Hot Direct TV Offer

Do you become a widow during football season like me?  And in turn, does your hubby feel like a coupon widower at times?  Has your husband ever said, “couponing is taking over your life”.  🙂  This could be something that makes him happy about you and your deal seeking ways!

We’ve found a hot Direct TV deal that new Direct TV customers can take advantage of…


Get NFL Sunday Ticket and get 5 MONTHS FREE of DIRECTV’s Best TV Package.

Plus FREE HD for LIFE, AND 2 Free Receivers Upgrade.

Wow.  5 months FREE???

What is your man gonna say about this one!?

OR – Maybe, just maybe, YOU are the football fanatic in your home? In that case, enjoy this deal you football lovin fruGAL!  😉

OR, Maybe you could care less about the football and its all about the DVR! Years ago when we had satellite TV, I loved recording all my favorite shows and then watching them in the evening after the kidlets went to bed… (that was pre-blogging days when I actually had TIME to watch TV!)

Enjoy this SUPER FAB 5 months of Direct TV FREE deal!!

See the landing page for all the details…


  • Ian

    When we decided to switch from antenna to DirecTV last fall we did a deal similar to this. We got a good intro rate, plus $100 off from a friend who also had DirecTV. I also scored $50 cashback from a cash back program which really sweetened the deal.

    To grab the extra $100 off on top of the 5 months free (they pay it out as $10 off for your first 10 months) click the link in the post above first, then go to and enter the code 052172644. This was a great discount for us last year, and since they have the $100 promotion going again I hope someone else can take advantage of it!

    DirecTV is definitely cheaper for us than cable and it seems that they usually have better deals than Dish Network. It’s a bit of a pain when the signal cuts out during stormy weather, but otherwise it’s a great service. Be sure to read up when you join, some upgrades require a 2-year contract while most intro discounts expire after the first year. We have the most basic package and it’s great!

  • Christy

    Order through and get a $180 Costco Cash card too!

  • shaz

    I don’t think it’s fair you can’t get thiese prices if you have it already. i’m tired of getting riped off.

    • Ian

      I’ve heard of existing customers picking up partial discounts that they missed out on. They do discounts for AAA motor club members and may also have discounts for other associations. Otherwise, if you’re not locked into a contract you can find competitor’s intro rates and ask what they can do to match it. They would rather give a discount than risk losing a good customer. Whether you say you’ve been thinking about switching or want to check for organization discounts, it’s worth a call.

  • Renate

    Definitely watch out for the two year contract. Everything is discounts, discounts, discounts for the first year. But what they don’t tell you is that the discounts expire and you’ll be paying out the nose for the following year before the contract is up.

  • lacey

    You have to sign up at costco because you get the same deal plus a 180 costco cash card just for signing up!

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