HP Envy 120 Printer

HP Envy 120 Wireless Color Printer

Have you ever been given something, and you just don’t know what to say?  I gotta be honest, that is NOT my problem here!  I think my issue is going to be bringing this to an end.  Oh wait!  I already know the end.  Ready for it?  We’re giving one away!!  Stay tuned next week when we give one of these FAB HP Envy 120 printers away.

Okay, onto my review…



HP sent me a printer to review.  And I gotta say I’m a Canon Girl at heart.  A total snob.  Why on earth would I ever use something different?  My camera is a Canon, my printer, and the one before that, and the one before that, and EVEN the one before that have ALL been Canon.  Why?  They are great little printers, they don’t cost much, the ink is cheap, and they work.

However if you want something better than works, something that excels, grants your every wish, predicts your desires, and even makes your kids jump with joy, and looks great doing it, then THIS is the printer you want.  I will NEVER go back!

The HP Envy 120.

HP Envy 120

First of all, it’s SEXY!  Yep, I said it.  It’s a sleek, beautiful printer, that doesn’t take up much space, and looks GOOD just sitting there.  No more bulky printer that weighs a TON.  We live in a 600 sq foot house.  There’s NOT a lot of room.  But there is room for this printer.  And it takes up WAY less room than our last one!

Second of all, it’s QUIET!  My old printer was noisy, although I never considered it so.  It made normal printer noises.  But the Envy 120 is quiet!  Sometimes I had to go to the printer just to make sure it actually printed, which of course it had, I just didn’t hear it.

HP Printables Savings Portfolio

Third, and my daughter’s favorite part, you can set it up to print things on command.  From the HP Savings Center you can do SO MUCH!  Such as Menu Plans (more later), Coloring pages, and even COUPONS!!  Bee’s very favorite thing to do now is to wake up and see what the printer has for her to color!  But I gotta admit, my favorite part is waking up to see what coupons the printer thought I would like.  Guess what?  It picked up on my snickers obsession right away 🙂

All I had to do was fill out a SHORT questionnaire (I think it took 45 seconds), and it magically prints coupons for me.  But guess what?  The coupons are powered by coupons.com, BUT they don’t count as being printed from your computer!  You DOUBLE your coupon prints!  Now instead of being limited to 2 prints, you get 4!  HOORAY!  How cool is that?  A printer that actually pays for itself!  WOOT!  Oh, and by the way, it prints FOUR coupons per page! 🙂

Did I mention the Menu planner? With everything going on in my life, I pretty much don’t have time to menu plan, so lately my dinners have consisted of macaroni and cheese, or hot dogs.  Sometimes both.  And I want to do better than that for my husband and my kids.  And now my printer DOES IT FOR ME!!!  Seriously! Every Thursday my printer prints 7 recipes, a shopping list, and applicable coupons!  I mean, talk about easy, even I have time for that! It even provides nutritional content and dessert suggestions!

My Hubby’s favorite app (right now) is the weekly comics to do list.  It prints a weekly to do list, with some great comics on it.  Yay for anything that makes “Clean the gutters” more fun!

I think my favorite part is this one little line:

Printing from Savings Center HP Envy 120

Clear my clipped offers after I print.  NO MORE searching for those coupons you want.  Simply leave that box unchecked, and once you’ve printed them, just go print them again 🙂  No searching, because they STAYED clipped!!

Setting up the printer was a breeze!  I let my hubby do it, because he loves stuff like that (but I’m the techie, so he never gets to), and start to finish, installed on ALL of our computers, and printing away, took 21 minutes.  How great is that?  Easy, fast, and user friendly!  It comes with a CD, but we found downloading the software from the website to be easy, and fantastic, because one of our computers doesn’t have a CD drive!

And I just gotta say, even my 3 year old can run the touchscreen on it! It’s so EASY and User friendly!

Touchscreen Panel

But I gotta say, my favorite part?  The MOBILE printing!  I can just send an email to my printer’s email address (which I customized), and viola, it prints!  From my phone, my laptop, even Joe Schmoe’s computer from down the street!  Oh, and if I want my Aunt, who lives in CA to send me some pictures from her last visit, YEP!  I can just have her send them as attachments to my printer’s email address, and they will print out for me!  Oh, and by the way, I can print from my phone with the HP ePrint Mobile App. 🙂  Down the street, or across the country, NOTHING is stopping me from printing!

Click here to learn more about HP Web Connected Printers

So, what do you think…

Do you want to WIN one of these Fantastic HP Envy 120 Printers?

Just what would you be willing to do?

Disclaimer: “I have received a printer and supplies for my review and comments”.  They may have sent the printer, but the opinions are my own!


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