*CONFIRMED* HOT at Babies R Us: Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers for only $1!!

There is a FAB diaper sale going on right now at Babies R Us. I just got back and confirm it works!

You combine 2 promos to score Huggies for $1 a pack. Unheard of right?!!

Here’s how: 

PROMO #1: For 2 days only (July 24th- July 25th) ANY Fisher-Price (23-50 ct.), Babies”R”Us brand  (40-66 ct.) and training pants, Seventh Generation (26-44 ct.), Earth’s Best  (26-44 ct.) and training pants, Huggies Pure & Natural  (20-33 ct.) and Huggies Little Movers Jeans (21-29 ct.) are on sale for ONLY $5!! That alone is a great price when stacked with manufacturer coupons, but there’s more…

PROMO #2:  Buy any 2 Huggies Pure & Natural diapers (22-33 ct), and receive a $5 Toys R Us gift card during checkout.

Here’s how the deal should look at the register:

Buy 2  Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers 22-33 ct $5
Use (2) $1.50/1 ANY Huggies SS-7/17
Get a $5 Toys R Us gift card
Final price $1 per pack!!

I’m heading out to verify this deal right now and I’ll report back with my findings! Because we haven’t confirmed it, I would call your local store first before you head over and try this! If you do this deal, let us know how it works for you!

Thanks Hip2Save!


  • hailee

    There are also $3 coupons I got in the paper last week that work for those diapers. It worked for me! So I got 2 packs. Used 2 $3/1 coupon. Paid $2 each and got the $5 gift card

  • Michelle

    Will this deal work at Toys-R-Us too?

  • Mindy

    How do you enter manu coupons on the website and how do you use more than one per transaction?

  • Rebecca

    My TRU does not carry Pure and Natural Diapers, but if yours does, it should work. They are doing the $5/pack deals, too.

  • Stephani

    Quick question. I am new to couponing and this will be my first time using coupons at Babies R Us. I have 6 mfg coupons for 1.50 off. Do you know if I can use the $5 gift card towards the next purchase of diapers on transaction 2,3,4,5,6 etc? And, if I do that will I still get another $5 gift card or since I am redeeming one $5 will that cancel them giving me another? Thanks so much!

    • Kellie

      The gift card does not activate for 6 hours after the transaction….if you buy multiples of 2 in one transaction such as 2,4,6 etc they just give you one gift card totaling the # of 2 packs you buy. I bought all 4 together and got a $ 10 gift card rather than 2 separate ones 🙂

  • Cynthia Peterson

    I would love to use the $3 Huggies coupons on those packs but the coupon says 60ct or more. You can only use the $1.50/1 coupons.

  • Kellie

    Worked for me….I got 4 of the $5 Huggies packs, used (4) $3 off cupons. Paid $11.32 and received $10 gift card…final price $1.32!!!! Unbelievable 🙂

  • Meagan

    So Kellie, you could use the $3 off coupon that specifies 60-packs?

    • Kellie

      Actually they told me I could use the $3 even though the packs are 33 count…I had my $1.50 off just in case but they accepted them 🙂

      • Meagan

        Awesome, Kellie! Good to know. Thanks for the reply. I’ll take both. Wishing I’d gotten more than one set of last week’s paper!

        • Meagan

          Ok, so at the Meridian, ID Babies R Us, they have buy 1 get 1 half off on the $5 priced boxes, and they’re limiting to 4 per person. There are quite a few Huggies Jeans diapers left (I went at 1 p.m.). Some of the store brand ones are left too, along with some training pants.
          They did not give the gift cards, but I ended up with 3 Huggies jumbo packs (size 4) and 1 7th generation jumbo pack, size 4, for $13.50. I only had one $1.50/off coupon. With 4 coupons for 4 packs of Huggies, this would be even better, but it’s still really good! I got 133 diapers for $13.50. Not too shabby.

          • Jade

            Did you see if they had the Huggies Pure & Natural left? I need to get some but have to wait until my little one gets up from his nap?

            • Meagan

              Hi Jade,
              No, I didn’t see any of those, but I also wasn’t looking for them, so I’m not sure.

      • Aryn

        Please don’t use the $3 coupon on the smaller packs! The store will not be reimbursed if it isn’t used on the correct item.

        • Amber

          Aryn is exactly right. The $3/1 can only be used on packs over 60 ct. Please only use the $1.50/1 coupon on the smaller packs.

  • Jill

    Did anyone try this deal in Utah?


  • Maria

    does any one know thae price on the VALUE box diapers???????????

  • Kristin

    It worked for my mom!!! Although she didn’t use coupons, lol

  • Amy

    Isn’t the $3 coupon for a diaper count of 60+ in a package? (Your own coupon list states: “Huggies Diapers, 60 ct or larger”) How is this working on 22-33 ct packages? Thanks.

    • Aryn

      It SHOULDN’T work. The register might accept it, but it’s a misuse of the the coupon and fraudulent. The store will not be reimbursed if you use the $3 coupon on the smaller packs.

  • Chante

    I live in Hawaii and will try this deal here to see if it works…fingers crossed!

    • Chante

      It’s official, The Pearl City location had them but were all out less than five minutes after the doors opened. What a great deal!!

  • Jenn Davies

    Does anybody know if this works for training pants?

  • Tiffany

    I went and they are also having Buy One Huggies Jean diapers get one Half off!! So buy one for $5 and the second one is $2.50!!

  • Erin

    I just called my store in East Texas and they don’t sell the Huggies Pure and Naturals 🙁

    I’m so bummed out! I have some great coupons that I’ve been waiting to use. I was so excited about being able to get almost free diapers.

