Change the way you think about grocery shopping!

  • Do you dread going grocery shopping? No worries, it’s about to change!
  • It’s all about stockpiling items when you find them at rock bottom prices.
  • Stockpiling doesn’t mean hoarding!
  • Instead of running to the store and paying full price for what you need, start shopping the sales, buying extras of the items you frequently use, and saving them for later. Say goodbye to full price grocery shopping!
  • Menu plan from the items that are in your stockpile and from what’s on sale each week.
  • It takes time to build a stockpile, so don’t give up!
  • You can plan on about 3 months of dedicated coupon shopping to build a well-rounded stockpile.


“There’s a coupon for that”

  • You can start getting coupons today… just print them right from your computer! You can find coupons from,, and – and here is a list of more reputable sites. Here are printable coupons we’re blogging about. Rem  Make sure you never photocopy coupons… it’s committing coupon fraud! Copying coupons ruins couponing for everyone.
  • Even if you’re not quite ready to start couponing, it’s a good idea to start collecting coupons.  That way when you’re ready to jump in, you’ll have a nice stash of coupons to use! Get yourself a newspaper subscription! Find a paper that offers coupons, and start buying. In many regions, you can get the Sunday paper for $2.00 or less. In face, we have several regions that offer newspaper subscription deals… if you can get more than one Sunday paper, you’ll be better equipped for stockpile shopping.
  • You can also find coupons in magazines, like the All You Magazine, in stores, and on the facebook pages of your favorite brands.
  • Still coming up empty handed? Look into finding coupons on Coupon Clippers  or eBay.

Understand the Power of Catalinas (another type of coupon)

  • Catalinas are those little papers that print at the register… you may have thought they were nothing but annoying paper clutter. Think again! Catalinas are powerful peices of paper that have the ability to help you reduce your out of pocket, if used correctly.
  • Earn them (usually listed in the ad, on the shelves, or right here on our blog!).
  • Use them (before expiration).
  • Roll them (most effective) – we’ll do multiple transactions and use the catalinas we just earned!

Organizing Coupons is the KEY to success

  • You could have all the coupons in the world, but if you aren’t organized, they’ll do you no good. No worries though, we have several different ideas for coupon organization.
  • Make a set time to organize each week
  • It’s OK to start small
  • Baseball Card Holder Method (learn the quick way to clip)
  • Filing Method
  • The Original “Clip less” or “No Clip Couponing” Method

Using Coupons Effectively

  • Just because you’ve got a coupon, doesn’t mean you should use it right away. A fab couponer knows to wait and use it when the price is low… stacking a coupon with a sale is a fab strategy.
  • When you find a great deal and use a coupon, don’t buy just one, stock up!
  • Tired of empty shelves, ask if they have any product elsewhere in the store or in the back. Or find out when the store will get the next shipment in. Worst case scenario, ask for a rain check. Consider placing an order if you want a lot of product.

Utilize Resources

  • does all the work for you!
  • We tell you who has the best deals and what coupons to use!
  • We star the best deals so you know what items to stock up on. Look for the stars! ★ and 
  • We only list things that are worth listing!
  • Go here to understand all of the couponing “Lingo”
  • Look on the navigation bar to easlier find printable coupons
  • Looking for a specific coupon? Use our COUPON DATABASE!

Success in the store… it’s up to you!

  • Make a plan
  • Be Flexible
  • Organize before you go
  • Leave little ones at home (it’s a MUST at first!)
  • Go during off-peak hours
  • Give Couponers a Good Name!
    1. Hoarding is NOT OK!
    2. Be kind to your cashiers
    3. Be thoughtful of those in line behind you
    4. Don’t commit coupon fraud
    5. NEVER photocopy a coupon!
    6. Use coupons for what they are intended for

Choose to coupon on any level:

Make it work for you! Don’t feel the need to keep up with someone else’s stockpile. Do what is best for you and your family! You will be able to find places to store it. “If you have it, it will come” and you can bless your family and others with the extra time you put into couponing.




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