How YOU can get boneless skinless chicken breasts $1.49/lb

Zaycon Chicken and Lean Ground Beef Sale!

I haven’t seen fresh boneless, skinless chicken breast as low as $1.49 per pound for quite a while now, so this is an awesome price. Here’s a special deal for you to stock up on ground beef and chicken this summer!

zaycon foods chicken savings event sale

Do you like to buy your FRESH chicken at a rock bottom, pink star price?

Um, yes. Of course you do. Starting RIGHT NOW, if you live in the continental US, Zaycon Foods is coming to you with fresh boneless, skinless chicken breasts and 93/7 lean ground beef.

Special Deal:

When you buy a case of Zaycon’s famous fresh 93/7 ground beef RIGHT NOW at $3.99 per pound, you will qualify to order a case of chicken at only $1.49 per pound

The ground beef sales are open now and the events start in July! The ground beef comes in a 40 lb case containing 4 tubes of fine grind lean ground beef, which is LFTB free.

Chicken sales will open in July and you’ll get an email from Zaycon to remind you. If you don’t order the ground beef now, you’ll be able to order chicken at the regular (and still great) price of $1.89 per pound in July.

cheesy spinach burgers grilling

I’m going to make and freeze a bunch of these burger patties with some of my ground beef! See more of our favorite ground beef recipes.

So, go REGISTER RIGHT NOW and order your ground beef! 

Why We Zaycon Foods:

  • The chicken is SUPER FRESH and tastes SUPER FAB.
  • The ordering process is easy. (1 box is 40 pounds of chicken. Watch video to see how we easily bag it.)
  • The pick up process is streamlined and slick.
  • We love saving money on chicken!
  • It’s nice to have a freezer full of chicken that lasts me 6+ months. Very nice.
  • They’ve got a rockin’ referral program  ($1 Zaycon foods credit for each person you refer).

What do we do when we get a great deal on chicken?

Since we always tell you to stock up when you get a great deal, you’re going to want to stock up on some delicious chicken! Here is a 3 minute video of the ever so lovely Monica showing you what to do with cheap fresh chicken!

To recap the video, here are a few tips for storing cheap and fresh chicken breasts!

  • Use kitchen shears to trim the chicken… super easy!
  • Bag the chicken breasts side by side in a gallon sized bag. Makes for simple storage!
    • Only need one or two breasts? Simply toss the bag of 6 frozen chicken breasts on a concrete floor (patio/garage floor) so the chicken breaks apart. Open the bag, pull out a breast or two, reseal the bag and put it in the freezer! (I took video of me doing this, but can’t get it off my phone!).
  • You can also cook chicken (I like to do it in the crock pot), let it cool a bit, shred it or cube it, and the bag it. Great to use for casseroles, salads, and soups!
  • Put some FREE salad dressing (Ranch or Italian – yummy!) or BBQ Sauce or a favorite marinade in the bad with the chicken! Then when you’re ready to eat it, pull it out the night before and it will soak and marinade all day long while it thaws!

Now is the time to stock up on your chicken!

  • Register NOW at Zaycon Foods
  • Watch your inbox for an email to let you know exactly when and where Zaycon will be in your town.
  • Place Your Order
  • A few weeks later you’ll be able to pick up your chicken and store it just like we show you in the video!


  • What’s the usual minimum order? I couldn’t find it on their website.

  • Same questio as Jeannie. How big is a case on this stuff?

    • Minimum is 1 40# box. If that’s too much for you, you can find a friend to split it with. I think I got 120 pounds last year and I have just 5 breasts left for one more dinner for my family!

  • right now they are only showing bacon and it is for 30 pounds

  • Do you know if they will be in Boise, Meridian or Eagle ID for this chicken event?


    • Carrie, they’ll for sure come to Boise. And they always do Caldwell and Nampa. Not sure about Meridian or Eagle though. It’s usually held near Fairview and Cloverdale… a nice central location in the valley.

  • The little boy napping on the counter is precious. 🙂

  • Weird question! 🙂 I’m not used to the “fresh” meat smell and taste. My husband’s grandfather has a cow farm, and I just couldn’t bring myself to cook or eat the meat we would get from him. . . . so I’m just wondering how this compares to fresh meat or the store bought meat! 🙂 Thanks!!!

    (and I hope this comment isn’t offensive to anyone!!)

    • I’ve never had “FRESH” chicken before and was pleasantly surprised at how tasteful and juicy this chicken is. Anyone else have thoughts?

      • I dont think this chicken smells any different from the chicken you get from the butcher counter, but it tastes better and stays really moist even after being in the freezer for a year!!

