discounts" refers to in-store discounts (like if something is 20% off or something, you would count the discounted price toward the $20, not the regular, full price). As for combining coupons on the same item, I think that probably also means other store coupons, or maybe it would mean you couldn't use something like the $5/$25 Gerber coupon and also the $10/$20 coupon together for the same $25 worth of Gerber stuff. Although I would love, LOVE to try combining those two, because it would be cool to get $25 worth of Gerber baby clothes for $10.

    Is anyone else planning on doing the Kmart super doubles? I don't ever shop at Kmart, so I have no idea what their normal prices are like or anything. I keep hearing about the super doubles starting on 4/4, though, and it seems like good deals could be had.

  • Sophie

    I just did this deal and can confirm it works! I just bought a filler item becuase the diapers i bought were $9.99 a piece, so you just need to get something like a candy bar to put you over the $20 mark. I had no issues using the $10 Kmart coupon and then the MF coupons, making the total $4 something! I personally dont have children in diapers but am purchasing baby products for my pregnant sister in law so I was super excited to get these so cheap!!

  • Sophie

    Sorry, another comment. I was told by the cashier that the language on the coupon means you cant combine it with any other Kmart discount, like another in store coupon, but combining it with the MF coupons was fine. He said they are expecting people to come in and use this coupon. And this coupon might actually make Kmart double days, which start on April 4th, totally worth it!!!

  • AJ

    I actually bought Pull Ups instead of diapers because I needed them anyway, and they did take my $10/$20 coupon and 2 Pull-Ups coupons. So it ended up costing only $2.99 per package. May vary by store, I don't know, but it worked for me!

  • The crazy chaos I call life...

    I'm thinking of getting the Princess and the Frog with the $10 off $20 coupon… since we aren't lucky enough to have an RC Willy around 🙂

  • AJ

    Good idea crazy chaos, the more I think about this coupon, the more I realize the possibilities are endless!

  • Meaghan

    I just called the store on Fairview, (I am way too tired to run up there to find out it wont work), and they said that the $10 coupon has to be scanned after any other coupons. Meaning the total has to be above $20 after all other coupons. Bummer! I really need diapers. I was even willing to brave the night and go now. 🙂 Which store did you go to that it worked just fine? Maybe I will try that one.

  • Julie

    Woot! Using it on The Princess and The Frog is a great idea. I'm the librarian in town, and I want to get that for the library (I totally use couponing for buying stuff for the library, because we have a tiny acquisition budget). I can tell I'm going to be printing this coupon a lot.

  • AJ

    I was at the Kmart in Nampa.

  • Heather, Rex, etc.

    Worked for me. They scanned the $10 off $20 after the manufacturers coupons, but it still went through.

  • Sophie

    I went to the store on Fairview with no problems.

  • Sophie

    Also you will not get the $3 back unless you spend AT LEAST $20 on Huggies or other participating products(which are in Kmarts ad), so even spending $19.98 plus a filler will not get you the reward. And you do have to use your Kmart card to get the reward from what other couponers are saying.

  • Katie

    I just went to the Kmart by my house and they are closing, so they had everyone on clearance and no diapers! Do you think I could use this $10 off coupon at Walmart?? 🙂 I know they take other stores' coupons. What do you think?

  • AJ

    Thanks girls for the update on the $3 reward, I have updated the post.

    Katie, I have tried at Walmart several times to use other store coupons and although they say they accept them, I have never been able to do it. You can try, but I really don't think they'll take it.

  • Couponaholic

    Worked like a charm in Spokane, WA. Check out my post here:

  • thechristensenfamily

    I went to the K-Mart on Fairview. I bought 3@ $9.99 for a total of $29.97 and used 3 – $3.00/1 coupons and the $10.00 off K-mart rewards coupon (I had to sign up for a rewards card) which came to around$12.47 and then the cashier told me since I bought 3 it gave me a $3.00 credit to my rewards card that I could spend for any thing in the store.

    When I asked the cashier, she misunderstood what I asked and told me that I had to buy three, but I found out that was only to get the $3.00 back on the rewards card. You can buy 2 and a filler and it would actually be a little cheaper. The Fairview store didn't have alot of the sizes left. You might want to call to see if they have restocked.

  • j+s_clark

    I went to Kmart tonight and the checker said they were just told not to accept the $10 off coupon anymore. She said that it was fraudulent, but that doesn't make sense because it came from Anyway, they are working on their website now, so I guess they are taking the coupon done. Bummer!

  • Cathy

    Major bummer! I'm still recovering from yesterday, so I didn't go do this. Guess I should have before they pulled the plug!

