My New Favorite Way to Save Big on Ink!

I’m so excited to tell you about this awesome way to save on ink guys!!

Save up to 50% on printer ink!

I feel like I’m printing stuff every other day – usually coloring pages for kids or recipes that I want to try. Of course, there are plenty of other little print jobs that happen each month too with my business, church, kids’ school work, etc. It is safe to say that we use up printer ink and have to buy it regularly. I used to try to snag some at Costco whenever there is a coupon (check out my math comparison at the bottom of the post), but now I’m sold on the Instant Ink program and starting it up pronto. For real.

Why? Well, you just pay a small monthly fee and they take care of everything. Ink is automatically delivered right to your door when your levels get low… for only 3 to 6 CENTS per sheet. Full color, black and white, it doesn’t matter. That’s WAY less than it costs to go get something printed somewhere else. And I’m going to allow myself to print in color a lot more now! This program is all about value and convenience. Super easy, low maintenance, saves you money and time. Check out this quick video…


Here’s how it works:

1. HP Instant Ink Eligible Printer

Do you have an eligible printer? Click here to find a list. When you have an eligible printer, it will “communicate” with HP and inform them to send you more ink when you are running low.
Even if your printer is not on the list, due to the huge ink savings it is totally worth it to buy an eligible one. The money you’ll save in ink in the long run will more than make up for it! My husband and I each have different models from the HP Envy series and we really like them. So if you don’t have an eligible HP printer, maybe you’ll be glad for the excuse to upgrade the printer AND save big on ink.

2. Select Your Plan

Plans are month-to-month without annual fees. Choose a plan based on how much you’ll think you’ll print at home, but know that you can always change it …anytime (without a fee)! Plans are based on pages printed, not cartridges used.

Here’s an example:

  • Print 300 pages in a month – full color or black/white or any combination for $10 a month! If you print over 300 pages, it costs you $1.00 for every 25 pages over your limit. That’s it!
  • If you DON’T print your maximum pages for the month, “extra” pages are rolled over into the next month’s printed pages quota at no additional cost.

Sample Billing Cycle Scenario:

  • 148 pages so far
  • 300 rollover pages
  • Result: 452 printed pages this month IN COLOR without paying more than the $9.99

Consider this: Rather than buying ink every month and spending $400 a year… pay $9.99 a month… which comes out to $120.00 a year. A savings of $280.00 a year and never having to worry about running out of ink because the ink is delivered right to your door…before you need it. Never run out of ink!

3. Automatically Delivered to Your Home

Your eligible printer will “communicate” with HP to alert them of your ink supply levels. Once your ink starts to get low, they will mail you new ink cartridges. You are not charged for the ink cartridges every time they ship you new ink and you don’t have to pay shipping either. The monthly fee covers all the ink you need. A never-ending supply for one low monthly fee. Finally, prepaid envelopes are included to mail back your old cartridges so they can be recycled.

Love it! Seriously. This is totally worth trying out. You can really save some good money!

Click HERE to try it out!

P.S. I did the math to compare it to the Costco price WITH the buy two, save $25 coupon, which only comes around every once in a while. Depends on the ink, of course, but for me, one combo pack of ink is estimated to cover about 1,015 pages (600 B&W, 415 color). When you buy two with the coupon, each combo pack of my ink ends up costing $54.49 + tax at Costco. With HP Instant Ink, I can print 1,200 pages (all color, if I want) for $59.88 + tax (which is charged monthly as $4.99 + tax).

Plus, the ink I need shows up at my door automatically right before I need it. HP Instant Ink is cheaper and easier than getting ink at Costco with a coupon! 

It’s totally clear to me that this is the way to go!! Try it out now!!

Countries where the program is available: United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, UK.

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