      • Actually when we got our last case of chicken, my husband and I were discussing (as we where cleaning and packaging chicken breasts) how nice it was that this fresh chicken had no smell at all. It is great chicken!

    • Jamie, I don’t think it’s a weird question at all. I understand where you’re coming from.

      I grew up on a farm, and my family butchered our own chickens. I was exposed to chicken butchering from a young age, and I could never get past the smell. My siblings never had an issue with it and would help out plucking and such, but I would just gag. It wasn’t that I was trying to get out of helping with the chores and I wasn’t grossed out by the concept as a whole, but the smell just made me physically sick to my stomach.

      If I helped prepare the fresh chicken for a meal, I could stomach it if I sucked on peppermints and tried really hard not to think about it. My mom knew to distract me with conversation while preparing fresh chicken. 🙂 But after that first day or two, I was fine preparing chicken that had been in the fridge for a couple days, and preparing chicken that had been frozen did not bother me at all.

      With the Zaycon chicken, I bought a case last spring when they were in Boise. When I first opened the box, the smell did cause a flashback. So, if you do buy it, be prepared that you may have a similar reaction. You can’t just put the whole case of meat in your freezer and not have to smell it. You do have to prepare the meat for the freezer. I trimmed off the excess fat and the white sinew part, cut the breasts into smaller pieces, and repackaged it, and it did bother my stomach a little.

      In reality tho, anyone who has not had that experience and therefore does not have these kinds of subconscious memories, or anyone who doesn’t have any problem handling raw chicken from the grocery store, would likely not have any averse reaction to the smell. I think it’s stronger than the smell you get when you open a package of meat from the store, but that could simply be because it’s a big package and there is more of it, which causes more odor.

      That said, we thought the meat was very good and the price is great. I didn’t think it was necessarily tastier or moister than grocery store chicken, but that could be due to my cooking methods. But my experience with Zaycon has been very positive, and I’d buy from them again.

      • Thank you for your reply! It’s nice to know it’s not all in my head! lol There was one time I couldn’t buy the fresh chicken from the grocery store, but I think I’m doing better with that now. Random, I know, we’ve all got our quirks! 🙂

        • I’m not a fan of the raw meat smell either (any meat, and don’t even get me started on fish LOL) I can relate 🙂

          Susan, thanks for your post, it’s appreciated! 🙂

  • I’m super excited they are coming to Sacramento, CA… We eat alot of chicken breast in our household :0)

  • Does any know a best guess on how long it will be before they start selling the chicken? I am already signed up/registered, I just hope they don’t start the sale and sell out before I can purchase some LOL 🙂

  • love, Love LOVE the Zaycon chicken!

  • we need some zaycon foods to come to Montana!!!!

  • I’m thinking of bottling some this go around. Anyone have any experience with that?

  • Loved the little boy sleeping in your video!! LOL! Really cute!! Oh, and I love Zaycon chicken…the BEST!!

  • How often do they do the chicken event? I am trying to decide how much I want.

  • I have been trying to get onto the zaycon website and am not able to. Keep getting error codes. Any suggestions?

  • their website is not working! i got an email from them and clicked on the link and that didn’t work and then I tried just typing it in neither di that…anyone else having problems?

  • I signed up, I live in Boise…and it is ALL sold-out. In Boise, Caldwell, Nampa and Eagle (for the bacon at least) 🙁

    When can we see another event? Doesn’t necessarily have to be chicken or bacon.

    • Yes, the bacon event has been sold out for awhile… the chicken event will be in October. If you’ve registered, you should be getting an email from Zaycon about the chicken and exactly when orders can be placed and the date/time/locations for pickup. After they are done with chicken, I’m not sure if they’ll do anything else until January (I could be wrong though!).

      Over the past 12 months, they’ve done ground beef, cherries, peaches, bacon, and chicken (and even steak??).

      I’d just register now, then they’ll keep you in the know! Make sure you use a GOOD email address so you don’t miss it! I bet they’ll sell out fast since a lot of people that bought 2 or 3 cases of chicken a year ago are out and need more!!

  • Actually, I’m not sure if it’s a big benefit, if I can get frozen Tyson chicken breasts, for less per pound at the local Winco here in Boise (a little less than a dollar per pound). Is it the freshness aspect of it that makes it appealing?

  • how do you get Zycon to come to an area? I live in the Greater Boston area. there isn’t a pick up close to me. How do I/we get the word out. are there flyers or anything?\\Thanks for reading this

    Hopefully a future customer.
    June Jensen

  • You don’t think the fine grind of the beef is weird/mushy? I was hoping it would be the same consistency as the stuff at the store….

    • We actually think it is better quality and tastes better too. Those of us that have tried it, prefer this ground beef to the usual store-bought stuff. Hope it works out well for you too!

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