How Much Did I Pay Results and Winner!


Thanks to everyone that participated in the 
How Much Did I Pay Contest this week!

These are my results…

Transaction 1

4 American Beauty pasta $1
2 deans guacamole $2

Coupons Used:
Doubled 2 $1/1 American Beauty pasta coupons
Doubled 1 $1/2 deans dips coupon


Pre Tax Total: $2

Got $1 catalina coupon from buying 2 Deans Dips

Transaction 2

Nabisco go cup $1
4 Ronzoni pasta $1
Milk $2.69

Coupons Used:
Doubled: $1 when you buy milk and cookies
Doubled: (2) $1/2 Ronzoni pasta coupon
Used: $1 catalina coupon from Deans Dips

Pre Tax Total: .69

Transaction 3

Rhodes rolls $2
Stauffer’s $2.27

Coupons Used:
Doubled: $1 Rhodes coupon
Doubled: (2) $1 Stauffer’s coupon

Pre Tax Total: .54

Transaction 4

4 Wrigley’s 5 Gum $1
2 Ronzoni Pasta $1

Coupons Used:
Doubled: $1/2 Wrigley’s 5 Gum coupon
Doubled: (2) $1/2 Ronzoni Pasta Coupon

Pre Tax Total: .00

Grand Total: $3.23

The winner is Kelly…

Kelly- email me with your snail mail address at and I will send you your $800+ bundle of coupons.

You can do this too:

Just use our Albertsons Double Coupon Match-ups

New Deal:

Weber Seasonings $1.99
Double $1/1 from 5/23 SS
Final Price Free


  • Kay Gramm

    I wish we had stores that doubled coupons up here in northern cali!

  • Veronica Vinopal

    Oh man, I guessed $3.13! lol! I am always so close, but just miss it with these things! Congrats to Kelly 🙂

  • Tabitha

    I was over by a penny! Ugh. Dang you, math…

  • Sheri

    I’m a little confused. I could be wrong, but I was thinking the pasta was only $1 if you purchased 10 of them…. so how are you able to only purchase 4 in a transaction and get them for $1? I get so excited when I have enough coupons to purchase 5 items, and then realize that I have to purchase 10 to get the price and yet I can only double 3 of them…. what am I missing? Is there a trick that I haven’t figured out yet?

    • Monica

      When there is a ten for ten sale you do not have to purchase 10 to get the discounted price.

      • Sheri

        HOLY COW!!! That’s great news!!!! I’m obviously a newbie!! That kept messing up a bunch of my plans!! Can’t wait for my next shop now! ( I live an hour away from Albies!) Thanks Monica!

        • Monica

          You are welcome Sheri! Glad I could help you put the pieces together!

        • Leah

          I thought the SAME THING! Glad I read this post or I would have been buying it in qty of 10.

          So can someone explain WHEN we need to buy in qty of 10 and when we don’t? Is there an easy identifier on the price tags to go by?


    • Chelsea

      Last time I was in Albertson’s, I wasn’t sure about that 10 for $10 either. So I went up to a guy who worked there that was handing out the game boards to see if he could clarify. When I asked him about it he just laughed and said it’s just a ‘gimmick’ to get us to buy more! I thought it was funny to hear that from an Albertson’s employee! 🙂

      • Leah

        LOL! I guess it worked on me! I bought 10 pasta things and doubled 3 of my coupons. I could have gotten it all free had I known. Now I do – so that’s great!

    • Jessica

      You might be confusing the $10/10 for the promo that gives you $5 off when you purchase 10 qualifying items. 😉

  • Amanda

    Just shopped at Paul’s in Boise, right at the register there is a sign that says, “We’re sorry, but we no longer except internet coupons that make an item FREE”. 🙁

    • Meg

      That’s extremely lame. “Internet coupons” are still manufacturer’s coupons. If they’re being equal opportunity I’d imagine they’d ban any coupon that makes an item free…. but the manufacturer’s PAY them when they accept coupons. If they’re having problems with people using fake or photocopies coupons (which is what it sounds like) they should address that issue instead of punishing good couponers. 🙁

    • Dyan

      Well then I guess Paul’s will be losing A LOT of business! Thank goodness we have an Albertsons on every corner here in Boise!

  • jennifer

    Question: why separate these into different transactions? is there a 3 double-r limit per transaction?

  • Kelly Parnell

    Awesome!!! I am so excited!!!! THANK YOU!!!

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