    • Aryn

      Get the Jeans diapers instead! Still an amazing deal because they’re B1G1 50% off. Just over $2 a pack each if you use your $1.50/1 Q’s!

      • Erin

        Really??? I didn’t think about that. That’s a really good deal too. I’ll call back and see if they have the jeans diapers 🙂

        • Erin

          Man! I just called back to ask about the jeans diapers being on sale for $5 and then the second half off and they told me that their store has them at regular price and then the second is half off. Guess I’m saving myself a 45 minute trip 🙁 No diaper deals for me today.

  • stacey

    Using a coupon $3.00 OFF 60 count or larger for the smaller boxes of Huggies Natural is FRAUD and not good coupon etiquette.. We are all for saving money but come on!!!!!!!!

  • Maria

    wend to my babies rus>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> there were pnly 2 packages left>>>>>>>>>>>>> they said a lady bought 64 packages when they opened>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


  • Erin

    Does anyone know where the advertisement came from? I checked the weekly ad online and it’s not printed there. I called my toysrus/babiesrus and they said they don’t have the Huggies Jeans diapers on sale for $5, only at regular price with the BOGO free.

    I called 1-800-toysrus and asked if it was up to each store if they were $5 or not. She just directed me to the website to look at the weekly ad. She said it looks like it’s an online deal only. I’m confused since so many of you have been able to purchase with the great deal. Also, my store doesn’t carry the Huggies Pure & Natural so I can’t get that deal either.

    Please help 🙂

    • Julie C

      It was in an email that I got this morning–good today and tomorrow ONLY 🙂 and you can order online and have it shipped to your store (free). Doubt you can use coupons though.

      • Erin

        Oh, I see. Maybe if I printed out the first page and brought it to the store, they would honor the $5 price on the jeans diapers. I think I’ll call first just to make sure. 🙂

        Thank you for your help Julie!

  • Robin

    Eagle and Fairview in Boise..all out!

  • Emily

    Meridian, Idaho babies r us is sold out 🙁

  • Sara

    Talk about a RUDE manager! I went in to buy diapers and was able to find 16 packs of the jeans diapers! I put 8 in my cart but at the last minute the EAGLE/FAIRVIEW manager decided to limit me to only 4 packs because they are on high demand. I was the only customer in the diapering area. I feel like poo and like i was being discriminated against…I looked at the sale signs and it said “Quantities Limited” but nothing about per customer. Seriously lady what does it matter if i buy 4 or 8? There were still 8 other packages on the shelf when i was there. BOOOOO to BRU for their messed up rules.

    • Ashlee

      I’m glad they are limiting it to 4 over there. Makes it so EVERYONE can get the deal. 4 is a good amount.

      • Amanda

        Not to be rude but Sara at least you were able to get in on the deal. I am not going to get any because I can’t shop today and they are already sold out. Be grateful for the deal that you did get. There will always be another sale and another deal.

        • Sara

          You ladies are right. I was having a diva moment and really should have thought about it before getting so worked up. I agree that 4 is a good amount and should be thankful for being able to take advantage of the deal at all. I feel so silly for getting so zealous over this. I apologize…

          • Amber

            I get your frustration though if they changed the policy right when you were in the store! Would have made me upset too even though I support the limits!

  • Coupon Jenn

    Eugene Oregon had people lined up at the door and some lady came in and bought over 40 packs!!! I mean, REALLY?!?! I think they should have had a limit for sure. However, I still scored some $5 packs of training pants, so thats a great deal in itself!

  • wendy

    Could I go and print this sale price and take it to walmart and do a price match? or is it only store printed ads they accept?

  • Erin

    can anyone confirm if this is at Toys r us as well? I got the email for it this morning but we don’t have a babies r us around us

  • Jessica

    Tacoma area BRU and TRU were sold out by 2 pm. The employee I talked to said there were women piling carts full first thing this morning. Talk about frustrating! I just wanted 4!!!! I shouldn’t have to be there when the doors open to just get 4 packs of diapers.

  • Candice

    Has anyone tried the Idaho Falls location for this deal?

    • Mandi

      I have. I just needed training pants and not diapers but I was able to get 2 packages of TRU brand training pants for $10. They’re the big package of 44 and are regularly $11.99 each. I was happy. 🙂

    • Kaytee

      they don’t carry the huggies pure and natural brand, or the smaller packs of the jeans diapers…. just the large boxes. I was bummed

  • Tj

    All out in Clackamas. They did have some 2t-3t training pants left.

  • Adrienne

    can someone send me the email so I can print and try to price match at Walmart? TIA

  • KB

    Yes! I picked up a stack of in-Store coupons a few weeks ago and it had $3 off
    ANY huggies pure &natural diaper, &1 coupon on huggies wipes and $2.50 off any
    huggies. I purchased 14 packs yesterday of huggies pure& natural – used a $25
    gift card I got 2 weeks ago when the ” big box” diaper promo was going on &
    recieved $35 in giftcards. Out of pocket just over $3!

  • Becca

    I am just ordered from the BRU website for the same pricing. Chose in-store pickup. Total after tax $26.60 No gift cards or coupons, but hey, why not. I also was able to go in on my lunch (Eagle & Fairview) & get the LAST TWO 7th gen size 1 & nb packages. Found .50 coupons online so it made them only $4.5 each. Made my & hubby happy & thats all that matters!

    • Becca

      So I just got an email from BRU saying they cancelled my entire order! 🙁 Makes me bummed ’cause I am due in 6 weeks and this was perfect timing.

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