How to Easily Get Money Back When Prices Drop {My Paribus Review}

Paribus how to save money without even trying

Stores Owe You Money For Your Christmas Shopping Spree!

Do you ever buy anything to then later find that the price had dropped after your purchase? Frustrating right!? We’ve written about how to get Price Adjustments from Amazon when this happens, but this app will do all the work for you, for FREE! About a month ago a friend invited me to try Paribus.  He knows I’m an avid bargain shopper AND an avid online shopper, so this new app is the PERFECT fit! WHY? I get so annoyed when I buy something online only to find that within a few days, a week, or even a month later the price drops.

You can get money back in your pocket when the price drops on something you purchased in the last 30-90 days… effortlessly!  If you shop at Amazon,,,,, or and several other online stores (see below) then THIS APP IS FOR YOU! 

This is how it works:

Paribus how it works

  • Sign up for Paribus here.
  • Link your accounts when prompted
  • Be sure you link it to your email address that you use mostly for online shopping… that’s how Paribus will scan your receipts from any of their participating merchants (it found all of my Amazon and Old Navy purchases).
  • Paribus does the work… it finds your receipts (based on the accounts you link to it) and monitors the price.
  • If the price drops, Paribus negotiates for a refund – while keeping a small cut (typically 25%… you can get a lower fee if you refer friends… sign up here and your fee will start at 20%!). YOU get the rest!
  • Paribus is TOTALLY automated…think of it as a “plug and play” app.  Set it and then forget about it!
  • There are no out of pocket expenses… Paribus only gets paid if YOU do!

Featured on NBC News:

Recently Lester Holt with NBC Nightly News told a story about one family in Texas that has saved over $400 with Paribus and is putting every dollar toward their young daughter’s college fund.  It’s a great story that explains in depth how Paribus works.  You can view it HERE.

Paribus on NBC

Here’s an example of one of the refunds I’ve received:


paribus amazon price drop

I love that it does ALL THE WORK FOR ME!  I can sit back and enjoy my family while Paribus gets me some of my money back! Once Amazon okays the refund, tada. you are getting some moola back! I have seen the refunds come back either to my original payment method or as an Amazon gift card! You can see in the picture above, Paribus does all the contacting for you. Below you will see how I got my refund for the book purchase shown above!


Do you shop online with any of these stores?

paribus merchants Security:

You may feel leery about linking your email to the Paribus app.  Here’s why I decided I was cool with it… #1, they need to do this so they can file for price adjustments on your behalf… the claims need to come from the email address that you have linked to your online shopping accounts.  The cool thing is that security is a BIG DEAL to Paribus.  Check out all these levels of security they use to keep your information secure:

Paribus security

My Final Thoughts:

At first I was hesitant to link my accounts (namely my email, amazon, and credit card) in order to use the service.  But after reading all over their website I felt better about it.  The security is top notch and I LOVE the service!  If something can put more money in to my pocket while I go about my day to day life, without having to worry about it, I’m all for it!  It just feels good knowing that I don’t have to worry about purchasing something only to have the price drop with in the next few days.

Still Worried?

You can create a new email account and use it just for your online shopping and link this account to your Paribus account.  All future purchases will be scanned and for up to 90 days after you make the purchase Paribus will be working on getting you MONEY BACK if the price drops!

Are you ready to start getting some extra cash back in your bank account???

AND don’t forget that if you use your own referral link to invite your friends, you will all pay less in fee’s!  In fact, for each person you refer that signs up, you’ll get .5% taken off your Paribus fee.  AND so will they!  Sign up here (and your fee will start at 20% instead of 25%!)!


  • Charity

    I’ve never heard of this, thanks! I signed up with your link. I use Ibotta and Receipt Hog. I am excited to try Paribus, too.

  • kym

    This is great! I have a knack for purchasing items and watching them drop in price a few days later. The app is awesome!

  • Lori

    Will Paribus work with Amazon’s “subscribe and save”?

  • mandy cat

    Gosh, why not give them your mother’s maiden name, the PIN to your checking account and the security code for your home alarm system while you’re at it? This has all the earmarks of a bad situation just waiting to happen.

  • Jen

    Great theory but so far not one purchase at Amazon or Walmart has been considered eligible. Read the fine print, depending on the seller, the item etc…many many many purchases don’t qualify even though the price drops. I emailed Paribus and they had a big long explanation, but basically very few purchases actually meet the parameters. Great concept and I’m still waiting for the moment I get a refund!!

  • Missy

    I tried signing up, but it only works if you own an “eligible” Credit Card. I don’t shop with credit card. Debit card all the way.
    Oh, well.

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