  • AJ

    I didn't think this would last until 5/22 as the coupon says, but I'm not sure how they're playing it off as fraud when it's from I think that's their best way to tell the checkers not to take it anymore. They just had no idea what was coming (us!) when they put it out. It is still there, but looks like YMMV on it from now on.

  • Alexis and Justin

    I think it's totally lame also. I mean, why would they put the coupon out there, when you know this will happen? They could have put restrictions on the coupon or made the date range smaller. Lame!

  • Kim

    The KMart in Nampa will only accept the $10 off coupon if you don't use other coupons with it, since that is what it says in the "fine print". Very lame. This is why I don't go to KMart.

  • Cami Sue

    They won't accept both coupons at the Twin Falls store but they did accept the $10 for $20. Of 2 checkers neither had seen the $10 for $20 coupon before so they questioned a manager who told them how to run it through.

  • Stacy

    Bummer if they really cancelled the coupon. I went last night and it worked for both the Princess and the Frog DVD/doll AND the Huggies diapers. The cashier said I could go through the line as many times as I wanted, so I did 6 transactions.

    I went to the Aurora store in Seattle.

  • Sophie

    I am going to go to the Boise Kmart today. I want to buy soda and I will see if they accept it. I wont be using any other coupons so hopefully it will owrk. I will let you know!

  • West Family

    I just went to the Rexburg Kmart and they have copies of the $10 off coupon all over the front doors and everywhere else around the store. They say that they are only valid in the New York Area and then also say that they aren't from Kmart's website. Kinda contradictory. Guess I should have used it last night instead of waiting till this morning.

  • AJ

    Thanks West Fam for the info, I called the Nampa store and they said the same thing. They will not take it any more because she said as far as they understand, it is only for the New York area. Well, Kmart, sorry but next time don't put it on your national web site without specifying that on the coupon! I stand by my opinion that they weren't prepared for the traffic it would generate and have now resorted to not taking it.

  • Kannon's mama

    How and where are people getting the 10 off 20 coupon?

  • Adam, Liz & Tay

    I just went to the Kmart in Nampa and they are not accepting the $10 coupon. They said it only works in New York…I then tried Walmart and they won't price match it either.

  • Sophie

    I agree AJ, if they only wanted it to be valid in New York, they should have not stated Valid at ALL Kmart locations on the coupon!!!

  • Julie

    It actually came from part of the web site that is specifically about their CHICAGO stores, too–not New York–and it pretty clearly states valid at ALL Kmart locations. Since I live so far out of town, there was no way I could get in last night to do this…gee, maybe this is why I never go to Kmart. Do they have a corporate customer service we could call to complain? Because this is worth complaining about.

  • Maryhelen

    Julie, I agree that this is worth a phone call! The number, found on the 'customer service' section of the website, is: 1-866-KMART-4U (1-866-562-7848). Or, you can email to:

    Would love to hear if any good comes of this!

    I have said before that KMart's time is marked….WalMart will be blamed, but it's things like this, along with many other terrible business practices (6-cent raises per YEAR for employees, to name one) that will eventually lead to their demise. NOT a fan! :\

  • Meaghan

    Ok, here is what I found out. I called corporate and this is what they told me. You can NOT stack with these coupons. If a cashier does it the store can be held accountable for the MF coupon. Doesn't make sense to me but that is what they said. Also, and the bigger problem…. The coupon was pulled because it wasn't supposed to be released for another week. Still doesn't make sense to me since the coupon start date is farther back than a week. But again that is what they said. They also said that the coupon will be reissued in a week so to keep an eye out for it on the sire. But remember it can NOT to be used with coupons. Not sure I will be bothering with them again. Hope this helps.

  • Michael, Jamie and Sam

    Twin Falls is also claiming the coupon to be fraudulent, but they are accepting the coupon, they just won't let you use ANY other coupons with it…lame!

  • ~K~

    Idaho Falls won't accept it either. I called the manager as well, and got the same song and dance about New York locations only.

    Not happy.

  • The5Fifes

    I am so frustrated with K-mart. I called their corperate office to let them know how frustrated I was that I made the drive to my K-mart location only to be told that they would not accept the coupon that says valid at all K-mart store locations. It is unreal to me that they don't have to honor the coupons that have that wording. Why do they get to change the rules midstream just because the person they hired to print coupons is not too bright? It seems I always get the run around at K-mart. I don't think I will be shopping there anymore!

  • Camille

    I'm so bummed out, I was going to go this morning and do the quilted northern toilet paper deal. It had a $10 coupon, a $10 catalina and a $5 mail in rebate, pshaw! I hope Kmart execs are reading all the blog chatter and getting nervous about their already dwindling reputation!

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