{HOT} 2 Fandango Movie Ticket for $9… EXTENDED!!!

Blast! Did you see that Bargain Movie Tickets closed their doors?

Good thing LivingSocial came through with a HOT movie ticket promo…

The daily deal site LivingSocial (today only) EXTENDED THROUGH 6/10 is offering 2 Fandango Movie Tickets for just $9 total.  Hurry before this deal sells out!

Go HERE to get this HOT deal if you already have a Living Social account.

Go HERE to sign up for a NEW LivingSocial Deal and to snag this deal.

Fine Print: Limit 1 purchase per customer only • Promo Codes are valid only for Internet purchases made at www.fandango.com and are not redeemable at theater box office, via Fandango’s telephone or mobile services or through any other website operated by third-party merchants
• Cannot be combined with any other offer or promotion
 • Not valid on IMAX or 3D showings
 • Limited to tickets with maximum face value (including Fandango’s convenience fee of up to $2 per ticket) of $15 • Both tickets must be purchased for the same movie and show time in a single transaction • Promotional value of Promo Codes expire September 9, 2011.


  • Kelli Welborn

    That stinks about Bargain Movie because we signed up in May and have love it. It was such a great deal. 🙁

  • Sophie

    Im glad you posted about Bargain Movie Tickets! At least they let you use the codes you were already charged for unlike the other deal that went kaput! No hassle with getting them either.

  • Holly

    I think this deal is dead. Is anyone able to get it in any other city, Boise looks like its sold out. So I am assuming they are all gone everywhere?

    • Holly

      odd, I ordered under my husbands account which worked but mine kept kicking out the Fandnago deal and adding a Dental deal….

      • Susan

        Holly, it woudln’t come up for me either. If I click on the link in the post it takes me to Living Social, but when I log onto my account, it replaces the Fandango deal with a fitness club deal.

        I don’t know if your situation is like mine, but for me, the issue is that my internet provider is in a different city, so I see deals from that city, not Boise where I live. These sites (Living Social, Groupon, swagbucksetc) use your URL address to determine what deals you see, and I dont’ have any control over it. I’ve gone so far as to correspond with swagbucks about it, and it is out of their control as well.

        To get around it, I find the page for the deal I want to purchase, in this case just click on the link in this post. Then, in another window, I log onto my account (Living Social, Groupon, swagbucks, etc, as the case may be) then replace the part of the link for the deal I don’t want with the part of the link for the deal I do want.

        Becky described it better in a recent post about the Old Navy groupon.

        Speaking of swagbucks, does anyone know if there are swagbucks for this Living Social movie deal? I did see a banner ad for it on swagbucks, but, for reasons I just mentioned, it doesn’t show up in my list of deals.

        • Becky

          There aren’t any swagbucks for living social 🙁 haven’t been for a while 🙁 Here’s hoping it comes back soon!!!

        • Holly

          Thanks Susan! That is probally what’s happening to me. Although I was able to order one in my husbands acct which has the same address and IP. Strange!

    • Abi

      So, what I did was
      1. Log into my account.
      2. Click the link from this post (that says I have an account)
      3. It brought it right up, and I was able to purchase.
      4. I logged out
      5. I logged into my husband’s account.
      6. I clicked this link again, again, it brought it right up, and purchased it for him.

      It’s not affiliated with Boise, it’s an online national link, so you have to actually have the link they posted above… but as long as you are logged in, it shouldn’t create a problem.

  • Tami

    If you use the link they provide above it works. It is not a local Boise deal. I just did it and so did my hubby.

  • Emily

    I have never used the livingsocial website before but I want to get this deal. I don’t quite understand how it works. It says it will send me a voucher on my email, but then what? Can someone please help me understand what I do after I purchase the voucher and how it works? Thanks

    • Susan

      Emily, yes, you will get an email from LivingSocial with a link to a printable voucher. Print it out and take it to the theater and present it when purchasing your ticket. They will apply the voucher to your ticket purchase. I’ve done this several times and never had an issue at the box office.

      Note that it may take a day or so for the email to show up, so don’t worry if you don’t get it right away.

      • Susan

        Emily and all,

        My apologies! I gave out some incorrect information. The fine print states that you cannot redeem the coupon at the box office. This deal apparently works a little differently from past deals where I’ve been able to do that.

        Instead, I’m assuming the email will contain a promo code of some sort. Go to fandango dot com to order your tickets, and there you should be able to apply the promo code for $15 discount off two tickets.

        • Sophie

          I just got a confirmation email from Living Social and this paragraph was included:

          Within the next 48 hours, you’ll receive an email from us with a promo code and redemption instructions. You’ll use this promo code on Fandango’s site to get your two tickets. In the meantime, you’ll be able to check the status of your deal in the My Deals section of our website.


  • Becky

    Date night planned with the hubby tonight… REALLY hope these come through with the extension 🙂

    • Sophie

      I didnt get an email from Living Social but when I logged back in today the Fandango code was available for redemption. Im sure you have already checked your account, but just in case you havent!

  • I got it. I”m in Salt Lake. Harry Potter here we come! The best part is I re-posted it on my facebook wall and 2 of my friends have already done it. One more and it’s free. Living Social is AWESOME!

    I hope you got credit for MY purchase

  • Becky

    Anyone have Bargain Movie Ticket codes they want to trade for these Fandango Codes? My honey and I planned an awesome date night, but I don’t think that with the extension we are going to get the codes in time…
    So, if you have codes (which are only good till the end of the month anyway), I would love to trade you these new codes, which are valid until Sept. 9th… 🙂
    But, since we don’t have the codes yet, you’d have to trust me that I’d get them to you 🙂

    If you want to trade, please email me at beckyfabfrugal at hotmail dot com 🙂

    • Sophie


      My fandango code was available when I logged into my Loving Social account today. If yours is not available yet, I would be happy to trade you for when yours comes in.

      Just comment me back!


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